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Remember not too long ago when it was discovered in the Bionic's webtop that there was a mysterious Motorola Edison? Well, the folks over at BGR have been sent some images of an upcoming AT&T Motorola device, the MB865, which is believed to be the Motorola Edison (internal name), or the Motorola Atrix 2.

This device is said to have a dual core processor, running at either 1.2 or 1.5GHz, an 8MP camera, and should launch with Android 2.3.5. Unfortunately no release time frame as of now, but it is likely that it will be launching in the coming months. Hit the break for a couple more images.

Source: BGR

Atrix 2 Side

Atrix 2

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leftheodo says:

ghost010 says:

looks like the nexus s(front)

Black on one side and black with glass on the other. Slightly rounded corners. Four glass buttons at the bottom. Camera on the back. I think they all pretty much look the same.

moosc says:

Wait isn't that the Droid HD?

This is funny, I just got my sister and her husband to switch from iCrap to the Atrix and now Atrix 2 is comming out.

jddunkley says:

If it's branded AT&T then it's definitely not a "Droid" anything because only Verizon can use the Droid branding, it's theirs.

I also liked the comment that they all pretty much look the same. And it's true haha.

IceDree says:

The OG Atrix looks better , even though the updated camera is welcomed
With all do respect, I'll keep the Tegra 2 (to enjoy em Tegra zone games)

vinny jr says:

No, No, No, that's the Sensation X. Isn't it????????

TyGamer says:

Your stupid htc makes sensation while it says motorola at the top like every other motorola device.

leftheodo says:

There is something called sarcasm you know!

BarneyDroid says:

Wait isn't that an iPhone?! Sue 'em! hahaha

Oh wait that looks just like the thunderbolt or the bionic or the nexus or the droid2 or like every other htc phone there is.. but sounds pretty good though..

phiups says:

what is that on the bottom left *backside* ...?

palm scanner......womp womp.

I really hate that the finger scanner fails 24/7 on the Atrix 1

jzaslice says:

One would assume that's where the speaker is. You should get a new Atrix, my finger scanner works great all day and every day.

dcdevito says:

The finger scanner actually worked okay, particularly in the car. Too bad they didn't try to improve it - it helped distinguish Moto from the rest of the 'droid pack.

hmmm says:

How is it really any better than the Atrix? Seems like a waste to release a second version already.

Floss82 says:

Wow this is really a nice look Moto phone and yes it does look like my HTC Sensation 4G but I don't really like the back

dcdevito says:

It's better than the Bionic. Better processor, better camera, better build quality. Too bad no LTE though.

...still better than the Bionic

i keep seeing that this has no lte but look at the status bar. it def has the at&t lte logo

Jonneh says:

Really doesn't offer much of anything over the original Atrix. :\

joesaucey says:

I would like to know how the camera and build quality are better than the bionic dcdevito? Camera is the same the bionic and both phones are made by Motorola so build quality should be very comparable.... Just wondering where you are getting your facts from????

dcdevito says:

I used the Atrix for a month, and had two days the Bionic.

The build quality in the original Atrix was better then the Bionic, there weren't any creases on the Atrix, it felt a bit heftier, and the still and video quality were better ; yes the Bionic records at 1080p but the quality is crap.

The Atrix 2 will be even better.