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Early image claims to show upcoming Samsung flagship, but there's reason to be skeptical

It’s that time of year again, boys and girls -- the first purported Samsung Galaxy S4 render has emerged online. This morning Samsung fansite SamMobile posted a photo of a render showing what it claims is the next flagship phone from the Korean manufacturer. The image, which the site says was passed to it by a Samsung insider, appears to be a photo of the render as displayed on a monitor or other LCD display.

The alleged Galaxy S4 (or Galaxy S IV, if you prefer) shot shows a Galaxy Note 2-like design, with accentuated, rounded corners and no physical buttons. The device also has an extremely minimal horizontal bezel, along with the usual assortment of buttons, ports and sensors in the usual places.

There’s no way of verifying the authenticity of this image, but SamMobile has a pretty decent track record when it comes to Samsung leaks. Nevertheless, given how many inaccurate Galaxy S3 renders did the rounds last year, we’re inclined take this latest pic with a hefty dose of salt for the time being.

Even if this image is a legitimate Samsung creation, there’s no guarantee that the device it shows will become the Galaxy S4. Samsung is notoriously secretive with its flagship products, even going as far as designing and developing multiple variations of the Galaxy S3 to reduce the likelihood that the real thing would leak. So there’s a chance this design might be just one of many on the table at this early stage. (Remember that buttonless Galaxy S3 we saw just weeks before the announcement?)

In a related post, the site reports that Samsung will show an early Galaxy S4 prototype to a handful of partner executives and other big-wigs behind closed doors at next week’s CES. If Samsung ships the S4 this spring, as is expected, we wouldn’t be surprised if a few VIPs got an early look at what the company’s cooking in Las Vegas. CES has always been a big business-to-business show, after all.

For now, all we have is an image that may or may not be an upcoming Samsung phone. But if this is the Galaxy S4, we know a few Android nerds who’ll be celebrating Samsung’s new-found affinity for on-screen buttons.

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First alleged Samsung Galaxy S4 render emerges


They will probably just slap their obnoxious logo right smack in the center of the screen. It will be a sort of watermark


We didn’t get any confirmation on the specifications of the Galaxy S IV but the rumoured specifications are listed below:
- Exynos 5450 Quad-Core CPU clocked at 2.0GHz
- Mali-T658 GPU
- 2GB of RAM
- 4.99” SuperAMOLED FULL HD resolution (1080×1920) Display
- 13 Megapixel Rear Facing Camera
- 2 Megapixel Front Facing Camera
- Android 4.2.1 (Out of the box)

Thanks for info

- 4.99” SuperAMOLED FULL HD resolution (1080×1920) Display

Oh, they keep increasing screen size. Still, the resolution is great.

- 13 Megapixel Rear Facing Camera

I guess they also work on some noise reduction algorithms to deal with that sensor size/resolution :)

overall the specs are nice :)

The DNA is 5in and yet narrower than GS3 at 4.8in. Since they dropped the bezel here and nixed the buttons, it's possible to end up with a narrower, and nearly/probably a hair taller device overall.

There doesn't appear to be a physical home button on this one. Are they finally going to the standard on-screen buttons? Sometimes I like the home button on my S3, sometimes I think I'd prefer the standard onscreen ones.

I like the physical home button, what I don't like is the menu button. Flashing cm helped with that though, menu button is now recent apps with a long press for menu if a menu button cannot be found in whatever app I'm using. I didn't think I'd like the physical button, but when the phone is in the car dock there's something to be said about reaching up and hitting that without looking to go to my car dock home screen.

*edit* waking the phone by pressing home to wake the phone is also something that I've grown to love.

I find the physical home button breaks the consistency of everything else that's touch sensitive. I would rather have all physical buttons (menu, home, back) than just one. As for when my phone is car mounted, I hate having to physically press home. Waking with home is cool but other than when it's flat on a desk, I still use the power button most of the time.

i also like the physical home button to wake the device up, because the otterbox case makes it really hard to push the power button.

Put a new screen protector on my GNex last week and the spray pooled up in the earpiece when squeegeed. Power button and up-volume rendered useless. Like the GNex button layout > S3, but I sure would like to have that physical button now. :-(

Using a widget to turn off device and down-vol for turning on. It works, until the unit has to be shut down. Getting it back on is where the gymnastics start.

