Nexus 5 Snap Case

It's plastic, and it protects your Nexus 5

A day after it first went on sale on Google Play, we now have the official Nexus 5 Snap Case in our hot little hands. It's a $29.99 plastic shell that fits onto the back of your Nexus 5, and it's available in five colors — black (which has that nice matte, nearly soft-touch finish), aqua, gray, white and clear.

The phone sort of clicks into the case, and at that point it's not going anywhere. (It actually takes a little bit of prying to get it back out again.) The entire back of the phone is protected, as are the sides. The top and bottom are left exposed, as is the camera house and, of course, the display. The case keeps the display from touching the desk when it's left face-down, though, so you get a little extra protection that way. The power button and volume rocker are left exposed by cutouts in the case. It's thin enough so that Qi wireless charging still works.

Google's got its logo on the back, so bye-bye LG. We're fine with that. Can't say the same for the phone's manufacturer.

All in all, not a bad little accessory, though it's maybe a wee bit expensive. The matte finish also tends to pick up fingerprints, so keep that in mind when you're picking a color.

Want more pics? We've got 'em.


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The Nexus 5 Snap Case


umm Phil I think you meant "It's a $29.99 plastic shell" and not "It's a $29.99 plastic hell" as you currently have posted :)

Plastic hell? Hmm. Seriously though, is it more glossy than the back of a black Nexus 5 so would stick on those "micro suction" pads?

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It looks slippery. Is it slippery?
I had a Spigen Neo Hybrid covering my N5, and!. I was actually more careful at holding the phone when i had it on the phone, as i was constantly worried that it would slip and fall. The case is still with me.. but I'm certainly glad it's not attached to the phone anymore.

Wow it almost completely turns your phone black...

Doesn't do a whole lot against a fall though, eh? TPU FTW

Does it look like the finish will start to peel off after a few days like the official bumper case does?

How does it affect slide-in gestures from the sides of the screen? That has always been what keeps me from using cases on phones.

I had a generic version of this (Ringke was the brand I guess) from Amazon and it was a bitch to get off. A lot of reviews even say it can ruin the finish on the side of the phone. Hopefully this one is easier to remove.

BTW the generic versions are about $8.

This is piss poor cover. I have ringke slim and it covers the top and bottom parts as it should. Look a the photos, you can still see white parts sticking out.... well this doesnt happen with ringke.

Which Ringke case are you talking about? Because the slim one provides almost identical protection and definitely doesn't cover the top or bottom.

Edit: I see what you mean. Yes, both the Ringke and the Spigen slim cases curve a bit at the top and the bottom and end right where the seam is on the Nexus 5, creating a better lip.

Yea, it's not much, but the other cases extend slightly around the top and bottom edges. I have the Ringke Slim and love it - modest protection without adding almost any bulk to an already large phone.

On the one hand, its nice to see Google offering this type of case, but on the other, the price is a bit crazy - three times what the Ringke costs. I'd expect something, anything more than the Ringke for the premium, but it looks to be essentially identical, with a slight reduction in protection.

I've got the Ringke Slim as well, but I wish they had made a clear one. I switch between it and the Ringke Ultra Slim crystal (clear). The Ringke is looking a bit scuffed now though, so I might consider getting the Nexus snap case in clear.

I think I'll probably pick one up, but I'm going to wait and see if they come out with yellow and red ones as well.

I've been using the nearly identical Ringke SLIM case for the past 5 months and I sure as hell didn't pay $30 for it. I paid more like $5 on Amazon and don't regret it for a second. It's a great slim case.

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Indeed. Ordered my N5 at release and the Rinke was already available.
Eight bux @ Amazon... and yes, it Qis just fine!

Price seems a little stiff. There are many cases available that are less expensive and offer as much! I paid 29.99 for my Tech21 case and it's the best case I've ever had. Even then I spent too much. $30.00 for Nexus Snap Case ..... not a good deal!

I had the Spigen version of this case and it damaged the sides of my Nexus 5 when taking it off. Not really easy to take off as it snaps in place. There are now line marks on each edge from the rubbing with the case.

Case felt great but not convenient to take off to swap SIMs or clean the phone in general.
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This is where they are probably Making there profits, I mean for a plastic shell which cost probably a dollar to make it's quite expensive.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

Ew, no. I was stubborn enough to buy the official red bumper case for the nexus 5, despite all the bad reviews. I also got a replica from ebay. I can say I don't hate it. I can say it's not the best case. I can also say I found the replica better quality, buttons more responsive and the bottom more rigid than the original one. If I would buy a slim case, would better get Ringke.

Does this have metal bits in the back for magnetic Qi chargers, like the official flip cover? The flip cover was amazing, because the hold was actually stronger than the phone itself.

Save yourself 20 bucks an go buy a Ringke Fusion case instead. Least it covers the top and bottom too

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People have problems with cases and Qi charging? My wife and I have our Nexus phones in leather fold wallet cases and Qi charge just fine every time without losing connection. I don't use a Nexus Qi charger, we have a cheap ones I picked up off Amazon for less than $15.

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Once again.. For $30 it should also say NEXUS on the back at least, like the bumper case.. Smh.

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Two things that bother me about similar slim cases:

1. When removing the case, it tends to scrape against the corners of the phone.

2. The bottom portion of the case has a sharpness that digs into your hand.

Do these happen with the Google case?

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For need..i changed my back pannel from LG's service center from white to black for just $3... So does as this worth protecting for $30...i dnt think so..

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I had the Ringke version of this and it is very, very hard to remove. Looking at this review at the 3:00 mark:

It looks like the guy takes the Google one off very easily. I wish it was $10 cheaper and free shipping... The worry of scratching the phone removing the case is why I stopped using my Ringke.