Verizon Droid X 

The Droid X is finally official! It's an impressively large smartphone with an impressive spec list

  • A huge 4.3", 16:9, 854x480 screen (that's 400,000 pixels)
  • HDMI out and DLNA support
  • 1GHz OMAP processor
  • Full Flash 10.1 (not available at launch)
  • 8 gigs on board and a 16gig card included, but compatible with 32gig SD cards for a total potential memory of 40 gigs
  • 512mb RAM
  • 8 megapixel camera that captures 720p HD video
  • Three microphones (outward-facing for video, noise-canceling, and regular)
  • a 1570mAh battery, which should be 'comparable to the Droid 1' on battery life
  • GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, naturally

WiFi Hotspot with support for tethering up to 5 devices will also be available for an additional $20 per month with a 2 gig cap.

Included video apps will include Blockbuster for renting or buying movies, V CAST video, NFL Mobile, Skype, and Backup Assistant. Skype Mobile will be "deeply integrated" on the Droid X. The software keyboard will support multitouch and use the excellent Swype keyboard by default. The Droid X will also have full support for Exchange push email, remote wipe, and other enterprise-class device management.

Verizon, Motorola, Adobe, and Google all got together to announce the device and the team of executives on stage were all excited about the device, but moreso what it represents: Android's now-established place in the top tier of the competing smartphone platforms.

The Droid X will be available July 15th for $199 after $100 rebate. Data service will be $29.99 and mobile hotspot functionality will cost an additional $20 per month. Also, any Verizon customer whose contracts ends anytime in 2010 is eligible for the upgrade pricing.

Unfortunately, neither Flash nor Froyo will be included on the device at launch.

Grab the press release after the break

July 2010: DROID X By Motorola Lands On The Nation's Largest & Most Reliable 3G Network
DROID X Delivers More Browsing, More Connectivity, Personal HD Video and Enterprise Features – All on a 4.3” Widescreen

June 23, 2010

BASKING RIDGE, N.J., and LIBERTYVILLE, Ill. – Verizon Wireless, the company with the nation’s largest and most reliable wireless 3G network, and Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT), a pioneer in the mobile industry, today unveiled DROID X by Motorola. DROID X does more with ultra high-speed Web browsing; a fast 1GHz processor; 3G Mobile HotSpot capabilities; loads of memory; intuitive social messaging; Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 ready; and access to Android Market™, which has more than 65,000 applications, along with a host of unique Verizon Wireless applications such as NFL Mobile, Skype mobile™, V CAST Video, EA Need for Speed Shift™ and more.

“Nine months ago, we made a commitment to our customers to bring the openness of Android to the Verizon Wireless network,” said John Stratton, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for Verizon Wireless. “Since then, we have introduced the top-selling Android phone in the marketplace today – the DROID by Motorola. DROID X takes that commitment to another level with exclusive content, faster processing speeds, and, of course, the reliability of our network.”

Sanjay Jha, co-chief executive officer of Motorola and chief executive officer of Motorola Mobile Devices and Home business added, “Motorola designed DROID X to push the extreme limits of Android innovation, and enable you to do even more with your mobile device. We are breaking down barriers so that you can experience the Web the way it was meant to be and create, share and view content like never before, either in your hand or in your home. Enterprise users will also find DROID X appealing with features including push e-mail and live widgets for e-mail and calendar updates.”

DROID X gives customers a 4.3-inch high-resolution screen for viewing the latest movies and video from BLOCKBUSTER On Demand® presented by V CAST Video, the newest addition to the Verizon Wireless V CAST application, which also includes access to favorite TV shows. The DROID X video capabilities let customers capture spontaneous fun, combining a dual-flash, 8-megapixel camera, HD camcorder, as well as DLNA and HDMI connectivity to download, stream and share personal HD content.

DROID X customers will also receive Android 2.2 and Adobe Flash Player 10.1 with an over-the-air update in the latter half of the summer. With the update, the Flash Player will allow mobile users to experience hundreds of sites with rich applications and content inside the browser, including games, animations, rich Internet applications (RIAs), data presentations and visualizations, ecommerce, music, video, audio and more.

