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Update: ​Bell, Rogers and Wind Mobile have also announced that they'll be carrying the Galaxy S III.

​Original story: Following the phone's unveiling in London last week, Canadian carrier TELUS is the first North American mobile network to reveal that it'll be carrying the LTE version of Samsung's new Galaxy S III. TELUS says the phone will be available "in time for the summer," which fits with the June timeframe that Samsung has marked for the Galaxy S III's U.S. launch.

TELUS says it isn't offering any details on pricing or specifications just yet, which leads us to believe that the device it'll offer may differ somewhat from what we saw in London last week. That's to be expected, however, and we've already heard plenty of reports suggesting a different chip may power the LTE version of the Galaxy S III.

For more on the Galaxy S III, check out our exhaustive coverage of the London launch event last week, which includes detailed hands-on impressions.

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TELUS and Samsung Mobile Canada Announce the Availability of the Samsung Galaxy S III™

Galaxy S III reveals a new concept of smartphone to provide users with the most natural and human-centric mobile experience
TORONTO, May 7, 2012 /CNW/ - TELUS and Samsung Canada today announced that the Samsung Galaxy S III will be arriving on TELUS' 4G LTE network in time for the summer. With intuitive design and features, the Galaxy S III introduces a new concept in mobile usability - allowing users to communicate and share their experiences naturally and instantly.
The Galaxy S III combines innovative smartphone design and heightened intelligence to make everyday life easier.  With enhanced interaction between device and user, the Galaxy S III allows users to share and experience smartphone benefits with family and friends, regardless of location. The Galaxy S III also sports a range of additional features that boost performance and the overall user experience in an entirely new way.
"Our customers have told us they love the Samsung Galaxy family and we are thrilled to bring the latest in the Galaxy line-up to TELUS, Canada's Galaxy Headquarters," said Brent Johnston, TELUS vice-president of mobility solutions. "We are committed to exceptional customer experiences and the new Samsung Galaxy S III not only brings to our customers an exceptional on-device experience but also access to TELUS' Clear and Simple initiatives such as flexible rate plans, data notifications and our new trade-in program that allows customers to upgrade to the latest and greatest devices like the Galaxy S III more easily and more often."
"Samsung is dedicated to taking a leadership position in the smartphone space and that is why we are thrilled to work with TELUS to bring the Samsung Galaxy S III to Canadians," said Paul Brannen, Vice President, Mobile Communications at Samsung Canada. "With its intuitive design and features, the Galaxy S III introduces a whole new concept in smartphone user experience through gesture-based communication - allowing users to communicate and share their experiences naturally and easily."
Model specifications, pricing and availability will be announced in the coming weeks.

Reader comments

LTE-equipped Samsung Galaxy S III coming to Canada


Smells like S4.

Personally, I'm importing a international version just because AT&T LA 4G LTE doesn't truly reach all of the LA county. I live 20 miles from the heart of LA and 4G LTE doesn't reach.

I thought I've been reading the s4 dual core is still dumb fast and not too much of a downgrade. Am I wrong to say that? I'm on vzw and plan to get the s3. Seems like everything I could want/need in a new phone. My brother has the razr and it just seems bland after seeing it so often and I don't even own it. DX to s3 is my plan.

It goes back and forth with the Exynos. But Exynos is a bit better from what I have seen, about %20 difference.

It's probably S4 dual core. Samsung is said to be developing their own LTE chip for Exynos, but that will happen much later this year. But S4 is no slouch by any means, and its radio performance will be good as it's in one SoC developed by Qualcomm.

I personally would get the international not for the SOC but because the development for the Exynos version is always stronger then the the other SOCs

So when is Verizon getting it? They seem to be back to their get every good phone last policy since the Nexus. They get the One S in the form of the new Droid Incredible 4g, but no sign of the One X.

I am on Rogers and hopefully they get this phone first, as they usually do with the big phones coming out. But regardless of the carrier, this is great news for all Canadians. We got the One X 2-3 weeks earlier than the U.S, but I'm sure whatever the case, you guys won't be to far behind. Or vice versa.

The fact that 4 carriers in Canada will have the SG3 makes me hopeful that the 4 main carriers in US will also all get this at the same time. June or July would be fine for me. AT&T, please.