A day without a Nexus rumor is like a day without sunshine

There's been a rash of rumors the past few days about an unannounced 5.9-inch phone from Motorola (see Android Police and The Information for their excellent coverage of all of this), and most of them say that this device will be the Nexus 6. What you've probably heard is that the Motorola Shamu, based on an entry in Google's bug-tracker system, is the next Nexus, and ready to take on the also unannounced iPhone 6, and we will see it shortly after the Apple announcement.

Like most rumors, this is surely based on some sort of proof, but a lot of it just doesn't make sense and we're not yet ready to declare anything as the next Nexus.

Dave Burke

We know that the Nexus program isn't dead. Last month head of Android engineering Dave Burke spelled it all out with a single quote: "There is no way you can build the open source code without the phone or tablet or whatever you are building." Notice he said phone or tablet, and we're pretty sure that a new Nexus tablet is — and has been — in development. A new Nexus device will be the reference for the next version of Android, and having one is a necessity. Burke knows his stuff.

The issue comes when you consider that the next Nexus device(s) will be designed as references for the new platform. The reference device for Android L needs one very important thing — support at the processor level for 64-bit Android. We know NVIDIA is there, with the ARM-based Tegra K1. We're also pretty sure that this processor wasn't designed for phones, and chances are this is what we'll see in the new Nexus tablet.

Another reference device certainly is likely. The question is what. And when.

Qualcomm has the 808 and 810 just about ready, but those aren't scheduled to be released to manufacturers until 2015. In a completely separate but just as convoluted rumor mill, people are saying those will be held back for devices in the far east where processor specs are more important as a selling point. This means that any Nexus device using this CPU won't be available this fall when the iPhone 6 is announced, and the next Nexus devices are expected.

That leaves us with Intel. Intel has been making 64-bit processors since forever, and they already have a proven track-record in Android devices with their ARM alternatives. In fact, Lenovo and Motorola have built Android devices with Intel processors. This could be a possibility, but I have a gut feeling that Google would rather have an ARM processor as their reference CPU than an Intel x86-64 inside. This also says nothing about any other things handled by the modern smartphone CPU, like telephone modems or Wifi or GPS. Having these "on-board" is why your current smartphone has better battery life than the first LTE phones, which required a separate modem. Remember the HTC Thunderbolt? Yeah. The new 64-bit mobile chips from Intel do look pretty awesome, but we think they will need to be tested and refined in tablets before they get put in a phone.

So back to the Shamu rumors. If this is to be the next Nexus phone, and if it's to be released this fall to "compete" with a new iPhone, it will mean that Google got early access to Qualcomm's new products, or it will sport a new and unproven Intel chip, or that it won't be a very good reference device because it's not 64-bit. Anything is possible, but sometimes the rumors just don't all add up.


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Motorola Shamu rumored to be the Nexus 6


i've held the G3 and to my surprise it didn't feel big. I'm using a Nexus 4 and the Moto x feels small.
So 0.4 inches diagonal isn't much more.
Its the 64bit or 32 bit that worries me.

Come on, you just can't keep saying that.

Every time they jack up the size a half an inch, people say "It's not THAT much bigger". Then they jack it up another half an inch and people repeat "It's not THAT much bigger". And they're right, as long as they only compare it to the previous Goliath.

But at some point, you have to step back and realize just how insane it is to be carrying around a PHONE that's the size of a tablet. Now I'm not criticizing the form factor, I can see situations were a humongous phone might be nice depending on one's usage. But for a general *reference device*??? No, I'm sorry, a reference device should shoot for overall appeal when it comes to form factor. A 6 friggin' inch phone is not a reference device. It's an excessive, mindless play at headline grabbing.

For an industry that supposedly ushered in the "Post PC revolution", it's hit rock bottom in terms of innovation and usefulness pretty darn quick. All we get is another .5 inch larger screen each generation. What does a current or upcoming flagship do that a Nexus S can't? Really, pretty much nothing at all.

Seriously, at some point, people are going to hold up devices with 32-inch screens and will say with completely straight faces that they don't think it's that big and they totally got used to it after one day.

From a physical size standpoint it's possible the phone won't be that mush bigger then a note. My 4.7" moto x is only slightly larger then a 5s.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm 6'2, my GS3, Gnex, Moto X, all are tiny in my hands. I can actually hold a 7 inch tablet without complications either.

