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More than a month after the European roll-out of Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich for Wifi-only Motorola Xoom tablets begun, the British 3G version of the Xoom is finally getting its ICS update. That's right -- until recently, the UK 3G Xoom was two versions behind the U.S. Wifi version, which recently got bumped up to Jelly Bean. We'll just let that sink in for a second.

In any case, ​Eurodroid​ is reporting that those who've stuck it out with the 3G Xoom for the past year or so have been rewarded with an OTA update to Android 4.0.4, and with it the knowledge that they're only one major version behind Xoom owners across the pond. If you've got a 3G Xoom, head to Settings > About tablet > Software updates and finally kiss goodbye to Honeycomb.

Now begins the wait for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, though given the timing of this most recent update, we certainly wouldn't hold our breath. If you're feeling brave (and impatient), you may want to check our friendly Motorola Xoom forums for tips on rooting and flashing a Jelly Bean ROM on there manually.

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Motorola Xoom 3G finally gets Ice Cream Sandwich in the UK


I have the nexus 7, but my G/F has the xoom, i got bored of waiting for iCS about 3 months ago, even though i never used the device (as i had the asus transformer at the time) it still annoyed me that she was using honeycomb when she should of been on iCS, neway i pretended there was an update for her, rooted and installed CM9, she loved how fast it had become lol. Loves jellybean even more.

Because the USA Xoom WiFi is essentially a Xoom Nexus. It would be nice if they all had the same update support, but the "3G" part sucks in the carrier, making everything unnecessarily complex. What there is no excuse for is why the European Xoom WiFi was lagging- it is the same hardware as the USA Xoom WiFi. THAT I don't understand.

Yes they have, the WiFi version came out at the beginning of the week.

From Motorola forums:

posted August 7, 2012 by TRose | Permalink
The ICS upgrade is now available for XOOM 3G (MZ601) for:
Retail Spain, Italy, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Greece, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Croatia and TIM Italy

and XOOM WiFi only (MZ604) for:
Retail Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, UK and Netherlands