“It has been an exciting time for Android momentum and global consumer adoption since the announcement of DROID by Motorola nine months ago,” said Andy Rubin, vice president of engineering for Google. “There are 160,000 new Android-powered devices activated daily and Android Market has grown to over 65,000 applications. Plus later this summer, Verizon Wireless and Motorola will update all the DROID by Motorola phones to the latest 2.2 software. For customers, this means great new features and improved browser performance. For developers, this will provide new tools such as cloud-to-device messaging and enhanced enterprise functionality.”

“We are excited about full Flash support coming to the DROID X and other devices from Motorola,” said Shantanu Narayen, president and chief executive officer of Adobe. “Flash Player 10.1, which is one of Adobe’s most anticipated releases ever, has been redesigned from the ground up to deliver the kind of highly engaging experiences that consumers now expect from their mobile devices.”

Once updated to Android 2.2, business customers will find DROID X offers the features that turn the device into a workhorse with support for both Exchange and Gmail™ for business. Corporate users can enjoy push delivery of e-mail; live widgets that stream messages to the home screen; filter widgets to differentiate work and home e-mail; corporate directory and Global look-up along with a unified calendar for Enterprise and sync with Google Calendar™. Security protocols allow remote password control and wipe via Exchange server.

Pricing and Availability

DROID X by Motorola will be available at and in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores beginning July 15 for $199.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement. Customers will receive the mail-in rebate in the form of a debit card; upon receipt, customers may use the card as cash anywhere debit cards are accepted. In addition to subscribing to a Nationwide Talk plan or a Nationwide Talk & Text plan, customers will also need to subscribe to an Email and Web for Smartphone plan. Nationwide Talk plans begin at $39.99 monthly access. Email and Web for Smartphone plans start at $29.99 for unlimited monthly access.

Customers can add the optional 3G Mobile Hotspot service to their DROID X for $20 per month. The 3G Mobile Hotspot allows customers to turn the phone into a wireless modem for up to five compatible Wi-Fi devices. In addition, current Verizon Wireless customers who have contracts ending by December 31, 2010, can upgrade to any smartphone, including DROID X, without penalty.

For more information on DROID X by Motorola, go to For information about Verizon Wireless products and services, visit a Verizon Wireless Communications Store, call 1-800-2 JOIN IN or go to

# # #

Statistics on Android smartphone purchasing in the U.S. are according to the NPD Group’s May 10, 2010 press release, “Android Shakes Up U.S. Smartphone Market.”

Android Market, Android, Google, Gmail, Google Calendar are trademarks of Google Inc.


Reader comments

Motorola Droid X on Verizon is official: July 15th, $199 after rebate


If OMAP is really superior to SnapDragon at similar clock speeds, then I have nothing else to say other than...
*Tim Taylor grunts*

Not gonna lie. I'm an Evo 4G owner and even I'm poised to say.. this thing looks badass.

Also, Motorola/Verizon's timing is either impeccable or purely gutsy.. since tomorrow is Iphone 4 day. That's like being dropped right into the middle of the battlefield.

how is this more bad ass than the Evo, which has an identical spec sheet but with a front facing camera and 4G speed?

I'm not saying it's more badass than Evo at all. I'm merely giving credit where it's due. If I had a choice, I would easily choose Evo 4G over the DX any day. But, that doesn't mean DX is crap, either.

I still prefer the EVO but i'm jealous of the <10mm thickness. Evo pushes the limit for me on thickness for this caliber device

The Evo is 12mm maximum, depending on where you measure. Thinner and thinner is not always better and better.

[citation needed]

Both the processors are basically ARM Cortex A8s repackaged with some multimedia processors. You don't even know which OMAP is involved so you can't be making blanket statements till people start running benchmarks.

I've noticed that the people who always throw that 4G is hardly available anywhere line out there usually live where it IS available and don't even know it.

They also point out the phone does 3G just fine, which is invariably all the other phones do.

If you live where Wimax is or soon will be, and didn't spend your life traveling, why would you NOT get it?

People are finding that the TI OMAP processor, at the same clock speed, outperforms the Qualcomm Snapdraggon. If you will be loading a lot of apps, the Droid X offers 8Gb of internal storage on top of the 32Gb capable Micro SD slot. The EVO only offers 1Gb of internal storage.

The Droid X is not worlds above the EVO, but it is equal to or better than the EVO in every aspect except for the front facing camera and Sense UI if you prefer that interface.

I am getting one of these puppies as soon as it comes out!

