Galaxy S4 ColorWare

This treatment from ColorWare takes customization to the ultimate level, but it's not cheap

If you're not content with the two current colors of the Samsung Galaxy S4, and none of the four new "coming soon" colors tickle your fancy, ColorWare can help you get the Galaxy S4 you've always wanted -- provided you're willing to pay for it.

Checking in at $1,000, the GSM unlocked Galaxy S4 is the same model available to everyone, but ColorWare has torn it asunder and replaced the external plastic parts with pieces that have been meticulously painted, making the phone available in thousands of color combinations. Be it Formula 1 red, or Cotton Candy pink, or even something subdued like the aptly named sand, there is bound to be something here for everyone.

Yes, $1000 is a lot of money to spend on anything, let alone a phone. But if you just have to have it your way, now you can. Visit the link below to check it out, and the press release is after the break.

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ColorWare Customizes the Samsung Galaxy S 4

Making the best phone better

Winona, MN - 6/7/2013 - Recognized for their excellence in customizing high-end electronics, ColorWare debuts the new Galaxy S 4. With quick and powerful processing speeds, a five inch Super AMOLED display, touch-less features, and a built in IR blaster to function as a TV remote, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is changing the way consumers interact with smartphones. 

The newly engineered touch-less features are used to answer phone calls, flip through photos, or preview emails with a simple wave of the hand. Additionally, the innovative camera captures progressive motion and removes unwanted people from pictures. 

Jason Cisewski, VP of ColorWare stated, “Samsung has done an exceptional job integrating innovative features. However, Samsung has carefully crafted an easy mode to ease the transition for first-time smartphone owners. It’s truly a remarkable phone and we are excited to offer this to our customers.” 

In the ColorWare design studio, there are 46 paint colors to choose from including, solid and metallic, as well as matte and gloss finishes. There are three customizable elements on the Galaxy S4,which provide extensive options for creating a one-of-a-kind smartphone. Once colors have been chosen and an order has been placed, the customization process begins.

The product goes through a laborious process of disassembly, cleaning, masking, painting, and inspection. Then, the product is buffed and reassembled. The product goes through final inspection and then is packaged into the original packaging.

ColorWare is currently offering the International GSMunlocked, black version of the Galaxy S4.The product including customization is $1000 and ships in about 14days.

About ColorWare

ColorWare was founded on the idea that electronic devices could be more appealing than the standard colors offered by the original manufacturer. ColorWare products are creative and fashionable, giving their customers something unique.

ColorWare is the only company in the world where you can create your own bespoke electronic device. The range of products spans from headphones to computers, tablets, phones, and gaming consoles.

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Reader comments

Get the Galaxy S4 in any color you want from ColorWare


OK. I admit that I love Android smartphones and am always looking forward to future phones. I'm addicted. But at some point, I have to say enough is enough, budget-wise especially, because this price is waaaaaay too much and out of my league!

If that's all it is, just custom colors, no other super specs, I can either get a case (colorful enough & helps to protect the phone) or just do without it. $1,000 is just too much money for one smartphone.

But for some people, this is feasible. True, I don't know the work, detail, & cost of materials involved, so I shouldn't underestimate the price. But it just seems too pricey...

Still, I'm appreciative that we have options and the ability to customize to our heart's content.

When the casings come out, buy a spare case for which ever model you have, paint it in a heat resistant paint, use a spray paint gun like with models for an even coat, let dry for 24-48 hours, and then switch out components into new case. I did this to make a white vzw galaxy nexus. I'm just assuming that it could be as easy to disassemble as the galaxy nexus, should check first. Cost about $40 for a spare casing and paint and a mini tool kit for the screws, or an extra $100 also for the spray gun and compressor for models

I Found A Better Deal.

Walmart has Rustoleum Spray Cans ( All Colors ) on sale for $3.98..

*While Supplies Last* .

I tried something like that on a case which proved to be a really bad idea. The paint never dried well and handling was a nightmare.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Why haven't any companies done full skins? Way easier, way cheaper. My buddy actually makes and sells skins for the iPhone from his couch. That's the only one he can do though with limited tools because it is totally flat. Companies should be able to do this easily though you would think

There's a company called skinit that does exactly this. Prices aren't bad, I just can't justify it given that my case covers most of my phone anyways.

I actually did this once when I had a BlackBerry 8820 years ago, they did an awesome job, but honestly its a bit pricey for something that will certainly affect resale value.

What is the purpose for this when you use a case. I have Otterbox and Ballistic. Why spend anymore money, dumb!!!!

At first I thought their example shown was with LSU colors, then I saw they were based in Minnesota... so I guess those are Vikings colors.

bought 4 aluminum replacement battery covers in 4 different colors for my s4 so i can switch it up too for less then $30 enough said!

I had a Blackberry Curve painted metallic gold by them many years ago. I called it my blingberry. Lol. Anyway, it looked super cool because they painted the whole phone, not just the back and sides. You would think they could paint the front of the GS4 around the screen but maybe with all those sensors at the top it gets too dicey. I don't think it looks as good with just the home button painted. I would never spend that kind of money to paint a phone again because I switch phones waaaaay too often to justify the cost. You use to be able to send in your own (carrier subsidized) device which made it less expensive but I don't think you can do that anymore. Yep. Just stick with DecalGirl of something similar. Then you can change the color on a whim at a fraction of the price.

Black is on the selction pallet for the screen in the example above. Since it is a selectable option, I'm sure it can be recolored.

I'm surprised they're still around! Back in the day, they were all that and a bag of chips at Crackberry. That was when we kept our phones for the full contract, though.