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Motorola Droid Bionic

And just like that -- the waiting for the Motorola Droid Bionic is now over for the most part. If you've been holding out to get your hands on one you can now head on over to the Verizon Wireless website and place your order. The buy in cost will set you back $300 with a new two-year contract ($590 without) but for that money you get a 1Ghz TI OMAP4 processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage and a 8MP camera with 1080p HD video recording. Plus, it's 4G LTE equipped and comes loaded with the latest version of Motoblur -- if you're into that stuff. Grabbing one? If so -- let us know in the comments or in the Droid Bionic forums.

Source: Verizon

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This is one of the best 4.3" phones. Well done Motorola!

hornbroo says:

Upgrade price is $249!!!! Plus I get a $30 new-every-two credit. And if the $100 trade-in promo works with one of my old phones, the grand total will be $119 for a new Bionic!!!!

Can someone help me understand the hype....

rbernard80 says:

Simple. It's the first dual core LTE phone.

Dark_Blu says:

It's a Droid with LTE. Fast downloads and the latest version of Moto- Blur.

patfactorx says:

GL getting it. Its already sold out all over. They are expecting to sell upwards 5 million this quarter

For as long as it took to get this thing to the market, no excuse for them being sold out. They had plenty of time to build a stock.

PhilR8 says:


hoosiercub says:

Yup, callin bullshit ;) I ordered mine this morning as soon as I go to work. It'll be here tomorrow before 3PM.

Oh ok.... I didn't know it was dual core.... Makes since now

dannychaos says:

I don't know if I should go ahead and get this or get the HTC Vigor to replace my Thunderbolt?!

A rep at the Verizon store let me play with one on Tuesday. The phone felt super lite, but man is that pentile screen a buzz kill. I really don't understand why Moto went with that screen. I just can't see that screen being the difference between good battery life and poor battery life. I still want to pick this phone up but I really don't know if I can deal with a screen like that. At the end of the day it is still just a cell phone, but if I am shelling out 300 for it and renewing my contract, then I think I am allowed to be a little picky.

ksi69 says:

Buzz kill? What, you looking at it with a microscope? I think the screen looks fantastic. Coming from the Charge, I like the Bionic screen better. You're nuts.

Wow you're the one who's nuts! Pentile vs super amoled plus ... really no contest! Get your eyes checked! Bionics screen is so pixelated its ridiculous! Super amoled plus screen is crisp and clean ... seriously man, get those eyes checked asap

j12997967 says:

I'm in the same boat. I rushed down to a VZW store this morning, expecting to pull the trigger and upgrade from my Dx to the Bionic.

While waiting for my name to be called I compared the Bionic's screen to my Dx's. The first thing I noticed was that, while the screens are the same length, the Dx screen is about 5 or 10 mm wider than the Bionic's. That was disappointing, but not a deal breaker. However when I started comparing the (non-mobile) New York Times webpage on both screens the Bionic's suffered: it seemed like I was looking at it through gauze or a pair of nylons. I had not expected to care about the underlying technology, but it was noticeable to me.

As I write this I realize that I didn't check the brightness settings so I'm going to return to the store and take another look, but at first blush it was too noticeable for me --especially when there's a $35 restocking fee.

dozx says:

I manage close to 100 high end smart phones from AT&T and Verizon as part of my help desk duties for my company. I have personally used a iPhone (for about a day), Droid X, Droid X2 and configure and work with a lot more. The Bionic flat out blows everything else away, period. Everything is fast and smooth, no glitches or other issues. Battery life so far seems good and I am starting to think I wasted $25 (half off at the Verizon store)on the extended battery. Finally, a smart phone that lives up to the hype. hell, it lives up to the hype of the over rated iPhone!

dacp283 says:

I really don't get why everybody's getting excited about this phone with ice cream sandwich just around the corner seems kind of pointless to purchase this now.

True, but there will always be something better coming out. If the screen didn't bother me so much then I would be picking up this phone. The operating system isn't the make or break for me on this one.

pguidry says:

I've heard so much negative talk about the screen I checked out my buddys DX2 yesterday. I thought it was good. I think this screen talk is overblown. I look forward to checking this phone out.

VDub2174 says:

I honestly don't see what everyone's talking about with the screen either. I've tried to see the pixilation looking at it at every angle, but I don't see anything.

I have a d3 and Droid Charge. The screen on the d3 is fine to good. The screen on the Charge is beautiful. But we are talking about a phone so seems there will always be a trade-off of some sort.

projektorboy says:

Given the capabilities of the Bionic, it won't be terribly long before Motorola releases Ice Cream Sandwich for it. All of us are extremely aware of what's coming down the pipe, but each of us also have our own limits for when we draw the line and finally buy something. Waiting for the next big thing can only go on for so long.

mhmmdy123 says:

I agree with you, and I read this morning onlin the Tegera3 which is the Quad Core processor around the corner too.

banhim says:

it's only "around the corner" for tablets. i dont think phones will come out with quads until next year

mhmmdy123 says:

I agree with you, and I read this morning onlin the Tegera3 which is the Quad Core processor around the corner too.

shadowgod says:

Holy crap that thing has 1 Gligabyte of RAM !!

hoosiercub says:

I screenshotted that.. made me giggle this morning before I ordered mine.

grimmace193 says:

Just looked at the specs. Doesn't even have gingerbread.

