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Element Case makes some mighty fine cases for smartphones, and they have just recently released two new designs for the Galaxy S4 that are sure to delight you. The ATOM and the ECLIPSE are super impact-resistant and feature a unique sound boosting technology, or SBS (Sound Boost System) that channels resonant amplified audio from the phone’s back speaker toward the front, perfect for music, movies and speakerphone. They are constructed from impact-resistant TPU that’s both lightweight and soft to the touch as well as an aerospace-grade carbon fiber back plate.

To celebrate the release of the ATOM and the ECLIPSE for the Galaxy S4, Element Case is giving Android Central readers a chance to win a free case! Head over to the links below and check out the cases, then come back here and leave a comment letting us know which one you prefer and why. Four lucky readers will win one of these awesome cases for their Galaxy S4. Good luck!

Element Case Introduces ATOM & ECLIPSE for Galaxy S4 with New Resonant Audio Amplification Technology

First-to-Market Audio-Amplifying Cases for Galaxy S4 with Sound Boost System™ (SBS) Technology Make a Difference You Can Hear

San Carlos, CA – June 20, 2013 – Element Case (, the premier manufacturer of unrivaled accessories for the mobile arena, brings to market two innovative cases exclusively for the popular new Galaxy S4 smart phone.
To address the location of the Galaxy S4’s high quality, rear-facing speaker, the ATOM S4 and ECLIPSE S4 feature a proprietary Sound Boost System (SBS) technology which channels audio waves from the device’s rear-facing speaker and redirects them to the front.  This prevents muffled audio during handheld conversations and improves the quality of music audio, TV / movies and game play experience.
Both cases are constructed from impact-resistant TPU uniquely designed to offer rugged protection that’s both lightweight and soft to the touch. An aerospace-grade carbon fiber back plate is added to both models for additional lightweight protection and style. Complementing its bold design, the ECLIPSE S4 offers a CNC-machined aluminum bezel, and houses a convenient kickstand for optimal viewing angle on any surface.
The ATOM S4 and ECLIPSE S4 cases will be available for immediate shipping on July 20, 2013 at $49.95 and $79.95, respectively. Both models will be available in multiple color options.
“The exploding Galaxy market has reached a level of excitement that rivals only the iPhone,” said Jeff Sasaki, CEO and Founder of Element Case. “The ATOM S4 and ECLIPSE S4 bring unique Element Case style along with our new Sound Boost System (SBS) technology to further enhance the impressive  capabilities of the Galaxy S4.”
For more information, pricing details and accessory options please visit the Eclipse S4 product page or Atom S4 product page.

About Element Case
Founded in 2007 by veteran Industrial Designer Jeff Sasaki, Element Case Inc. is a market leader in premium smartphone accessories. Sasaki’s California team continues to surpass the expectations of even the most discerning smart phone and tablet users by consistently offering breakthrough designs which incorporate precision machining, top quality craftsmanship and the highest grade materials. Element Case products are available online at the company’s website and through select retailers and distributors. Made in the USA, Element Case products are very exclusive yet can be shipped globally to more than 20 countries.

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I'd prefer the Eclipse, because aluminum is sexy! :D

DWR_31 says:

I like the Atom, but I'm noticing that the pics are GS3 and that is what I own.

From the DARK AC App!

steveo9595 says:

The eclipse for me

topdawg661 says:

The atom is so beautiful and sleek. That's the one for me!

davsug says:

I'd take the Atom. Had it for my S3 and it was great. Also have had elements for my iPhone 4S & 5(ION, Vapor Comp, etc) and they're BY FAR the best cases available, Love carbon fiber.

davsug says:

I'd take the Atom. Had it for my S3 and it was great. Also have had elements for my iPhone 4S & 5(ION, Vapor Comp, etc) and they're BY FAR the best cases available, Love carbon fiber.

heywire says:

I agree, the Eclipse is much nicer. I like the kickstand...

lwa391 says:

I would like to win the Eclipse.

charlesvw9 says:

I prefer the eclipse because of the kickstand.

bookmonke says:

The Eclipse because it would make a nice clock on the night stand with that kickstand.