[Get ready for an onslaught]...
I don't understand what the big deal is with the front-facing camera. Don't most people communicate via text anyway? Besides people who have family members in the military or those who live overseas, I don't know that most people will care much about "Skype" like abilities on a mobile phone after the hype is over. If I want to "Skype," I have my PC and laptop to do that with.

To sum that all up; I don't need a front-facing camera. I'm sure no one wants to stare at my ugly mug anyway. :)

This is essentially my Evo 4G with a good, not as good, OMAP processor, instead of a Snapdragon, and with no 4G connection speed. I really don't like horizontal sliding keyboards anyway. Evo 4G wins again!

No phone is better than the Evo 4G. DX is equal to, though.. too bad it's on such a pricey network.

Your device is only as good as the network it's on. Sorry but even though I'm a Sprint user... Verizon > Sprint.

Sure we have a touch of 4G but... crap, wait... that's it.

Only as good as the network it's on? that's the dumbest comment I have seen all day! Sprint coverage is everywhere I want to go and more! Even Sprint 3G is faster than Verizon and will 120 million 4G users by the end of 2010, who can beat that?!

Educate yourself.
Sprint's lackluster 1900mhz bands can barely make it through a brick wall.
Also, doesn't sprint have around 40 million subscribers? Just because they'll have coverage for 120 million users doesn't mean anything about how many will actually be using it. Pretty pale in comparison to Big Red's almost 90 million subscriber base...
So now I ask you, who made the dumb comment?

Good day.

Educate yourself son! You go from it's barley available to talking about it's radio wavelength. You are very ignorant on both fronts! I live in a brick building, I have Sprint's 4G Overdrive card and I get better than good signal! Speeds on average of 5 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload.

If you thought I was referring to the number of customers 4G serves, you are an ignoramus! Think about the number of people in the cities where 4G coverage is available and add them up. That's your 51 million people. That's almost 1/8 of the population of the nation! And by Dec 2010, 120 million, nearly 45% the nation's population, when VZ will just be beginning to roll out their 4G service.

"Even Sprint 3G is faster than Verizon and will 120 million 4G users by the end of 2010, who can beat that?!"

Oh, you must have forgot a word after "will" ... classy.

Congratulations on living in one of the cities with 4G by the way!
There's a reason sprint calls themselves the "now" network. It's because in the future, they probably won't exist.

End of last year, they were #5 on the Top Companies Most Likely To Go Bankrupt (published by Yahoo! Finance, incase you wanted to check credentials)... their only hope was to grab up WiMax, and pray for subscribers, while the rest of the world, went with the superior 4G network, LTE. Verizon didn't worry one bit, sure Sprint would have it first, but it's lackluster again.
Oh, and not to mention Big Red's acquisition of the 700mhz spectrum. Good luck competing with that.

So congrats to Sprint for an excellent marketing job, but the numbers won't lie. Verizon will always top them, especially once LTE is out (and I'm sure Sprint will wise up and switch to it)

Sprint might be fast now, but Verizon is still the future. Sorry fanboy.

Now I actually have a job to attend to, sorry I won't be able to read your rebuttle. I do thank you for the friendly banter though, makes the day fly by.

sprint is most certainly NOT everywhere , I had Sprint up until this year for over 10 years in NY and many area's where just horrible , I travel all over the country and Verizon's coverage is so superior it would make your head spin , I will NEVER go back to Sprint ever , They can keep the Evo 4G . I havbe no use for another flawed HTC device that simply cant get througn a days use without being tied to a charger , so sick and tired of HTC the Droid X will be a welcome addition for me!!

Was that NYC or NY? LOL How many cities besides NYC in NY have populations over 200K? 2, 3? Ever heard of free roaming?! Ever heard of Sprint has far cheaper plans with many more services?!

And as for battery life, I get a full day's life and more when I don't run the 4G radio all day long.

Hopefully the Evo doesn't laugh too hard or unlike the Droid X or Incredible its face will fall off. Also Evo max storage = 32gb, incredible and Droidx = 40gb which I believe tops all smartphones.

If you believe Engadget's bullshit of some reports of the glass "peeling away" due to the "adhesive failing" then you belong in line with the rest of the iPhone sheep! I have had my Evo since June 4th and the screen and the entire device are still in immaculate condition. A couple of over exaggerated reports of a rare defect and the trolls like you come out!

