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Let's talk about the weather. Or, more specifically, let's talk about WeatherBug, which has been redesigned for Android Honeycomb tablets. It's a pretty striking change, thanks to the new framework in Android 3.0.

The new app spends a good deal of energy on flipping through the weather of various cities. It looks pretty cool, but how often do you really need to do that?

Where it gets much more useful is with the radar mapping, which looks pretty spectacular on a 10-inch screen. Check it all out above.


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Hands-on with WeatherBug for tablets


I defend Samsung a lot, and I have an SGS with 2.2, however, I do wonder if that's a promise that Sammy will fail to live up to. I want to see what they say at MWC regarding both the Galaxy Tab 2 and regarding the update situation of the original. I really like the form factor and it'd save me money compared to having a smartphone since I don't make calls.

I've actually avoided weatherbug on my systems for years, and if I didn't have programs on Android that were better rated I might've checked them out by now. In any case, this thing looks great, I might actually get that.

I know this is off topic but will honeycomb have this slide down bar for
When u get notifications and stuff?

Im telling ya.....The more and more I see Homneycomb I fall in love with it even more...Especially the XOOM......but do they reall think that everyone out there is gonna be able to afford a tablet for $799....I mean, i sort of wish they would make these things a little more affortable...I know they make lower end devices, but nothing like this...guess im gonna have to shout out money fore what I want....

If you want it now your going to have to pay the price to be the first kid on the block to have one but if you wait a few months that price will drop as more tablets hit the market.

In the article you state:

"The new app spends a good deal of energy on flipping through the weather of various cities. It looks pretty cool, but how often do you really need to do that?"

You do realize that those are locations that were most likely added that they were interested in monitoring? I don't believe that would have to have those listed just like you don't in the current WB app. You add the locations you are interested in. If you only care about one location enter only one location.

I think what he was saying is that it's not very often you need weather updates on multiple cities (I know I only ever need one, unless I have a vacation impending then I MAY want to 2, but only like one time, not regularly checking it).

I've had Weatherbug for a while on my HTC EVO, and it's been great - particularly the looping radar.

My ONE bug complaint about Weatherbug is it's Location Awareness. It'll try to get your location, even after you've exited the application, it will still be grinding on the GPS. Turning off location is nice, but what if you actually want it to find where you are. It's annoying that they don't do what Google Maps and Foursquare do, where if the app isn't on the screen any more, it'll stop wasting battery with the GPS.

Weatherbug supports reply to me regarding this issue was either
1) GPS doesn't work inside so well, and
2) Turn off location based weather.