iFixit Nexus 5

The folks at iFixit are doing their thing again, this time with the Nexus 5. Not that most of us will ever venture down this road, but apparently much of the phone is easy to get to and swap out. Except for the front panel and display.

Source: iFixit

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TheDu9du says:

can you ask them to try replacing to a bigger battery and to let us know where to buy the battery that works best.

jonathan3579 says:

I'm wondering if the G2's 3,000 mAh battery would fit. (With a different back, of course.)

Rob220 says:

That was my first thought too.

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Whyzor says:

They could've done with a smaller bezel on the bottom it seems... Or move to increase the space for a larger battery. Samsung Galaxy S4 has a larger battery and a physically smaller package AND a removable back, not to mention a microSD slot. What's up with LG?

smeghead4269 says:

The S4 also had a higher price tag.

ne0ne says:


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I see an extended battery and battery door in this device's future.

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s_wegman says:

Indeed, never expected the removal of the back would be so easy tbh

That battery looks nice and replaceable. Perhaps with something like 3000mAH

jtc276 says:

Compared the jumbled up mess that the Nexus 4 looked like inside, the 5 appears to look very clean. Not that it really matters, though. But at least the build quality of this one seems to have been improved.

rits2011 says:

Did that woman even go to school? Hundred thirty seven point eighty four AND sixty nine point seventeen? Like, really??

ScottJ says:

"Like, really??"

You do know that's not a complete sentence, right? What school did you go to?

Podolsky says:

8/10 not bad.

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Why do these people think we want to see some woman talking? Just stick with the pictures of the Nexus 5's innards and keep her voice in the background. I don't want to see just a flash of the guts and then be wrenched back to look at a talking head.

ScottJ says:

You must do well with the ladies.

gillsfankev says:

They do it so we don't have to! Kids, don't try this at home!

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OffKilter says:

Now hopefully if the G2's battery is the same dimensions (probably isn't) it will fit right in, if not, maybe a custom one. I would be worried about creaks/it not feeling as solid after putting it back together though

GothBoyUK says:

The G2 battery is 7mm too long. Smaller in thickness and width though. There's also an issue with the placement of the contacts.

Given that it's been known for months that the LG BL-T9 battery would be used I'm surprised that no one has made an alternative. Guess the LG technology is the best we'll get mAh/size wise.

Wonder what happened to the 3000mAh battery that was heavily hinted at for the 32GB version. Most other rumours were proven correct.

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plunder says:

Knowing that you can replace the battery quite easily helps. I still think 2300mAh is a bit low, but you can at least replace it after a year or so.

seanjenkins says:

I've found the battery to be fine. Not up to note standards of course, but significantly better than the n4. I can't see how a g2 battery would fit .

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soma4society says:

Agreed. I'm pleasantly surprised so far, though it's just casual observations from someone a day in. Seems *better* than the battery on my S4 in fact, though only very marginally so.

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rovex says:

So, I could easily change the backs colour if I wanted to. Im sure they will pop up on the usual sites soon enough.

Gator352 says:

While you have it popped open....wanna slide in a Samsung, Sony, or Nokia camera?