I will be very happy with no physical home button because the repair center get a lot of broken home buttons on iPhones and I think it's only a matter of time GS 3 will also start seeing the issue. Yes, I did watch the Samsung YouTube movie on GS3 testing.... However, physical=harder quality control.

While touch buttons also have their own set of problems, they can be fixed (most of the time) with an OS update.

wonder if a Samsung engineer will 'lose' one in a bar somewhere. Samsung seems to put as much effort as apple did at creating a hype machine or 'jesus phone' if you like whereas the rest (HTC and so) don't seem to and fall behind.

They already did with the Nex4. Almost the same exact "story" I read somewhere a few months back. Nonetheless, the article went on to cover all the Nex4 specs etc etc.

Yet another placement ad IMO.

Another rectangle with rounded corners? Apple lawsuit in 3...2...1...

Also, where will Verizon slap their huge logo?

If this picture is indeed the Samsung Galaxy S IV then Verizon will slap their huge logo on the bottom bezel and release it a month after everyone else with crippled software just because Verizon didn't want to offer some of the features the phone has built in.

+1. How long is it going to take them to get this? Wheels have moved soooo slow on this. I'm still bewildered by it.

Buttonless FTW! Buttons feel very archaic after using a Galaxy Nexus for the past year. I hope most/all phones go the buttonless route.

And people still love to hate LCD even after seeing what it can do on the One X, DNA and the iPhone 5. AMOLED is very immature and has a long way to go. Just too many disadvantages.

IF this is actually the Samsung Galaxy S IV and it has some decent specs to it, i will most likely be selling my Note II to pick this bad boy up. I love the Note II but something just a tiny bit smaller would be just perfect for every day usage IMO.

Things i would require in order to dump my Note II for the Samsung Galaxy S IV:

1. On screen buttons (No physical or Capacitive)
2. Faster Quad Core CPU
3. Android 4.2 or 4.3
4. Better Camera
5. 3000mah or higher battery for good battery life (and removable)
6. SD card slot

One more thing i would love but i know probably wont happen is.... More AOSP themed. I personally am not a fan of the LOOK of Touchwiz and i prefer the blue AOSP look of stock android devices as well as the look of Motoblur, since motoblur looks a lot like stock android.

Samsung's on screen buttons look terrible on their Galaxy tab line, though that's more of a personal opinion of mine.

I hate motoblur mostly for the launcher. On a Photon Q my wife tried out for two days the main home screen is all the way to the left and you can only add screens to the right and cannot set which screen is the default home screen. I know this can be changed with a different launcher but I shouldn't have to change my launcher the second I get a new phone.

That's all good but if you ask me I wouldn't want to loose my S-pen for anything. I love the current size of my Note 2. But that is my opinion and we all have our own criteria to meet when purchasing phones and/or tablets.

If this is legit I wouldn't expect samsung to ditch the home and cap buttons. If anyone remembers when the real Galaxy S3 leaks came out (the ones of them in a dummy case) some of them showed the s3 with no physical buttons and only on screen buttons but that didn't make it to the final design. So I wouldn't hold my breath that samsung gets rid of their signature home screen button. It would be nice if they ditched the buttons but until the device is actually announced I'm skeptical about them going strictly onscreen nav

There could easily be cap buttons on that bezel. I doubt Samsung will get rid of them. They are convenient and don't take up any screen real estate. They use otherwise unused bezel which is why I don't mind them.

So for the S3 they go to all the trouble to keep it secret? even to go as far to create dummy phone shells? Now for the S4 they are just putting it out there?? I dont think so.

I agree if it means the actual phone has to get bigger but if they squeaked out the extra .2 inches by making the bezel all around smaller I don't mind. I do agree that the physical dimensions of the current phones like the One X or the Galaxy S 3 are about my limit. My wife got a Note 2 and if that is the direction manufacturers go I will be holding on to my phone a lot longer than I planned.

There isn't a really noticeable difference between 4.8" and 5". I think you would be able to use it just as easily as you would a 4.8" device, especially with the way Samsung has been going with making their screens bigger but not adding much bulk to the phone.