ThomsonPC says:

Definitely the eclipse. It looks awesome and the Kickstand makes it practical.

cjessing says:

The ATOM S4... because of its more rugged looks. Who needs a kickstand anyway...?

Eclipse, because of it's sound boot system(SBS).

madroxide says:

The Eclipse. How can you go wrong with aluminum, carbon fiber and a kick can't.

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JOBBLY says:

Eclipse definitely great look and great added feature of the stand. Awesome work.

I love Eclipse!! Great for watching movies with SBS and that kickstand..
Plus the opening for the headphone jack.. Nice!!
It will be a great case for my black S4.. :)

rhope22 says:

The Eclipse. Kickstands make for a great nightstand alarm clock. And it looks more professional overall than the Atom.

rndll says:

Aluminum is the Element! Eclipse!

rontis says:

Eclipse = AWESOME

The kickstand and the Sound Boost System are amongst the killer features that would let me enjoy watching movies! I would love to have one! :)

ramblerd says:

Eclipse, please! My girlfriend would love that for her s4!

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Tatperson says:

I'd love the ATOM for my new S4!

are12c says:

Eclipse with kickstand.

zhendema says:

I prefer Atom because the colors look awesome!

Thoraxis says:

Count me in. Great idea! Always wondered how my S4 knows where my eyes are all the time but has no idea where my ears are....

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Baldguy71 says:

Eclipse is my vote !!!

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Kenji Miura says:


Eclipse cause its got a kickstand

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The eclipce..kickstand, sound channel, cant go apsolutely perfect!

MC_A_DOT says:

I prefer the Eclipse..nice kickstand, protective and sound boosters.

front aluminium protection too..............NICE #BOOM!

nate85 says:

Eclipse, nice aluminum plus a sweet kickstand. It's like a Thunderbolt, but doesn't suck.

bmstew says:

The Eclipse would look pretty great on my new GS4!

rjm80 says:

Both are pretty badass looking, but the aluminum and kickstand sold me on the Eclipse.

VulgarViking says:

I really like the bold look of the ATOM. No kick stand but has the sound boost and all the other features. It's just me! :-}

The ATOM! That thing looks fierce

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chang pak says:

Both look nice

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D13t3r says:

The Eclipse looks nice. I like the kickstand and SBS.
I would never buy it myself though, 80 dollars is way to much for a smartphone case.

Atom because it has sbs and it's slim

hitsmanj says:

Eclipse because it costs more and I'm that shallow.

Jumpinj1 says:

Eclipse FTW. Nightstand, movie watching, all around hotness.

jodogg7ny says:

Eclipse please! Kickstand, aluminum, carbon fiber. What's not to love?

Chuckles 135 says:

Those are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!!!! Would love to get my hands on the Eclipse but I'm not greedy I'll take the Atom too. :)

the eclipse cause of the kick stand my s4 is my main source of meadia consumption so I can't go wrong with a case with a built in kick stand

The Atom! I love the simple, elegant design.

mistic99 says:

Great I just ordered the Eclipse well maybe I can win the Atom

Eclipse S4 for the beautifull Design and for the kickstand

Masnor says:

I would give the Eclipse to a friend that seems to drop S4s. Often. It is a nice looking case. If they wanted someone to test it for durability, then send one to me to give away. My friend and her kids would quickly give it a serious real life experience. The kickstand would be handy.

blazarus says:

Eclipse - Kickstand

They are both pretty sweet but I would prefer the eclipse because of the kickstand.

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If had to choose between them, I would pick the Eclipse. I like the kickstand included because I watch TV on my S4. The thing that is most important though is the revolutionary Sound Boost System (SBS). What else? Good looks and different color options available. The fit and finish appears to be very good and the reviews on other cases from them are very good.

thebrain2u says:

The Eclipse! That kickstand is sexy.

cosmo497 says:

Both cases are very stylish. I prefer the Atom because the kickstand on the Eclipse breaks up the symmetry on the back. I like continuity. The Atom would look smashing on my new S4 I picked up for Father's day.

