One of the new apps Samsung announced alongside the Galaxy Note 3 is S-Finder. The simplest way to describe it is a search app, with a big focus on local search within the device. Part of the new Air Command menu, S-Finder will find key words indexed across all of your content on the phone. Emails, files, the new Scrapbook app and a whole lot more besides can be pulled in, and search terms can be dictated by time, location and key words, too. 

There is also the option to use a selection of web search engines from within S-Finder, but the focus is primarily on content you already have. We spent a little time looking specifically at S-Finder here at IFA 2013 in Berlin, so check out a quick hands on video up top. 


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Hands on with S-Finder on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3


this adds one more duplicate app on samsung phones. when is samsung going to stop bloating their phones

This is in no way a duplicate of anything. Samsung definitely has a bloat problem but if you take a pot of hand written notes there is nothing in Stock Android that duplicates this functionality.

SEARCHING IN PHONE CONTENT!!! NO WAY!!! WOW!!! THATS INCREDIBLE!!!! ILL BUY ONE!! oh wait, my iphone's had that from day one

You know how I know your an uninformed consumer? Well besides you own an iPhone that is.

Find out all it does before you comment. I know it is tough to fathom since apple tells you what to do, how to do it and when, but Android offers more flexibility

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The jackass passes over a half dozen articles showing features of the Note 3 that only appear in an iPhone user's wet dream to post about how the iPhone matches the Note 3 on probably it's most boring capability. Priceless. Add in all-caps and you have the winner of the troll-of-the-day award.

I agree with you up until you said boring part.

Maybe I am wrong but this search is like no other

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Unnecessary, and not removable. S-Finder is PRECISELY why this will be my last Samsung tablet. What a major pain in the a**.