Wow, 8 more gigs (as if 32 is not going to be enough for everyone), that's way more exciting than a front facing camera, video chat, and 4-6 mbps download speed. *sarcasm

Well, it's a nice alternative for folks who do. I think, as Android fans, we should all be happy that there's such cool Android-based devices coming out these days that are suitable for everyone (I'm an HTC Incredible man myself).

LOL.....the OMAP processor is better than your snapdragon imo. You are lucky if you actually have the 4G connection as most don't. Also, this doesn't have a slide out keyboard

so your whole post is just completely full of FAIL

Plus DLNA out is freaking awesome.

"full of FAIL"? are you a 17 yr old girl?

I have 4G connection, so does 51 million other Americans! and 120 million will have 4G by the end of 2010. Your opinion on the OMAP is only that, opinion. Where is Droid X's front facing camera? Oh wait, doesn't have one!

You do realize that the OMAP processor is more powerful than the Snapdragon AND the DX does NOT have a physical keyboard.

Not saying the Evo is better. Personally, I think any smart/superphone released now should have a front facing camera standard. I feel that is the only thing lacking from the DX.

I can't stand Android users like you. Why is the EVO better? because it fits your needs? Someone else may not like carrying around that size phone or maybe they need a physical keyboard or perhaps wants a vanilla android experience. The point is that I am glad everyone uses android and supports the OS to allow it to grow so quickly, but douches like you have to bash other android devices, good call. Anyways, I carry the incredible and love it and will not be changing, but I do agree this phone is badass and can't wait o see it. I love android and every handset it is installed on (even the att ones, kinda :). To clarify please don't be a dick to other android user because of their preference to handsets.

Can you guys see whether when playing HDMI out on the Droid X you can see the video playback on screen AND on the TV at the same time?

Can the Droid X display the desktop and all apps, or is it limited to videos and slideshows like the Evo?

There is no need for a physical keyboard with a massive 4.3 screen , but it you must have it , the droid 2 will flip the bill

no, but im sure they will come out with one soon after the release of this phone. Makes me just want to wait for it...

Skype needs to go
Hope I will be able to shut that no wifi crapp down. Current iteration sucks. Still gonna get this baby. New every two. Sweet.

Wish someone would have asked if the phone will do voice dialing over bluetooth, to really show how pathetic it is that a new phone launched in 2010 doesn't have this feature.

Contract date itself ending in 2010, or up for another renewal in 2010? If it's for the renewal, this would be so much WIN it'd be unbearable!

I have a line that's eligible September 2010 so I know that one falls under the "anyone who's eligible to upgrade in 2010 can upgrade at launch" but I my primary line has it's annual (not it's NE2) upgrade available in November 2010 - will that one be able to do the upgrade for the $199 as well?

Also, will this be reflected on the online account or will this need to be done through customer service/in store?

I am wondering if I can use my annual upgrade for this as well. I got my tour last year on release date. Hopefully I can. I am up for my NE2 next march I think it said...

Glad to see another good Android phone out there for Verizon customers. The more "*Droids" the merrier I am...

Iphone users eat your heart out.

"...but does it have a kickstand???"

people that are saying x is better that EVO forgot that sense > motoblur or what ugly interface the x has.....IMO

And you have used this brand new version of Moto Blur that nobody else has seen or used ?? interesting

I have always told people that I would use an iPhone until something came along that I felt was a better overall phone experience.

I think the Droid X is it.

"Consume all the MB's you can handle"
At $50 a gig over 2GB, I think I'll restrict my usage quite a bit. I like how they sidestepped the current 5GB limit as well...

There's a current 5GB limit on smartphone plans. It's a softlimit, either throttling you, or if you do it enough they'll boot ya off of your contract apparently.

The current smartphone plan is "unlimited", but is actually 5GB with a soft limit. If you currently add tethering, it's a 5GB hard limit. The new plan is "unlimited" on the phone, and "an additional 2GB" if you add tethering. How can you add 2GB if it's truly unlimited? Shouldn't it just be unlimited data, and 2GB tethering data?

Anyways, when asked directly about the "unlimitedness" of the data plan, they seemed to sidestep it as you'd expect any corporate monkey to do. I'm sure the 5GB softlimit is still in place. And wasn't Froyo supposed to bring free wifi tethering anyways?

