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Git Media may not be a name we think of when it comes to Android tablets, but they are trying to change that in a big way with their announcement of two new Honeycomb tablets -- the Git Surge, and the Git Pro.  The two devices both share the same price ($479.99) and specs, save the processor.  The Git Surge will pack the Tegra 2 like the current crop of Honeycomb tablets, while the Git Pro will have a 1GHz Samsung Exynos processor powering it.  The rest of the specs are equally impressive:

  • 10.1-inch 16:9 touchscreen (1280X768)
  • Android OS 3.0 (Honeycomb)
  • 250GB internal HDD
  • 1GB RAM
  • 2MP front-facing camera;  5MP rear camera
  • Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, optional 3G
  • Built-In Speakers and Microphone
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • USB Port, Micro SD, and Mini USB Port

Did that 250GB internal disk drive catch your eye?  Ours, too.  We also inquired with the folks at Git Media, and both tablets will support the Android Market and Google applications.  The specifications on both these units are pretty darn impressive, and the price is right in line with the rest of the tablet market.  Currently the software is a couple minor versions behind, but with Honeycomb's closed nature and the mystery of exactly how Google is sharing it we can overlook that -- for now.  If the folks at Git Media have a commitment to keeping these up to date, we could be looking at the best Android tablets so far.  For more information hit the source link and check them out.

Source: Git Media


Reader comments

Git Media announces two 10-inch Honeycomb tablets; the Surge (Tegra 2) and the Pro (Exynos)


They better have some great active protection systems for the hard drive. Even so, I think going to magnetic disk media is a step backwards despite gains in capacity. There are just too many negatives that impact mobile devices especially power, heat, and durability.

Agreed, with all the streaming options available today, a sizable storage drive is unnecessary. I'd rather have the piece of mind of something solid state (MicroSD is fine) than large amounts of storage space.

The thing is, with the streaming features, that its a double edged knife

Yes , it saves allot of space & gives access to music on demand
But ,
This feature requires allot of Data transfers , if you don't have some sort of Unlimited Data plans , you screwed

If the Cloud service provider's servers are down , you are screwed

Almost all the Cloud services are US centric, so if you are not a US resident (or some parts of Europe) , like me , you wont be able to use it

& off course , there's is the battery issues


Something else that has always bothered me as far as tablets go is since they are bigger, why aren't full size SD cards more standard? They are cheaper & come in higher capacities than micro SD.

Maybe even SDXC cards since they are also coming down in cost.

250GB? Awesome! Glad to see tablets with a decent amount of memory... and still for a relatively low price.

Now we just need a bit more RAM and the necessary Office apps to let these replace laptops!

Tablets aren't really meant to replace laptops.... and they won't. There are things you can do on a PC you won't be able to do on a mobile device. 250GB is awesome, but at what price? it's probably got moving parts, not optimal for mobile.

Hopefully it is a standard Storage factor, a little hardware foo and heck throw in an SSD. Storage and stability, What a win.

I have a feeling that they will down the line. The superior mobility and battery life alone is kinda awesome, once they have a fully functional Word/Excel/Powerpoint equivalent I have a feeling a lot of people will be switching over.

Granted, you'll still have the people who need real power for things like Photoshop, but who knows- that also may wind up on tablets.

I can barely use Photoshop on my 15" laptop. I definitely wouldn't want to do it on a 10" tablet. You need more than just horsepower for serious Photo/Video work. You also need screen real estate.

It is interesting that Archos announced 250 GB in both of their G9 tablets months ago. Still have not seen the tablets, but they are suppose to be out this month.

Have to agree with the points about SSHD.

Don't forget this part:

Product Dimensions: 10.75” X 6.5” X .45”
Product Weight: 22oz.

That's lighter and thinner than the EeePad Transformer.

Another $500 Android Tablet? YAY!!! Not. That HDD will slow it down. SSD's are faster. Everyone knows that. The power consumption from using an HDD will be like the power consumption of a laptop accept in a Tablet form factor. Anyone plan on standing in a line outside a store to buy either of these with ICS and new hardware just around the corner?

A spinning hard drive? You have got to be kidding me!!!

USB Port, Micro SD, and Mini USB Port?

Wait, doesn't two USB ports automatically qualify this tablet as a "Niche market" device like it did for the Acer Iconia, or have the goal posts shifted again.

Why two identical tablets with different processors? Do these processors have vastly different capabilities that target them toward different markets?

I agree, the only thing that would even remotely tax these are games and any game that is out will run the same on both of these so I am not sure what they are hoping to do other than sell a few high end models to people who like to show off benchmarks or something.

And that brings to mind the point that games on these things can't possibly run with that much speed on an HDD, plus watch your battery die really fast during that game. Keep the AC Adapter close by.

The only 250gb hardrive is a nice option to have, and but not worth the tradeoffs in my opinion. I actually like the rounded form factor as far as looks go.

What the heck are they releasing the same exact tablet with a slightly different prcessor for? I don't know how these unknown companies plan to compete with all the big boys of the Android tablet world releasing the product for the same price, let alone trying to compete with Apple in this price range. Android needs their tablets to cost way less than Apples iPad if they want to compete. Instead we get the same tablet over and over again for the same price.

I don't know for sure, but the pictures don't look like they came from a game.

I wish the Tablet makers learned from Nook/Touchpad. People want a tablet that is different and/or cheaper than an iPad. It seems Amazon has learned, but we don't know for sure.

They're offering two different models because they're aimed at two different kinds of people. Tegra 2 is meant for gamers, since with the Exynos chip, you can't run Tegra 2 games unless you use an unofficial hack (Chainfire). However, the Exynos is more powerful than the Tegra 2 (last I heard), so if you're not a gamer, you'd probably get more use from that model.

By making this tablet 16:9 instead of 16:10, the user won't really have a 16:9 amount of space usable, because of the bottom taskbar that Honeycomb has (hence why so many Honeycomb tablets are 16:10). So I'm unsure why they decided on that aspect ratio.

Obviously none of you played with the Archos 7.1IT with a 250GB HDD, now I have and I own the 7.1IT 8GB and I did not find the 250GB HDD made a huge difference in battery consumption.

Also the 1.8" HDD uses very little power relative to the other hard drives on the market.

Yes they do. I use an Archos70-250Gb all the time, which is a bit "laggy" for some things, but it is a good device.

The Archos Gen 9 devices will be out soon, I hope Jerry reviews them.

this looks like a great replacement for my Archos 604 wifi, since i only use it for movies and music and its only has a 160GB HD, this is right in line for what i am looking for, (music movies and internet wifi access) anything else would just warrant getting a laptop for.

Wo!These beasts look really nice along with the specs for it.I wonder what the battery life is for the pro one,and how it'll perform.