OriginalXOR says:

How good do both of those cases look, but for me it has to be the Eclipse. The lines of the case accented with Carbon Fibre with Aluminum coupled with rugged design and SBS boosting and on top of that a kickstand to help watch my Films and TV. Simply awesome.

bkwaisner says:

Aren't those galaxy s3's pictured?, someone may have already mentioned that but I was just curious.

gonsa says:

I like the Atom, preferably the green one. Looks awesome and protects the phone from everything :)

edisepic says:

the atom bc it fits my personality thank you

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rahlquist says:

The Eclipse looks great to me! Very Durable looking, would love to test it considering how much I drop phones.

Red Ed says:

I prefer the ATOM because of the nice bright yellow accent

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draven760 says:

I think the both are works of art but prefer the Eclipse and its aluminum styling

edde333 says:

Eclipse = Sexy

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logan2981 says:

The Eclipse for the WIN! Kickstand and better curves

eszklar says:

I am digging the Eclipse myself. Now if only I had an S4.

TimGoodwin says:

Both are really nice cases. I prefer the Eclipse also.


hyperkind808 says:

The eclipse looks sick!

K1ngFury121 says:

Eclipse because of aluminum, kickstand, and SBS!!!

Jay Kidwell says:

The Atom, because of the huge tracts of carbon fiber!

Eclipse for the sound boost! Need it for my brand new S4 after leaving an iPhone 5.

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ksb63 says:

Eclipse, gotta have a kick stand.

Everton Luis says:

Eclipse Black/Silver, because the combination of aluminum, carbon fiber, SBS and Kick Stand makes the Galaxy S4 the sexiest smartphone ever!

The Eclipse is my case of choice! Not only for the kickstand, but the ergonomics on that look to fit my holster for my motorcycle perfectly! Not to mention the color scheme matches my gear too. Dark Stealth

ATOM it looks sick!

chefmorry says:

I'd love an eclipse. Finally a case that's sharp looking and practical.

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Justinphilly says:

I'd prefer the Eclipse. The shapes and lines are sharp, and are far better looking than this plastic shell Samsung used to create the S4

TheRealAJL says:

The eclipse is a great designed and full of features. It is truly a functional and beautiful phone case and truly complements the gs4.

sjenkins1009 says:

Eclipse because of the Aluminum and kickstand. Just got the S4 and would love to case it so i dont destroy it in the next few months since i paid full price to keep my unlimited data.

brybelle22 says:

I like the Atom because of the original and unique mix of rugged and industrial.

mlr_90 says:

That Eclipse case is sweet!!

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Fable says:

Put me down in the Eclipse band wagon... a case with a kickstand that may improve sound quality is a fantastic combo.

I'd love the atom case in all black

linkin275 says:

I love the eclipse but the look of the atom is just amazing.

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Eclipse is better~

paulbrinson says:

Atom S4 in all black for me please. It looks awesome and SBS is a killer feature!

Nechasin says:

I prefer the Eclipse for the kickstand

geoff5093 says:

I prefer the Atom, it looks very rugged without compromising looks.

gdbusby says:

Eclipse for the kickstand. Amazing how many times I use it now

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Kenneth Tu says:

The atom case is very sleek and would accentuate my black s4 greatly

yankeesusa says:

Of course I like the eclipse better due to kickstand and sound boost features plus it looks like kickstand will actually work and last a long time. Although both cases really do look nice. I wish they made one with a holster too.

mistamassiah says:

either one is fine by me.....they both look great

I Be Zachh says:

I prefer the Eclipse simply because I've been looking for a solid case with a kickstand. Remnants of my HTC Thunderbolt

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closeshave2 says:

The ATOM is the one for me. I don't need the kickstand and I like the sleek look of the ATOM design better!

flavius0000 says:

These cases are amazing and I would be happy with either one of these. It would nice to win one of the these.