Stop posting nonsense you don't know or understand. Verizon's 30 dollar smartphone plan is unlimited. completely unlimited. as in no limits no buts or exceptions. I have several months blown past 7 or 8GB with no cap or limit or cost. It is unlimited. got it? End of story. The only current cap is 5GB for TETHERING which is completely SEPERATE. Now they are saying the Wifi TETHERING on X will be 2GB in addition to your unlimited plan. The correct question everyone's trying to ask is HOW do they intend on distinguishing the two for billing?? Which is as of yet to be seen.

...but there are still NO LIMITS on your phone's data.

Slashdot article on 5GB cap

This mentions the 5GB cap on both tethering and non-tethering usage. As I've said, it's a softcap, and not enforced that strictly. They are still trying to keep usage below 5GB for high end users. A journalist at the event today even referenced the 5GB limit, so it's not just me claiming this.

1:48PM "When you say people can get an extra 2GB for $20 a month, is that over the existing 5GB?" Stratton punts the answer -- he says the smartphone plan is unlimited with an extra 2GB if you buy the tethering.

you're a funny one. post all the articles you want, unless they come verizon and not pc world you're an idiot. Find me ANYWHERE in the fine print of the terms about doesnt exist. Ill show you my bill with the giant UNLIMITED bar with 8,100MB over it, along with several of my friends, some of whom WORK THERE (high end corporate) and have personally told me there is no cap on device data. Remove your tinfoil hat. You lost.

And yes, I EVEN SAID no one knows how they intend to enforce the 2GB tether on top of the unlimited because that traffic will route through the device. ps posting blogocrap live blog author opinion as a reference is also laughable.

You must not have vzw.

And let me also say that I'm hopeful that it is truly unlimited usage, and they remove the 5GB softcap. Honestly when asked for a recommendation for a smartphone, I said the iPhone 4 will likely be the best phone, however AT&T sucks as far as customer service, and their new 2GB plan is terrible if you use alot of data. Due to my recommendation of a different network, they will likely pursue either a DroidX or a Droid 2.

I expect Verizon to take a similar tiered strategy, although I would be very impressed if they offer unlimited 3G data, and simply tier 4G data access on top of that. That way, you could do bulk transfers on 3G, while keeping latency-sensitive apps on the now less congested 4G network.

Obviously unlimited 4G would be the best, but I don't think that's very realistic going forward. Verizon would be smart to bundle 2-500MB of tethered usage in with the regular fee, to get users hooked on the convenience. Then charge 5 cents a MB overages, or the $20 2GB plan, whichever is cheapest.

No doubt the x is a nice phone but cmon guys let's admit the truth here the EVO is still a clear winner here if u want to compare them both but ill admit the x is a nice phone for the ppl who's willing to spend the xtra money$

Clear winner of what ?? The Evo is just a larger version of every other HTC piece of garbage with there worthless battery capacities , amazing how threatened everyone gets when a new phone comes out , its so hysterical LOL I iown neither but I would absolutely prefer the Droid X, and I have no doubt the the Droid X will easily outsell the Evo

Man you are a joke. Nobody is "threatened" just because they point out a clear winner. Keep lying to yourself spouting that it has "worthless" battery capacities when it gets barely less battery life during moderate usage than phones like the iPhone and Droid, which do not have a 4G radio! If you think that the Droid X will outsell the Evo, then you are seriously delusional! The Evo has been selling out at ALL channels every 24-48 hours since it launched on June 4th. Anywhere you call/go, there are still massive waiting lists. Check the Sprint website! Even after a week and a half it is still selling out every 24 hours after every restock! Ask Phil Nickelson, he keeps up with Sprint's websales Evo availability.

what the hell is wrong with you people?? it's not Android vs.'s Android vs. iPhone.....welcome this phone to the Android army, not hate on it! Nexus, Evo, Incredible, X vs. iPhone...that's the way i see it!

I agree with you a 100%. Android shall win! I agree with others also that a front facing camera would be nice...but i don't really wanna look at the ugly mugs of the people I talk to anyways! So Droid X here i come!

Still not better than the EVO IMO

Regardless, it's still a sweet phone and comes very close.

I'm actually a bit jealous that AT&T and Verizon has both let their customers upgrade early but Sprint hasn't

Yeah, what's up with Sprint not letting people upgrade early for the Evo 4G? You have people willing to renew early to get the best phone you have on your network, let them!

This is one area they should follow AT&T and Verizon in.

