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As part of its new OS upgrade strategy, Motorola has published another update on the progress of new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (and ICS) firmware for its fleet of phones and tablets.

It's an extensive list, with a complete breakdown of phones by territory, however, we've picked out a few of the biggest upcoming upgrades for readers in the West --

  • RAZR i Jelly Bean update now scheduled for Q1 2013
  • Verizon Droid RAZR HD/RAZR MAXX HD still due Jelly Bean update before 2013
  • AT&T Atrix HD due Jelly Bean update before 2013
  • 3G/LTE Xoom Jelly Bean update delayed to Q1 2013
  • Canadian Atrix HD + RAZR HD due to get Jelly Bean in Q1 2013
  • Euro RAZR HD Jelly Bean update scheduled for Dec. 2012

No word on Android 4.2 for any Motorola devices just yet, but at least Jelly Bean part one should be on the way for a great many Moto phones early next year.

If you want to look up a particular phone or territory, you can do so at the source link below.

Source: Motorola Android Software Upgrade News


Reader comments

Jelly Bean updates ahoy for many Motorola phones in Q1 2013


"Verizon Droid RAZR HD/RAZR MAXX HD still due Jelly Bean update before 2013" - it's already happening now.

I guess (after spending, what...$500+) we are just being left to die. Thanks, MOTO. You won't get another dollar from me, pricks.

As a proud owner of a mercifully inactive Motorola Photon, may I say, in my most sour grapes tone, that all of these phones that Moto is updating to JB can go swim in the loo!

Samsung Galaxy Note 2, take me away!!

+1 to this. I love my Photon, but I can't get the bitter taste out of my mouth after Moto dangled an ICS update in front of us and then cancelled those plans after months of waiting. I will now be buying the Note 2 and hope that Samsung doesn't let me down (which I admit is a possibility).

As an Atrix owner, AMEN. Moto is dead to me now, I'd be shocked if ANY of these phones got an update after 4.1 down the road. And I'd be shocked if at least one of these 4.1 updates werent canceled.

I'm on Sprint and I almost bought a Photon Q, but then I remembered what Motorola did to me with my T-Mobile Motorola Cliq XT.

(Typing this on my 3day old Samsung GALAXY S III.)

Yeah, I'm out too. They can really go to hell. First they release the RAZR (with the crappiest battery in cellular history) then release the MAXX like a month later, then they promise JELLYBEAN Q1 of 2013, but only for their MAXX HD so that we just give up and buy yet ANOTHER phone? Three of the same phone that should have been the HD in the first place, plus they abandon their customers YET AGAIN?

BYE MOTO. You suck.

Oh my GF will be upset her Droid 4 won't be getting JB soon. And the only reason she wants it, is to flick jellybeans via the easter egg

Sorry still crap at how long it is taking to do this update. 3 months should be the max. Also do not trust moto not to cancel them last minute just look at the atrix line.

Thanks Moto, you just made my decision for my next phone for me. As a moto loyalist, I forgave you for shafting the Atrix 4G, aka The Worlds Most Powerful Phone...but only for 6 months until we release a new one. Now you delay the LTE Xoom when wifi has had jb for almost a year. S3 here I come.

FYI, Verizon is the one delaying the Jellybean update for the 3G/ LTE Xoom. The Wifi Xoom was a Google Experience Device: no radios, no carrier interference. Although Samsung has been doing good with updates as of late, the S3 is subject to carrier interference, nonetheless. Good luck with the S3, though; it's a great phone.

VZW is the cause of pretty much every update delay. I've got the origial MAXX and I wouldn't be surprised at all if it never acutally sees JB. My WiFi Xoom got it because Google pushes the updates (or did) to that.

Best of luck with the S3 though. Its a great phone, but the VZW one is also just about the only one that didn't get JB yet too...

There is no doubt that VZW is the bottleneck for any device. If there ever was a doubt then the Gnex should have gotten rid of that.

I miss the network, but not the BS. I figure that in 6 months with Sprint I will not even miss the network (LTE is less than a mile away from my house and I have seen it flicker).

There is no doubt that VZW is the bottleneck for any device. If there ever was a doubt then the Gnex should have gotten rid of that.