Larger phones are great for the number of people that like to watch media on their devices. And it makes games more fun as well.

I've been waiting for this type of device with a large screen, front speakers, almost stock android, just hope it comes to Verizon.

couldnt agree more... the perfect phone with perfect specs and perfect size is a moto g. a moto g can do everything that an lg g3 or s5 can do but is more comfortable to hold.

After transitioning from a Moto G to an LG G2 yesterday I can confirm this. Although I love the Moto X's feel. Give me an updated spec'd Moto X with a Snapdragon 805, 13mp + camera, and their apps and I'll be the happiest guy out there.

i'm just saying, i use a Nexus 4 and i held the Motox, felt like a toy, (iphone) i held the LG G3 and my first thought was, well that doesn't feel much different then my nexus 4. Honest, i never thought i would like anything over a 4.7 inch screen, but if it feels the same with a bigger screen, then who cares.
Everyone goes nutz over the HTC one and its huge with a screen thats small for its size.
although, holding my Nexus 7 2013 edition, that doesn't feel that bad. (joking lol)

These are not phones. If you want a phone there are still a few flip ones laying around somewhere. These are small computers. People are using them less and less as a phone.

The thing is most people use their phones for lots of things other than simply phone calls. Personally, probably 95% of the stuff I do with my nexus 5 has nothing to do with making phone calls. Even calling it a phone anymore is a stretch, it's more of a pocket tablet with cellular data. For people like me the bigger the screen is the better, within reason. What I want is a device that's as big as possible while still fitting easily in my pocket and I think around 6" is the sweet spot for that. Lots of other users just want something to text and check email and for them a 4.7" phone is probably fine.

A 64bit Moto Nexus with a big screen.

Who wants to buy my wife?
She's yours for the price of a new Nexus.

Posted via the LG G2 Android Central App

Yeah that big of a phone won't sell well at all. I hope HTC is still making the next smaller Nexus

Posted via Android Central App

I agree with Ken T. I was prepared to really dislike the G3. In fact, I had convinced myself this was going to be a hog. But when I actually picked one up, I was really surprised. In actual use, it doesn't feel much different than a GS5 or HTC One. Or a GS3, for that matter. In fact, the absence of that huge black band and giant bezels makes it, in some respects, feel smaller than the One M8.

It's definitely a two-handed device in use, but I have relatively small hands, so even a GS3 is a two-handed device much of the time. I still don't know if I'll get a G3, but size won't be the determining factor.

Going to 5.9", though, I don't know. The G3 gets away with that large a screen in large part by keeping the bezels extremely small. But you really can't make them any smaller, so a 5.9" phone is going to be a fair bit larger. Time will tell.

Even my Nexus 7 2013 fits in the front pocket of my 32" waist jeans. Maybe this phone will not fit in girl jeans, but they usually carry a purse or something anyways. I cannot wait for a 6" Nexus phone! I will sell my Nexus 5 and 7 and replace them with this.

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It's not dead if someone would buy it and I sure as hell will. I've already got the giant OnePlus One so I'll own a giant Nexus phone as well should it come to fruition.

Because Touchwiz.
Because physical buttons.
Because I don't want a stylus.
Because price.
Because updates.
Because gimmicks.

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The Note is amazing with the exception of the battery. If there was a Droid Maxx in Note size I would buy it in a heartbeat.

That being said I love my Note 3

Posted via Android Central App on my VZW Note 3

I'm so psyched for this. I know a lot of people don't like the size, but with the moto 360 I wouldn't have to pull out my phone as much anyway. Bring on the Touchless Controls and Active Display. "OK Google Now"

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That can be said of any sized device. Also, with a phablet this big, you won't be in any hurry to pull it from a pocket, because it'll be hard to do so.

Not to mention how ridiculous a person looms using such a device as a phone.

If they can fit it on 5.3-5.5 inch device , which I think proof of the Moto X can happen this will be one awesome device

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I can too - but there's a huge difference in area in that extra inch. A lot more than you'd normally expect. And hopefully the bezels are smaller. My LG Gpad fits in my pocket just as well as my Nexus 7 did, but that's because the screen is almost the entire front of the device.