Boundzero says:

The Atom is awesome.. It seems strong and very good for protection but doesnt seem to add a lot of bulk to it. Id love this case regardless if I win it or not.

I would love the Eclipse, it's almost as sexy as the phone itself!

champr says:

I would choose the eclipse. Love the kickstand that it has incorporated into it. Sweet looking case with great features.

Gekko says:


monci85 says:

I prefer the eclipse, Because Of The kickstand and form :)

steambox says:

I'm drooling all over.. These cases look fantastic! Would love to get my hands on one of these. Eyeing the Eclipse ;]

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dann127 says:

Definitely the ATOM. Nice sleek cover with a good amount of protection.

Caveman419 says:

I really like the looks of the Atom S4. The new Sound Boost System is very intriguing. Anything to help improve the audio for listening YouTube, Play Movies or the Podcasts would help the S4.

mach1rider says:

I would definetly love the Eclipse case, because with the kickstand it will make it easier while laying in your rack on a Navy ship at night on deployment it will be a litte bit easier to watch a movie without having to hold it up and get a cramp in your arm. Plus it looks kind of sturdy.

TechZOnline says:

Definitely the Element. Looks good and that kickstand is ideal.

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tonybyatt says:

The Atom, Very sleek, looks easy to handle...

fkpalm says:

the kickstand case looks awesome. Never had an eclipse case but these look great.

Scubaboy1987 says:

I would love to win the Eclipse for its styling and kickstand. The SBS feature of both looks like a great idea.

zgroten says:

I am digging the Atom, those edges are real slick, and the bright color option is great for jogging or not losing it at the gym, beach.

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techboydino says:

They are both quite stellar cases but I have to favor the Eclipse. I just can't pass up CNC machined aluminum. Anxious to check out the sound boost as well. Im in, Good luck geeks. Thanks AC.

The eclipse with it's kickstand looks awesome!

ringersoll23 says:

The Atom, definitely the better looking and looks very protective. I live in a constant state of stress that I may drop this phone.

imblk27 says:

I prefer the Atom its sleek and fits right in pocket and it looks like it can take a fall

rj160202 says:

Definitely the Eclipse. Looks amazing and would like to see how the sound feature fairs...though those aren't S4s!

pplatt52 says:

The atom - cooler looking.

artnoc310 says:

Eclipse, lover that kickstand. But that photos photo is not an S4. Flash is wrong.

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yoshio_221 says:

The Atom because it has more of a carbon fiber look!

ootegb01 says:

ATOM....because im in LOVE with the COLOR, SLIMINESS, and SOUND BOOST features. Love to have media sound like the HTC ONE on my S4 :-)

hopefulfarm says:

The Eclipse. Kickstand!! I miss my EVO's kickstand, this case would be perfect.

StinkySocky says:

The Atom looks like it wouldn't get in the way of my viewing experience.

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Yell0w says:

I prefer the eclipse because of the kickstand.

Thanatux says:

I would go for the Atom. It looks nicers and I don't need an kickstand (which I would break sooner or later).

jaymojones says:

Man, the eclipse is sexy! Always been an element fan. Had the Ronin for my iPhone 5 and would love to have the Eclipse for my S4!

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jjdavola says:

The ATOM looks very sexy and would go well with my overflowing sexiness. :)

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jmyers1911 says:

I would love the Eclipse because of the kickstand and the look of it.

vineds says:

both of these cases look too cool; construction seems to be perfect to protect my new baby....errr phone.

mgsdavison says:

Gotta be the eclipse. It looks awesome and the Kickstand makes it practical.

derek5l says:

Eclipse is awesome

Posted via Dope Android Central App

jasonataia says:

Would love the atom please

Icculus760 says:

I'd prefer the Eclipse case since it's impossible to beat "the most supreme Galaxy S4 case in the market" :)

glens911 says:

