Nexus 7 keyboard volume

Loud Nexus 7 on-screen keyboard clicking grinding your gears? You're just one setting change away from a quieter typing experience.

One of the areas in which the new Nexus 7 improves upon the original is its audio -- the new model is equipped with loud, rear-facing stereo speakers. Compared to the first Nexus 7, they're capable of generating a great deal of volume -- and that's great when you're watching a movie or listening to music, but less so when you're typing.

The Nexus 7 also lacks a vibration motor, so the built-in Google Keyboard defaults to audio feedback when you press a key. And when you combine this with those two loud speakers, it can make for a rather noisy typing experience.

Fortunately there is a setting to control the click volume, it's just hidden away a little. So here's how to make things a little quieter --

  1. With the Google Keyboard open, long press on the microphone icon until the settings button appears, then release.
  2. Tap "Google Keyboard Settings." (From here you can completely disable audio feedback for the keyboard by unchecking "Sound on key press.")
  3. Scroll down and tap "Advanced settings."
  4. Tap "Keypress sound volume" and use the slider to set the level to your preference.

Keypress sound volume

... And you're done. It's worth noting that the keyboard volume isn't tied to any of the system volume levels (the stuff under Settings > Sound > Volumes.) The menu within the app is the only place to change the loudness of the clicking sound.


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How to change the keyboard click volume on the Nexus 7 (2013)


Is this an Android setting in general, or just 4.3? I have a HP Touchpad with 4.2 CM intalled, and the keyboard clicking is just damn annoying. I never really bothered to look for a setting....didn't really cross my mind. Gonna have to check that when I get home.

It's a Google Keyboard setting (remember the stock keyboard is now a separate app available through Google Play.)

On any device without a vibration motor it's probably going to default to audio feedback, which means lotsa clicking. Definitely worth checking this setting on your Touchpad.

The setting is also there for the "old" Nexus 7. Don't long press the window, click the settings icon at the lower left of the keyboard. The rest is the sane.

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If you don't have the option available via your default keyboard then go to Language & Input, tap on the settings icon next to your keyboard, and find the volume setting.

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Actually, I had a settings button just to the left of the microphone button. All I had to do was uncheck the box for sound on touch.

Now if only I could get long-press numbers and punctuation like I have on my phone(s). What's up with that??

Next request: How to get the keyboard to have numbers for long-presses in the top row? Every other device I have does it, why not this one?

Google should really make things easier to find for the "non-educated in Android" users. Just like how they show the instruction window with the finger in the app drawer, they should have a step-by-step one for the keyboard to show everything that you can do with it. Same thing goes for all the other Android functionalities. They can just simply put an optional tour mode.

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Even better is to just ditch the Google keyboard and go with SwiftKey, it's a much better keyboard. I'm using the phone version on my 2nd Gen Nexus 7 & it works perfect.

I like using it but I usually end up uninstalling it because the auto-space makes it annoying to type out some stuff like o.O and web URLs.

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Phew...thanks..Now can easily use my favorite tab to take notes in the meetings without someone having to raise their eyebrows.


I've lost all sound on my android SCH-S738c is this keyboard setting the problem...? Let me add that the sound comes and goes it's got a mind of its own. Please any advice cuz my phone won't even ring

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