Bull. I had the 1520 and that fit comfortable in my back pocket no issues. Although I won't buy this I welcome this. If I had not just picked up the z2 and m8 this would be on my radar

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I don't have any problems getting my Note 2 out of my pocket.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

Awesome sig!! I do as well and often wondered where the rush of adrenaline was coming from :)

posted from AC powered by DC

This is the key. With the new watches, I pull out my phone less often. In terms of phone calls, 90% are either through my computer (Google Voice) or through my car's bluetooth. Hand-held phone call usage would be awkward, but rare. The idea of a huge phone is growing on me...

The title alone doesn't make an article click bait. An article is allowed to have a provocative title as long as the article itself is compelling, and Jerry wrote an engaging, thoughtful piece here.

Actually, that's the exact definition of click bait. Jerry added nothing, not validation or bunk to the rumor thus making the title including "Shamu" and "Mototola" and "Nexus 6" click bait.

It would have been more accurate if he had said why the next Nexus is likely not "Shamu" or "Motorola" or even better if the title had simply discussed the likely new processor in the next Neuxs (whomever makes it), because that's what Jerry actually did a very thorough and compelling job of doing (which I enjoyed reading). But that won't get picked up by "trending" search terms the way including Motorola, Shamu or Nexus 6 will.

Click bait suggests it's deliberately misleading in some way. I'm struggling to see how that's the case here. All this headline does is spell out what's going on. There are rumors that Moto will be making the next Nexus phone, which would be the Nexus 6 if they stick to the regular naming scheme.

Posted via Android Central App

Completely agree. Also, AC is the first website that actually gives some thought to these rumours without just rehashing it. I thought Jerry did a great job explaining!

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Yea, and latest rumor has it this summer or early fall, (nexus 6 timing) and (note 4) with that new 64 bit processor is suppose to be faster then the S.D. 805

There are literally no solid rumors that suggest 64bit will be coming this year... Let alone official word.

Posted via Android Central App

Tegra K1 is 64-bit. A lot of reliable sources have told us that's in the HTC Nexus tablet, which will run L.

But beyond that, as Jerry points out, there aren't many realistic candidates for a 64-bit CPU in a high-end Nexus *phone* released before the end of the year. Personally I think they'll probably just slap a Snapdragon 805 in there and call it a day.

Posted via Android Central App

Articles like this are why I read AC because they like to point out how everything contradicts and how the reality is that until Google actually announces something, we really have no idea what it will be.

Am I interested to know what the next nexus phone will look like? Sure. But trying to track down every contradictory rumour for it is a waste of time. When it comes, it comes. Then and only then will I look at a spec sheet and details because then it is actually a real thing.

Posted via Android Central App

During my time with the Nexus One I told myself '3,7" is enough'. With the Galaxy Nexus I said 'Okay, 4,7", but that's it'. Back in November, I was totally happy with the 5" of the Nexus 5. But - over the last couple of months - I figured that a slightly bigger screen - mainly for media consumption - would be nice.

Well, 5,9" isn't just slightly... However, the form factor of the G3 (5,5" screen in a 5,2" body) is very impressive. So, if Google and Moto can pull this off, 5,9" in a 5,7" body, I'm completely sold.

Well, one could say I'll buy a Moto Nexus regardless of its screen size, but that's just me. Do it!

Thank you Thank You. My thoughts exactly. The moto x is proof fitting a 4.7 inch display on a device and take advantage of every inch of real estate. I can see a 5.9 inch display on 5.3-5.5 inch phone. And priced right we techies will still probably buy it
Posted via Android Central App

The gradual phasing in of larger screen sizes is roughly in line with my growing expectations / pocket size / thumb dexterity. And I started my smartphone adventure on a massive 2.8" windows mobile that some people with their Nokias and Ericsons found intimidatingly large (they still borrowed it for web browsing any chance they got :)

"Moto Nexus" is the best news since "Google buys Moto", never mind the selloff (I still don't get that one)

posted from AC powered by DC

Get a Chromecast for your media consumption. You don't need a giant phone to do that!!

Posted via Android Central App

So first we had smaller and smaller phones, now all phones are going for bloody huge... Why can't we just keep middle road with 4.7 "to 5" phones, that most ppl can use 1 handed and keep big ones for special group that wants to use them...

It's called creating options. I have a 5.5" Note 2 and I can't imagine having anything smaller. It sounds like you want ALL phone manufacturers to create their phones to your own personal specifications instead of taking into account other people's needs and wants.

Yes, options are great, but a reference device should be more middle of the road in terms of form factor, not push the limit to a new extreme. CPU? Memory? Battery life? Fine, but overall form factor should have a more broad appeal.

