Gingerbread on Nexus One

If you're still rocking an unrooted, Vodafone-branded Nexus One, then you'll be pleased to hear that today sees the release of the official, Voda-approved Gingerbread update for these phones. The carrier has announced that Android 2.3.4 has begun rolling out over-the-air to its Nexus Ones, bringing these handsets up to date with unbranded Nexii.

Of the many new features in Gingerbread, Vodafone has highlighted the re-vamped UI and keyboard, SIP calling and improved power management in its release notes. It's an over-the-air (OTA) update, so simply check for updates in Settings -> About phone to grab the new software.

Source: Vodafone UK


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Gingerbread finally arrives on Vodafone-branded Nexus Ones


Finally. I don't have any updates here on mine, but it'll be nice when (and if) it shows up.

i'm confused. i thought the beauty of the pure Google Nexus phones was that you got immediate OS updates - with no need to wait for the carrier. please explain.

From what I understand, Vodafone wanted to "verify" the updates pushed to the Nexus One, and therefore Vodafone branded/sold devices do not update like most others.

The solution for a while has been to install a non-Vodafone version of 2.2 off the SDCard, which would then pull the update to 2.3 like most, but I, and I'm guessing others, have been a bit weary of getting into that sort of thing.

It's about time carriers/networks trust top phone manufacturers that the device works and not do their own testing that takes 6 months!

While in the great white north, Videotron Nexus One owners are still waiting. After speaking to customer services the other day, it'll be coming in the "next few days". They've been saying this since April. Hopefully the update for Videotron won't be too far behind.