I miss the network, but not the BS. I figure that in 6 months with Sprint I will not even miss the network (LTE is less than a mile away from my house and I have seen it flicker).

I too was a Moto loyalist having owned several "new" models as they were released. But I loved my Photon and thought maybe I'd found the perfect phone for ME until they decided I wasn't worth the upgrades.

I will never, ever buy another Motorola Phone!

Don't feel bad. I have the XOOM WiFi and you're right, the update has been around for the longest, but check out how they just dumped the RAZR MAXX, which is barely a year old? Samsung, here I come.

If you believe any promise from Motorola about any upcoming updates on any product they manufactured, then I've got a bridge I'd love to sell you (as well as a motorola photon 4g I bought 6 months ago that is stuck running gingerbread).

Welcome to the club. Us Atrix, Photon and Electrify owners welcome you with open arms and tearful faces.

Yup. Paid $300 for my og MAXX to get treated like a second rate citizen to the HD version. I'm pretty much done with Moto phones after this.

"Pretty much"? Just dump them like they did us MAXX buyers who paid all that money and wasted an update.

And as usual, the Droid Bionic keeps getting the broom shoved up the customer's a$$es! HAHAHA... Thank GOD I jumped to TMO with my N4. Couldn't have made a better move and get off my POS Bionic for a year & VZW never ending NO updates. F-em! Bionic WILL NEVER get JB.. It's over hova!

Exactly what I'm going to do as soon as my contract expires. My Bionic was nice for < 3 months, then became the ugly stepchild when the RAZR debuted. Never again....

Do people forget that much of the failed promises came from pre-Google owned Moto? Just an FYI - Moto promised JB to the HD and HD MAXX before the end of the year - and kept it.

Not to mention the fact that you can bet your you know what that the delay on Verizon Moto devices lays almost completely on Big Red's shoulders.

I don't care who owns them then or now and I don't care who sells them then or now. My phone says Motorola right on the front of the case. Motorola's web site published the promised upgrade date that convinced me to go ahead and buy the phone. Motorola executive stood up and broadcast on TV that almost all of their phones from 2011 / 2012 would get Jellybean. Google or Sprint didn't make the promises, Motorola did! Google or Sprint didn't break their promise, Motorola did! Google or Sprint didn't lose a customer forever - Motorola did!

Key words are "almost all"

Again, Moto doesn't control what the carriers do. Remember back to the Galaxy S fiasco? International version had OS updates MONTHS before most of the U.S. Carrier versions did. Same applies here.

Moto, thus far in 2012, has been pretty damn good compared with the past in updating devices to JB, or at least keeping people informed.

+1 says my rooted Motorola Cliq XT running CM7 because Moto lied about upgrading it to Eclair, from Cupcake!

Was an Atrix owner. Gave up on the ICS update back in May and bought a One X. Love it. Although, if Moto would have released the Razr HD MAXX to AT&T I probably would have gone back to a Moto phone. I really like that phone.

Every manufacturer has broken promises to push updates to phones. Samsung was the big villain before. Before that HTC. I don't think anyone expects anything from LG!

I finally got the update for my MAXX HD and honestly, I don't really see the difference between ICS and JB in everyday use (Google now is fun but more of a novelty than useful) . I was perfectly happy with the last iteration of GB on my Tbolt because it was finally stable and worked how I wanted it to. I actually disabled OTA because I didn't want ICS on that phone.

Unless you have a Nexus phone, I think the expectations are that it will get 1 major update during its life (around 1.8 years) if that.

Besides, with Google now owner of Motorola, who knows...

No one beats Samsung amazing timely updates with all the awesome features that TouchWiz brings to the Galaxy line

Moto can suck it. The only proven devices that get upgraded by Moto are the Droids on Verizon.

The Electrify 2 is likely a dead end phone like all the other non-Verizon Moto phones.

Best of luck to those that tempt fate...I won't ever buy Moto again.

Moto..., Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me.
Burn me three times, I'll be GOT DAMNED!

As an owner of the abandoned Photon 4G all I can say is MOTOFAIL, MOTONOMORE, AND MOTOLIARS!!!!!!!!!