When you get into 5.5", like the Galaxy Note II, is when it becomes really noticeable and things get harder (or sometimes impossible) to press while using one hand. I find mainly things in the very top of the phone are impossible to get to with one handed use, but most other things are fairly easy while using the phone one handed.

There are utilities and launchers that take care of that problem. I use Nova launcher which does in fact make it much easier to navigate without having to ever access the top of the screen for desktop issues. It has a very customizable inter-phase. And there are apps that help with one handed operation such as Flipboard for news, etc. It is all accessed with one thumb by swiping an extremely small potion of the screen. But again this is what I prefer. It all depends on what you like as an individual.

Reporting on rumors? I'm calling SEO scam on this one. It's bullshit. ;) Honestly, it looks likes a thinner (or maybe just taller) SII with the camera on the opposite side.

That thinking doesn't make any sense at all. The more the os start cooperating with the hardware, the less you will need a fast and energy draining processor. Think about it : if a possible tizen os or a android 5.0 can make the overall system more stable why would you put a more expensive, non-power efficient processor in a device when you can put a smaller, energy saver, more stable, less expensive one? The consumer will never notice the difference in terms of power, you'll be able to reduce costs of manufacturing of the product, expend the high hand products to everyone at a cheap price, increase battery performance which is one of the most common issues of smartphones. You can do all of that and still produce a faster, better mobile computing device. Now that is exactly what the next generation of smartphones will be aiming on. I never had the s3 but i had a i5, i switch over to a z10 a month ago: the processor of my I5 was more powerful than the z10...still the speed limit the z10 and the overall user experience is more fluid and faster than on the I5, why? Because of how the operating system works with the hardware. More responsive more accurate and more stable. From February 5th to March 1st i close the phone only once (wasn't even a lagg its because i had an update so it rebooted by itself) the Android platform is becoming more and more mature as the time goes, if you are looking for the best of your money than hope that the overall user experience become better, but if you are just looking for gig number to make you feel better when winning about how better your choice was compared to others, keep dreaming about the skinnet processor and specs in your smart phone even if you don't even use your phone other than to play angry birds, Text and talk....

Ps : at the end of the day if that's what meets your needs and it's available, go ahead and grab it :)

I'm not sure this prototype (assuming that's what it is - it looks like Pshoppe'd G3 more than anything) show's "Samsung's new found affinity for on-screen buttons." There's plenty of room below the screen for capacitive buttons, like the menu and back buttons on the G3. Personally, I prefer having the buttons NOT taking up valuable screen real-estate.

But I have no interest in a phone any bigger than the current G3. It already makes some things that I could do one-handed on my Evo into two-handed operations. I think a 5" phone would be even worse in that respect. Not everyone has hands like Shaq, that make the Note2 look like an iPhone.

Come on AC, show a little more common sense. This is literally no different than what the S3 renders looked like in comparison to the S2. Someone stretches it, alters the shape slightly, and makes the screen take up as much space as possible. The fake S3's also didn't have a home button usually. They also kept everything above the screen exactly the same. Samsung isn't that lazy with their flagship. The only reason the shape in this render changed to be closer to the Note 2 is because the S3's sides are curved and won't be even with the screen if you were to widen it. This fake S4 is a pretty poor attempt IMO. Instead of trying to think of what a completely new phone like the S4 would look like, the person who created this seems to have chosen to just make a dream S3 based on what the online community says it wanted the S3 to be. Big screen, no buttons, tiny bezel.

By that image of that phone, I measured my S3 and it looks as though that phone above could be exactly the same physical size as the S3 and have a 5.0" display with no buttons below it just like that picture above.
It works out perfect.

I own a Samsung Series 9 laptop. I can't believe this product is made by Samsung it is the most beautiful piece of hardware I've ever owned.

That said, I'm hoping given the success of the Galaxy SIII, Samsung really goes for a truly premium design on the SIV.

And into the bin with this. S3 was distributed for testing in dummy housings, the final external shape wasn't seen until the event, that event where everyone yawned as a so-so phone not much better than the S2 was unveiled to the world.