A nexus is supposed to be the reference device that all OEMs can look to when making their own designs. Do we really want Google to come out and say: look, this is our 6" reference device, literally whatever phone you put out will be compares to this

Posted via Android Central App

the phones got smaller, then the screens got bigger. Until we needed screens for more then #'s, the phones had to get smaller. OH. SMALL PHONE with a Projector. Screen the size you want.

What are you talking about? You can't use a 4.7" to 5" phone with one hand. Phones need to go back to manageable size like 3.5" How do you guys have such giant hands.

I think it will be the Intel processors that they will go for. I can't see how qualcomm would be able to release the processors that early

Posted via Android Central App

Sweet! I wonder if SeaWorld will sell this. Hopefully it'll get some water protection :)

Also, if you read the "Litigation" section from the Nexus One article - Might be another issue, this time with using the Nexus 6 name...

Posted via Android Central App

I know. I often thought "Does the estate of Philip K. Dick dream of a major payout?" once the Nexus 6 becomes reality. Creatives in the world of sci-fi should cheer on the creatives in the world of tech who (slowly) bring their visions into reality, instead of suing them. Big Blade Runner fan myself I've dreamt of Nexus 6 ever since Nexus One :)

posted from AC powered by DC

Great work Jerry. Well reasoned, logically presented, and straightforward so even I could understand.

Posted via Android Central App

5 inch Max please. I had a note 3 and it was way to big. Nexus 5 is the sweet spot for me. :-)

Posted via Android Central App

Unfortunately for you nonexus,the guy who was supposed to lead the Silver Project just left the company and hence the possibility of this being a Silver device is highly unlikely

I am going to take it easy on you for this idiotic statement because I still have not had my morning coffee.

Are you actually saying that they have one guy in charge of the whole project and now that he is gone, everything is dead? EVERYTHING that was in motion or was planned is out the window?

Please do not say you actually think that.

"The word in the rumor mill earlier this year was that the Nexus program was going to be replaced with Android Silver. Google was so set on that course that an LG Nexus phone was allegedly scrapped. Silver was to be led by Google Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora, who is now on his way out of the company. Without Arora, Silver might not happen, according to The Information's sources"

"It really sounds like there's some scrambling going on inside Google to find a way forward. In the last year, Google might have cancelled Nexus and started Silver, then killed Silver and restarted Nexus. It could be quite a mess, but all signs are now pointing to a Motorola-made Nexus phablet later this year"

"For those wondering what the hell happened to Android Silver, well, it appears that the recent departure of Google’s Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora — the man spearheading the project — may have caused the Android Silver initiative to be scrapped altogether, defaulting back to what Google does best: Nexus."

Need more proof?

You are kidding me right? I am really trying to let you off the hook here but your not helping.

Silver is not dead by a long shot for many reasons. It is way to important. GPe will be kinda dead, Nexus will be unnecessary but Silver is alive and well.

You can disagree with me but a ton of articles all over the Internet say otherwise AND it was a rumor to begin with.Personally with the amount t of leaks of Nexus tablet coming in 3 sizes and this phablet make me believe Google wants a device for each screen size so the series is far from dead

Posted via Android Central App on Asus Zenfone 5

There are a ton of articles, written in the last month, that also talk about silver and the plans going forward.

I have no doubts about the Nexus tablet (thus keeping the Nexus line going) and they should because Nexus gets those right (I have a Nexus 7 2013). There is nothing that says that this is a Nexus phone except speculation and wishful thinking. Google does not want to be in hardware. They are a software/ad company that uses hardware as a means to its own end. If they can get other OEMs on board to provide Nexus like devices (Silver) they would want out. We saw it with Motorola (they used it to change direction in a few areas) and we are not done seeing it with Silver.

Even though I think the Nexus Phone is dead this year, I can say we might see one more and then see it die next year.

Nothing is official until it is.

Those articles were written before the guy who was supposed to head the project left the company.Even if the project isn't killed its still delayed indefinitely Silver devices can't replace Nexus because they don't provide top hardware at affordable prices like Nexus.and if they kill nexus phone on what will they launch their next dev preview?
Posted via Android Central App on Google Nexus 7 2013

You are making my case for me. The OEMs do not want Google in the hardware business, Google does not want to be in the hardware business, Google does not want to continue to pay for you to have a phone and, as proven with GPe, they do not need to have a special phone for development they just need a phone and the proper drivers.