These are both great looking cases. I'd be happy with either one

Aldiggi says:

These cases really are great. Had my ion for my 4s and that case saved my iphone so many times. Eclipse please :). Good luck to all of us!!!

hallda01 says:

I'm jumping from a BlackBerry Bold 9930, and seeing that back on a S4 makes me feel like old times.

ebusseau says:

I like the Eclipse. Not having a kick stand is a pain when watching videos but at $80 I probably won't buy one.

mcgragger says:

I would prefer the Eclipse because of the kickstand.

pLiDeX says:

I prefer the Eclipse case, it's the best looking S4 case I've seen and it's also practical and protective, it just doesn't get any better than this, great job Element.

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Apit Chang says:

Both cases are awesome! Too bad I can't afford either one. I'd dream of owning one!

jmr7192 says:

I would prefer the ATOM case. Thanks for the great contest.

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Malik Nash says:

The Eclipse because of the kickstand.

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dcross9818 says:

I like both, but I am leaning towards the Atom, it looks a bit sleeker than the Eclispe.


jshum95 says:

If Batman had an s4, the Eclipse would be his phone case of choice! Carbon fiber back-plate, a sound boosting system,and let's not forget that kickstand!

dec3ption says:

Definitely the Eclipse! One thing I miss about my EVO is the kickstand!!

CMRobinson says:

This could get me out of the doghouse with my wife! Good luck everyone!

thehoz says:

I'd love either one. Anything that helps with the sound, I am all for. If I had to pick one, I'd go with the eclipse for the kickstand. I love watching Netflix and Slingbox and that'd be the perfect setup.

eRod v1.0 says:

I like ATOM. It looks better and looks thinner.

consequence7 says:

I like the eclipse because of the carbon fiber and it just looks better than the atom period.

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jza95 says:

The Atom. Its slim and looks great and durable!!!

ddellaterza says:

I would prefer the Eclipse case. The Aluminum case is great, and I miss having the kickstand on my phone that my HTC phones had. The Eclipse looks awesome.

shaw1234 says:

Atom for me! Thin is in! Plus I really like the SBS idea.

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racinwarrior says:

atom for the win

Toypetas says:

the Eclispe, and it is a no-brainer

aluminum chassis, SBS and kickstand - what more can you ask for?

encelle111 says:


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citrit2 says:

I have been in the market for a cover for my new S4 and these are exactly what I was looking for. The Eclipse is exactly the feature set I am looking for, plus the protection and the integrated kickstand make it too hard to resist.

jayarh1 says:

Eclipse! Because I love the twilight movies and kickstands

Posted via Android Central App

debonu says:

Hhhhmmm I'm kind of torn between the two! I like the kick-stand and SBS on the Eclipse but it looks a little thicker than I'd like... The Atom looks pretty bad a$$ but doesn't by the looks of the pictures have the same caliber SBS as the Eclipse... Spur of the moment choice would have to be the Eclipse. But I'd like to try out both of them to know for sure! =)

PGU5802 says:

The Atom all the way. All that sleek and sexy carbon fiber makes me tingle in ways I didn't know were possible.

forcejobu says:

Eclipse for sure. Great looking case. I would love to have the integrated kickstand.

The eclipse looks insane!

JerryF says:

Both look very nice and sturdy.I'd be happy with either one.

youngrocky says:

Eclipse! Kickstand!

hakisac78 says:

I really like both cases. But I would prefer the atom because I don't like kickstands on a phone case.

