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Oh, that Jerry Hildenbrand. He's not just another pretty face. (Another pretty neckbeard, maybe. But another pretty face?) It seems our resident tinkerer has taken the official Nexus 7 case (read our full review), which for some reason lacks the magnet that will automatically turn on the Nexus 7 when the cover's open, and has, shall we say, fixed it.

Tools required: One Nexus 7 case. One multitool. One magnet. Homer Simpson and Spider Pig preferred, but not required.

Jerry's got the full deets in this forum thread

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jbuggydroid says:


jimtravis says:

Nice mod by Jerry. ASUS / Google may have been hesitant to include magnet due to fear of being sued by company who loves to sue even when they were not the first to incorporate a feature.

Yeah, I'm worried about putting a strong earth magnet drilled out of the case potentially interfering with the device more than I would want. I also don't know if I would even bother. I'm good with hitting the switch at the top when I put it down, or just leaving a quick 30 second timer and letting it do it's thing when left alone.

Does't seem like a necessity to me.

dtreo says:

"...does whatever a spider pig does."

pahern says:

As I posted on Jerry's thread, the magnet sensor is very sensitive from the rear as well. The weakest magnet I could find that triggered the sensor on opening also triggered it when I folded the cover back.

If you're going to try this, I'd recommend taping the magnet to the outside of the cover first and see what happens when you fold it back.

joshua.worth says:

Very nice Jerry