Google still has not gotten one Nexus right. All of them have been plagued with issues and problems (hardware, software and distribution). They do not need the headache.

I agree. I don't see Google going with an extreme form factor phone (even with super slim bezels, I consider any screen over 5.5" to be pretty extreme) as part of the Nexus line. The Silver line, though, seems like it'll be a lot more varied.

That said, if they did release a 5.9" Nexus phone, it'll be the first Nexus phone I won't buy.

4.8"-5" max please.. listening feature like Moto X too.. GREAT camera and 3000 mAh battery with microSD thank you.

The listening and active display are part of the rumor. Also from the potential leaks of the X+1 the camera appears to have ois, so a Moto Nexus could have a solid camera.

Posted via Android Central App

Adding listening and active display, but not adding it to source, would cause serious issues with the other OEMs, and that is not going to happen on little bit. If they come up with something similar and add it to the Source then ok and we will see it on all devices.

The LG G2 had a good camera as well, they managed to screw it up to the point that the N5 was below average.

Why does the phone have to be 64 bit if the tablet is 64 bit? I can test tablet layout and 64 bit code on the Nexus 9 and phone layout and 32 bit code on the Nexus 6.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm with you Jerry, whilst we have had some reliability issues lately and the desktop became a nightmare at 64 bit. ART, as well as focusing on the goals of projects Butter and Svelte, speed, reliability, taking the load off the hardware, can make it work. I actually like the idea of a 5.9" display, after so much time with the Nexus 7, which they said was too small for a tablet, too big for a phone, soon we had a iPad mini. I'm not envious of my sisters Note's screen, but I am envious of it's size, QHD works well on my Nexus 10. I will miss my Nexus 5, because to fund the Nexus 6, I'll have to sell it, it ought to sell well because it's a 32 GB, my 16 GB Nexus 4 sold in a New York minute at $200 AU. Could even sell the Nexus 10, if it's a QHD, to those who say it's too much resolution, I say again $2.50 reading glasses, work fine for me, if phablets are such a bad thing. Why have they made so much profit for Sammy, why is Apple rumored to be preparing one ?

...and shamu doesn't fall in line with having nexus devices named after after a type a fish. the name is as sketchy as the "flounder" rumours from earlier this year.

...but I would buy it! :)

It's sea creatures. The Nexus 5 is codenamed Hammerhead. A hammerhead shark. Shamu was a name given to a killer whale.

Posted via Android Central App

If I don't see anything impressive from Google then I'm moving to iOS. Continuity is too good to give up for me and the iPhone 6 will have a decent sized screen so...

Posted via Android Central App

I had an iPhone, and I won't go back. But if I can no longer buy a reasonably sized, reasonably priced Nexus or Play edition phone, I'll hold onto my Nexus 5 until it brakes and probably give a Windows phone a try just out of curiosity. I've been coming around to the realization that futzing around with these phones consumes far, far more time then they repay in actual utility.

E-Mail, a web browser, maps and maybe a news reader is about all I need, and I certainly don't need a 6 inch screen or to pay $600+ for that. If some truly new capability comes out, I might reconsider, but super-sizing what we already have? No thanks.

Cause apple will do something impressive with their code... price vs hardware apple has nothing on a nexus and you can get nice hardware from oem's so you have to be talking os.. don't the you door hit you...

Posted via Android Central App

So you really think the people who are deriding the size will suddenly like the size when the phone is released? The Nexus 5's size is already pushing it for me so there's no way I'm going to like a 5.9" phone.

A 5.7 display results in an unwieldy gargantuan slab. A 5.9 display form factor would be beyond ridiculous.

The mass market appeal remains with the easy handling and pocketability of the form factor resulting from a 4.7-5.0 display size that will capture 90% of the market this year and next.

The LG G3 is testing that limitation.

I came from a 6" phone and won't go back to one. Sure it's nice to watch but a frigging royal pain in the side to carry. You won't be able to carry it around in your back pockets easily, and then you will always be self-conscious of it when you do. Phablets don't have the portability as smaller phones.

Talking on them is another aspect to take into consideration too, so you might as well find a real good Bluetooth option for it before you get one.

If it doesn't have a 128 gig storage solution, it really won't match up well with the iPhone 6 5.5" rumored storage capacity... but rumors or rumors too.