The only thing i like is the built in 8 gig flash, dont understand why HTC does not put this in EVO, other then that both of these machine are awesome. And will give people more choices to choose from. And will take some people away from Apple and thats all what counts.

Get Android, Enjoy Freedom!!!!

Why do they keep bundling skype in the list of video apps included. Will it support video calling using the back camera or something?

Can anyone guess what range the full retail price will be? I just got my Droid at the end of February, so I'm nowhere near able to upgrade at the promo price.

Well I liked the evo a lot when I first got to play with it but IMO this phone surpasses it. OMAP has superior multitasking multimedia ability Motorola's build quality is far superior and honestly video phone calls would be cool fir about ten minutes then I'll be over it and sick of holding the phone up and trying not to shake lol. Plus Motorola is known for better power management as well. So overall both great phones but the X is more dependable and capable. Wonder if its an all metal case like my Droid I really like that touch.

I have and love both Sprint and the Evo, and the Evo is the best device on Sprint and still one of the best devices on the market today, period. The Evo is the best phone phone I've ever had, and everyone who sees the phone in action, including iPhone users, has been impressed. I am very, very happy with it.


The DroidX looks AMAZING, and although we haven't seen any real unboxings/hands-on reports/reviews from bloggers and pundits and whatnot, the spec sheet points towards a winner. Three mics, OMAP processor, camera shots that actually look good, "droid-comparable battery life".... Listen up, HTC. You gotta do a little better with the Evo2, okay? This is why I love competition. Evo is great. DroidX looks to be better. The Evo2 will have to be EVEN BETTER. And so on and so forth. Everyone wins.

Great....more carriers rubbing T-Mobile's face in the dirt after they helped to launch the Android OS.....

It's the Evo without a front facing camera, a 4G network with less expensive everything plans, and without capacitive touch buttons (those buttons at the bottom look hideous). At least this phone will still be better than the iPhone.

Nice hardware, screen sucks. Should have made it in a phone size. Not a mini tablet. 854x480, really? I phone 4 slacks this thing around in a phone size package. I use a incredible and anything bigger than it is too big. Buy a ipad if you want a huge screen ti take with you. Oh, and to the evo people. Go plug in before your badass phone goes dead.

I'm still on a blackberry, and I'm sick of waiting for a "Nexus 2" that will never come.

Question: how easy will it be to slap stock Froyo on this thing once it's rooted? Will I regret getting this if that's what I'm looking for?

Rooting and slapping whatever Android OS (be it stock or a dev custom) is really not difficult at all. Once you root it, just grab ROM Manager ($3.99 I think) and it'll do all the hard parts for you.

Just pick the ROM you want out of its menu, the kernel you want (for overclocking), and a theme (if it applies) and then it'll backup and install them for you!

Not trying to start a war here or anything as both phones are very good phones. But, I dunno if you guys ever saw the quadrant benchmark tests. The Droid X was one of the fastest phone in test, even beating out the Samsung Galaxy S with the hummingbird cpu. The only phone that was faster was the Nexus One running 2.2(while ever other phone was on 2.0/2.1. Now once the Droid X, and Droid 2 get 2.2 it should be one of the fastest Android phones on the market if its not already. Not to mention the current Droid has separate gpu vs Snapdragon based devices. The rumor is the new Droid's OMAP cpu are smaller, which equals better battery life, or in the Droid X case equal battery life to the original Droid.

I personally prefer the Droid Incredible and Motorola Droid X and 2 over the Evo on the sole fact they come with 8gb built in and a microsd card slot, which allows to me to carry more of my music when I am on the road.

Few minor gripes with this. One: I'm not a fan of embedded apps that you have to root the phone to remove. (looking at you Facebook). Also, I'm not a fan of Blockbuster though I do appreciate Verizon's attempt to compete with Netflix.

2: although I am THOROUGHLY enjoying swype, I'm one of those people that's married to the idea of a physical keyboard. Just can't shake it.

3: I feel like that burger king commercial..."I got these tiny hands" and they just keep making these awesome phones I can barely hold. What's a girl to do?

Great phone overall though.

I find it pretty funny that we are here to ultimatly beat apple fanboys but all i see is the android community tearing themselves apart over carriers.. I still perfer the EVO because its basically the asme phone.. $20 hotspot for 5 devices and 2 gb no thank you...

Motorola has a winner in DROID X successor to DROID the top-selling Android phone in the marketplace today.