New Droids getting ready for their turn at the big camera update

You have your shiny new Droid Maxx, Mini or Ultra. It's one hell of a phone, and in my opinion the best set of phones to ever hit Verizon. I wish there was a GSM Droid Maxx. But I digress.

You've been watching every other Moto X build phone get soak tests and updates that make the camera about a zillion times better. The good news is that it's now your turn.

Invites are going out for a multi-phone soak test for the Mini, Maxx and Ultra as we speak. It's the same deal as every other Motorola phone, where members of the Moto Feedback Network may get a chance to test early builds of any upcoming update. Often, the update for everyone follows soon after. 

Punit Soni, VP of product management at Motorola Mobility promised nobody has forgotten the new Droids. Now it's time to deliver.

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Motorola Droid soak test invites going out


How come Moto is the only company that does soak tests and invites random users to participate?

Doesn't any other manufacture have a real world testing protocol?

They are not the only company. Microsoft lets anyone download customer previews. For Motorola, anyone who wishes to participate can sign up for the MFN.

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It makes me happy to see such quick updates on a Verizon phone. Hopefully the trend sticks.

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Jerry, I know you love your moto x, and you say here the droids are excellent too, I'm torn between the maxx and the x . . . Can you give a quick rundown comparing your impressions of the two? Thanks

I received an e-mail invite early today to participate, but I am a little nervous; I am traveling and even if I wasn't I need my phone to work, and it is fast and stable right now.

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Now if they can do something about those stupid bright LED Menu lights that stay on all the F**K time you have your screen on. Those that have the Drox Maxx know what I am talking about.