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Clove selling Motorola's latest for £80 less than the standard price

When the Moto X was first announced for the UK market, many were less than thrilled at the initial launch price of £380, in light of the phone's highly competitive pricing elsewhere. But today there's good news for UK buyers wanting to pick up a Moto X without parting with quite so much cash, as one UK retailer has the device for £80-90 less than the price elsewhere.

Clove Technology, which initially listed the device at £330, has knocked its Moto X price down to £299 plus shipping today. Existing orders, Clove says, will have the £30 difference refunded, and devices will begin shipping from next Monday, Feb. 3. So if you can wait out the weekend, this would seem to be among the best deals around for picking up the Moto X in the UK. Clove's stock is of the 16GB black model — the white model is exclusive to Phones4u for now, and Motorola has previously told us that the 32GB version won't be coming to the UK.

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Moto X down to £299 at UK retailer after launch day price drop


They kick us even more when we are down!
Not only are we not worthy of receiving the Moto X close to launch, then they sell it to us at (IMO) vastly inflated prices, now they tell us no 32Gb to come to Europe, are we meant to be thankful for the morsels fed to us from the big table?

For this reason Motorola, I'm out!

The War of independence was 100 of years ago, surely they could forgive us by now :'(



This post approved by the NSA.... at least I hope so.

You will be better off without the Moto X, trust me. It's the most over hyped piece of crap of 2013. I tried it 2 times and I was highly disappointed with it. The nexus 5 is waaaaay better.

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This review was brought to you by: The guy that called something a turd, and then admitted that it was such an interesting turd that he went back for a second sniff.

I can't help it. I always take a second sniff.

Actually, I thought I had a defective device because of the horrible performance and battery life. But my first one was not defective.....they all are!

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don't forget that price includes the UK 20% sales tax.
without sales tax, its about $411 US dollars.
isn't the Moto X $399 in the US?
If so, they are now virtually the same price?!

edit - oh well never mind, the price in the US has come down to $329.
Still, its not a massive difference.

Oh. In that case, its still an overpriced pos. This of course in my opinion. I know a lot of people in these forums worship the Moto X. I will never understand why though.

Edit...if its $329 then it would be about $380 after tax and shipping. I would buy it for $200.00.

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I'm not cheap. I just won't pay a premium price for year old tech.

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Motorola doesn't charge for shipping (like Google for Nexus) you only pay the state tax (one you order it from) so max price would be around 355. If you are from WA then it stays the same - 329.
That "last year spec/phone" argument is even older ;)

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I'd be slightly dubious about the moto x now that the company is owned by Lenovo, updates may no longer be so timely. Time will tell.

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No one, absolutely no one wants to hear facts and stuff. Can you please stop. Never mind that it will take until August. Outrage has to be now!

Who's outraged? I just think it's worth noting that beyond the next couple of months Motorola could well be in flux, and the new owners can do whatever they want with the thing, could be better, worse or maintain a status quo. I'm content to sit back and see what unfolds.

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Andriod Central.... brought to you by Moto X.... Over priced old tech. It will be a epic fail in the UK. That's why the price is dropping so fast.

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Just because you like the moto x doesn't mean that everyone else does. It sucks. That is why they will eventually drop the price even more.

Aren't you a Dev on xda? I respect your work. I think I've used some of your Roms before. But everyone has their own opinion about phones, that will never change.

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I wonder if this phone will be supported any more really. I suppose Lenovo doesn't want to cut off support too quickly but I doubt it will be like Google quality support.

Better watch your back now lyall you can't be hating the X on these forums lol

Seriously though as much as it may be a great device or not to some I personally will skip past this without any I'll feeling that I have missed something lol

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We get it. Moto X blows. I heard you the first, second, and third time on this thread.

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