I do think if Motorola makes it it will be a great phone but this time next year will show what came out and what didn't

Posted via Android Central App from my HTC M8

5.9 inches?.. lol. there's no way a woman would ever use this. this is a man phone.

Posted via Android Central App

I have little desire for a 6 inch phone, but I would consider this just because it would be a Nexus. Development for Nexus devices is too good to not consider anything Google puts out...

Posted via Android Central App

I'm going to try and hold out for a Snapdragon 810 smartphone, the new 20nm process, the new micro USB 3.1 standard. . .

Posted via Android Central App

Yup. Every time I read an article and there are an abundance of facts, I look up to see Jerry Hildebrand's name.
Thanks for keeping our heads in straight, as usual.

Posted via Android Central App

I'd love an affordable Nexus phablet, but I'd still like to see them release a phone. The Ultra would have worked for me, but the price was too hard to swallow. I'm tempted to pick one up now, but I might as well hold out a little longer.

Posted via Android Central App

Oh come on... Did you guys get what Google is doing yet? They're planning to release two new devices at the same time: the Nexus 6 & 9. 6 9.

Posted via Android Central App

the market has spoken. people want big phones.

i remember when people thought my launch day 4.3" OG EVO 4G was outrageous and "too big".

Please let it be so. Been thinking about bailing on the Nexus line for my next phone because the current ones just aren't big enough.

Posted via Android Central App

Mi Pad and next nexus is my desire for now. Already got z2. Still my greed is.. Calling me

Posted via Android Central App

I really hope this doesn't end up being true because a 5.9in nexus would never sell. Keep it around 5.2 for the screen. That's plenty big

Too big for my taste. I wouldn't need to upgrade this year anyway though since I have the Nexus 5. Other than size I'd never be able to tell the difference in performance of any phone released this year.

A Motorola Nexus? It'll be the Atrix 4G all over again. I'm sorry, never. I waited while ICS and Jelly Bean came out before I dumped my first "Android" device for a Nexus (the Galaxy Nexus) and found out what an Androd device is supposed to be. The Nexus 5 will be my last Nexus if Motorola is allowed to produce the next.

You're serious? First, it's a Nexus.. second Motorola is proven to be the 2nd best at updating outside of the Nexus line..

Posted via Android Central App

You shouldn't judge a company by how they were 4 years ago in technology. For example - Samsung and Sony (especially Sony - they orphaned a bunch of phones in 2011 and 2012) were terrible at updating their phones 3-4 years ago and now both do a very solid job with updates.

Motorola is a lot better about updating their phones ever since they were bought by Google. Motorola got rid of the Blur skin and now uses Stock Android.

If its a 5.9 inch device...I am not going to get it even if its a Nexus device. Would get a Nexus 5 before the Nexus 6. Am sort of holding out on a new phone to see if and what the specs would be of a new Nexus.

4" screens are the sweet spot for me, anything above 5" is really pushing it and anything near 6 is a nope no matter how nice the device is.

Never was in love with the bigger the better mentality that has overtaken the smartphone world especially Android. My daily phone is a iPhone 5s mostly because of the size(I use any OS with no favoritism and 1-hand use is a major thing for me), but I still use my Galaxy S2 and S3 occasionally to get my Android fix (and flashing roms fix haha).

Glad it may be moto that may be getting the go-ahead on a nexus device and hope it sells well. Just wouldn't be for me.

Just slap a Nexus sticker on the G3 and keep the knock feature and Camera specs. And remove able battery and sd card. And get rid of most of whatever their improvements are. Perfection.

Skinny jeans are cool. Big phone are bad. I just can't sit down with the Nexus 5 in my pocket. No bigger please

Posted via Android Central App

Damn. Just when I decide on going to go for LG G3, these Nexus 6 rumors start gaining strength. Just like when I decided to get a Pebble and Android wear came along.
Keep waiting or pull the trigger now? Forever the question.

I'd rather have a Nexus 4 (2014) than a 6" monster.

I'll have to wait and see the device before judgment of course, but I literally can't handle a 6" phone.

Why has no one mentioned, or considered, MediaTek? They will have a 64-bit processor shipping in Q4 and they are cheaper than Qualcomm and Intel. I have read that devs hate them but they seem to be making changes. The only reason I don't they can be considered, is if they use LG as a base phone again. If they could get LG to work with the new 6795, this could be a nice phone. Definitely won't be any worse on battery than the Nexus 5.