SpaceDroid says:


d-backs1#AC says:

yes it does

jaw4bama says:

It has Gingerbread!

grimmace193 says:

On Verizon's site it list the operating system as " Android 2.2" maybe its a typo.

hoosiercub says:

It also has a Gligabyte of RAM lol.. definitely a typo.

grimmace193 says:

Just looked at the thisismynext review and it has gingerbread. Sorry to make everyone's heart skip. I guess anybody who sees that on Verizon's site that knows what it means would know better.

valorian says:

$300? :-O
I think I'll pass.

vtgrad03 says:

Get used to that price point! That's where all the top of the line LTE, dual core phones will be. Vigor and Nexus Prime will almost definitively be $300

lyshote says:

The specs on the Verizon website look like the charge. It says it also has super amoled plus and samsung services.

wscaddie56 says:

What's a gligabyte of DDR2 Ram?

vgjunkie says:

Amazon is $199 on new contract. Wirefly is $249.

kiniar says:

Just checked Amazon and it is back to $249 and is already on backorder.

vgjunkie says:

that was quick. I might be moving to VZW at the end of the month (from Sprint). Hopefully the phone is $199 by then.

pDoG says:

Sweet baby Jesus! I hope whoever gets one enjoys it. Glad its finally out.

jinxygrrl says:

Got mine. The store opened early without telling anyone. And I get to activate it myself, no one has touched it. WOOHOO!

AnGeLFaCe77 says:

Why there are some many people complaining about the 300 price? There are many of us that pay 130 to 115 monthly. If you trade in, your phone it will come out 200. People need to stop being cheap and sheeps grow the f up.

Debo19832003 says:

Trust me this phone is not worth all the hype. This phone is already out dated except for the dual core processor.if you can wait trust me it will be worth it.the galaxy aka function will have 1.5 dual core super amoiled much more & its right around the corner.don't waste a new contract on this phone.its simply selling cause of the hype

martain says:

Wondering about data plans for the Bionic. I have Verizon's $30 unlimited data plan for my Blackberry, and just went to order the Bionic from their website. They're telling me I have to change my plan, in order to purchase the Bionic. I thought people who were on the old data plans were grand-fathered in. This doesn't make it appear that way. Am I missing something?

You can keep unlimited as long as you don't sign a new keep the same phone or pay full price for a phone

kiniar says:

I went through this last night, just make sure you do not change the selection from the 29.99 unlimited plan. What you are changing from is a 3G plan to a 4G plan. By leaving the selection on $29.99 unlimited, when I checked out that is what was on my updated plan.

This would be great, maybe a loophole on the website, because there is not suppose to be a difference between 3g and 4g, unless it was meant for non Lte phones, Lte phones can't chose to operate on 3g only

martain says:

Thanks Kiniar! That's exactly what I did, and I was able to keep the unlimited plan for $29.99. When I first saw the notice about needing to change plans, and the list of available plans, I assumed that the $29.99 unlimited plan that was checked, was them showing me what I had, and needed to change from. I'm glad I asked.

Blaksmyth says:

You should call *611 if the website is trying Romans you change. I did my order through customer service and had no problem at all with my unlimited data plan.

cubez says:

Unfortunately, blackberry uses a different data plan than other phones, so if you were to get an android phone you would have to change the data plan and you would lose your unlimited plan.

Jude526 says:

YOU are incorrect regarding the unlimited data on are grandfathered in and will not lose it. I upgraded from the Incredible to the Thunderbolt and did not lose my unlimited data. I don't know where you got your information but if a rep tells you that you are losing your unlimited........they are wrong

cubez says:

Upgrading to the bionic from another android or even iPhone is no problem because there data plan is compatible, but when you do it from blackberry the plan is incompatible and must be changed and when you do so you lose your unlimited plan.

lsramair says:

I'm out front of my local store waiting another 51 mins for it...

blainbrain says:

Sounded awesome until I read Moto Blur

Just root it! Can't believe I waited so long to do so!

Mr.Froyo says:

The new Blur is actually quite good

Mr.Froyo says:

The new Blur is actually quite good

Blaksmyth says:

Getting this phone on a two year contract does not take you off unlimited if you are already grandfathered in.

richardpandy says:

I gotta say though, 1GB of ram is pretty legit.

Taz says:

Just got the phone today. Replaced the Samsung Fascinate couldn't take the problem of the GPS. The build quality is very good, solid feel. The screen is sharp but not as color rich as the Samsung. But overall I really like this phone, very fast and moto blur on this phone is pretty good, i'm liking it!

Debo19832003 says:

Super amoled compared to moto blur is not even close. Put the driod charge next to the bionic and you will see a big difference. Look at youtube and look at different web pages that show video you will see the difference.put them side by side. Driod bionic = epic fail. Except 1080p and dual core this phone is nothing special.I would rather wait two three month for a phone with better ram, battery life, screen, os, speed...I waited a long time for this phone..
epic fail

Mr.Froyo says:

You spelled Droid wrong twice. and yeah, a dual core phone with a gigabyte of RAM, gingerbread, 1080p video recording, smaller profile, and a better quicker new UI is suuuch a fail compared to your slightly upgraded Samsung Fascinate.

tyrothz says:

please tell me I'm not the only one that sees the "1 GLIGABYTE" seems that VZ didn't proofread their site =p