ETA: This seems rather interesting... "The MT6795 is aimed at phones that will eventually retail at the $350 unlocked price point and higher according to Mohit Bhushan, VP Business Development at MediaTek, though specific partners at this point aren't known."

There is a reason why MediaTek is so cheap. Its cheaply made and doesn't offer anywhere near the same performance as Qualcomm.

that sounds like what Google would do. A 64bit reference version cheap and they can have it ready by nov.
I forgot they announced their 64 bit chip a few weeks back. DUDE you are a genius.
Store broke, DONE AND DONE.

EDIT although a report i heard said it would hit chinese phone beginning of 2015 so.... HUMMM
open the book again.

5.0 screen is enough and phone must have boomsound for me and duo effects and aircraft aluminium body :p , not LEGO® plastic
Posted via HTC ONE M8 Gunmetal Gray

Dont care about the screen, I just care whether it will be better than the N5, that was cheap junk that did Android no favours.

I keep seeing people refer to tegra K1 as a 64bit SoC. There are two versions of the K1. The Denver core version and a15 version. Only the Denver core version is 64bit. So saying the Tegra K1 is 64bit is not entirely true and it's misleading people that generally don't know crap about hw as it is.

There are currently k1 devices on the market that aren't capable of 64bit, so let's stop this K1 supports 64bit stuff now.

My fear with going with an NVIDIA/MediaTek/etc. processors is future updates, so far it seems that only Qualcomm Snapdragon processors are reliably updated to the newest version of Android.

The Galaxy Nexus is completely capable but TI didn't produce the needed updates for Google to update it to newer versions of Android.

The same fate can be said about other Android devices running processors other than Snapdragons.

Size is less concerning to me until I hear about how big or small it actually is in hand.


Posted via Android Central App

I think the 64 bit hype is such a joke again. First it was played by the pc industry on consumers and now the mobile industry. There were no real world advantages in a 64 bit Intel or amd cpu on a 64 bit os back then and I'll be surprised if we see any on our phones. It's like they're reusing the same hype as 9 yrs ago.

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I thought the note 3 was too big. But now after using it I will never go back down in screen size

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Well, regarding the size...each to his own.

I'm currently using an OPPO Find 7, which has a 5.5" 2560x1440 display. It is a very comfortable phone to use, and I have fairly small hands.

Mind you...holding a 5.5" brick to your ear looks sort of dorky, but since I use a stereo bluetooth headset to talk on the phone, it's not a problem for me. Just a side note, I use WebEx conferencing a lot...and having a 5.5" QHD screen as well as a 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 totally rocks...just say'n.

A 5.9" screen is very much a possibility I'd look at.

LOL it's the phone on your head that makes you look dorky while talking into it, not the stereo bluetooth headset.... rriiiiggghhhtt.....

Heh...agreed, been there, done that. That's why I now use smallish bluetooth earbuds. Still and all, standing on the NYC subway with a 'zillion other passengers that all have earbuds and wires hanging out of the ears also looks a bit...strange?

That said, being able to answer your phone without taking it out of you pocket is convenient...regardless of appearances. ...and using a ginormous smartphone for video conferencing only works if you have some sort of headset. Maybe when I'm independently wealthy, and don't have to work for a living, I can focus more attention on being "stylie" ;>)

Keep in mind the general population is getting older (I'm 50) and their vision and hearing sucks. A larger screen is appealing so we don't have to grab our reading glasses, nor remove our hearing aids to answer a call. Who talks on the phone anymore? I sure don't answer the phone at work unless I'm on a break. Text me if you want to reach me - larger is better to read and reply to text.

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Everyone relax....I just had coffee with Mr. Page and he has confirmed that the next Nexus will definitely be running Android and be able to make phone calls. See below for additional official details...

Screen: Color..
Screensize: Drag corner until you stop complaining
Battery: Included
Camera: Selfie cam and worldstar cam
Speaker: Eh...Why not
Style: Minimal, but third party case-enabled
Processor: V12 Supercharged
RAM: Love this album...

Really a 5.9" just when I was thinking of a getting a nexus phone as my next phone they if the rumours are true want a phablet as a flagship. Currently have a s4 and just don't want a phone any bigger.
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I know a lot of men that will love having a phone that big, now they can tell their girlfriends that they have 6 inches in their pocket and won't be lying!! lol