Johncxvii says:

I can haz eclipse? KICKSTAND!

tilana2 says:

I am about to upgrade to the S4, it would be great to have either of these cool cases ready to pop right on to it!

skipatrol says:

The Eclipse is the best kickstand case that I have seen yet. I prefer the eclipse because of the kickstand and the aluminum. They're both beautiful cases.

gonecks1 says:

I'd like the atom b/c I like the solid back and wouldn't use the kickstand.

teddy1971 says:

Definitely like the Eclipse more. Very professional looking. It would look great on my Verizon GS4

crysis63 says:

i would love one.

edd247 says:

Eclipse for kickstand and sbs!

calred34 says:

Love the Eclipse for the Kickstand ... The Atom also looks great and I like the kick of the extra bits of color. The SBS is a HUGE feature ... I've been following the release of this case and I'm ready to spring ... I don't even have the phone yet! That part happens in a couple of weeks. I want the case before the phone so I can protect it right away :-) Please Please Please ...

budone says:

The Atom is the way to go!!!!

Eclipse, because my wife needs aluminum (drops phone like its a stick of butter), and because of that awesome kickstand. MY wife would LOVE one of those!!!

Guapo104 says:

THE ECLIPSE!!! The SBS is a wonderful idea, especially when you use the kickstand, making this a very is practical case for my S4! I would no longer need to keep my phone face down so that the speaker can be heard on notifications or cup my phone in my hand while watching videos...

But...I wouldn't mind the Atom either!

BRAVO to ElementCase!!

Neal Reed says:

The Atom is better for me since it's slimmer and doesn't add extra bulk.

mike770 says:

The Atom. I like the corner protection and the SBS is a great feature!

funkytoad says:

The Atom please - because it is slimmer.

alec.welch says:

The atom looks a lot nicer than three element imo

The Eclipse looks awesome! Gotta have the kickstand.

cacase12 says:

Love the Eclipse for the kickstand ... Love the Atom for the different colors ... Love the SBS on both :-)

dmedesha says:

The Atom S4 is definitely my choice, especially the one with the green highlights. It would match my ATT BB water bottle and the new vending machine down the hall.


tuna83 says:

Eclipse case! Each of these cases seem like the best I've seen.

Grey_girl says:

I would want the Eclipse in black - I like the idea of a kickstand, and would love to try the SBS feature.

bmcgarry67 says:

The Atom. The kickstand of the Eclipse doesn't mean anything since I always travel with my tablet

wheresmoosh says:

I'd prefer the ATOM because it looks a little more stylish and thin while offering great protection.

Posted via Android Central App

fyrfyter says:

I'd go for an eclipse. I just hope that image isn't perfect, otherwise my flash on the S4 is in the wrong spot!

Posted via Android Central App

sjpy says:

I like eclipse.

rkirmeier says:

Anyone else notice these are actually S3's?

pquirk777 says:

I will take the Atom please, very sleek looking, love carbon fiber.

tommydaniel says:

Definitely the Eclipse. I like that it moves the sound from the speaker to the front of the device.

pic2022 says:

I prefer the ATOM, I'm in the Marines and while I am doing training ops I won't be worried about having my phone with me.

wudini007 says:

I want the eclipse, to protect my baby!

kane1513 says:

Eclipse case makes drool... features, lanyard, carbon fiber, and machined ... WOW!

Kane1513 -- Just want to say thanks! for the post you had on TeamUSCellular (I assume you're the same person..if not, sorry about that... I'm not a member there) on how to fix the Google Drive issue... by uninstalling ES File Explorer. You saved me a ton of time! I'm using a Galaxy S4... same exact issue, and torching ES File Explorer did the trick.

lucky2 says:

I really prefer the Eclipse, but couldn't go wrong with either one. Would look good on my S4.

Winston Hall says:

I have been using the galaxy s4 for a week and finding it very interesting. I upgraded from a DROID RAZR. I noticed that the 4G symbol disappears. At that time I don't know whether it's receiving or not. All is OK for now. Just purchased a book from amazon about it. Time will tell!

DarkEye40 says:

ECLIPSE for me. Black/Black for the color.

Flashy1 says:

Hi and thank you for the opportunity. ..
I would like the Eclipse because I am always outside and on the go... and like the look and versatility of the case but would be thrilled to win either one of them !!

Posted via Android Central App

tanuved says:

I prefer the atom because not only does it look good, but I know it will do an awesome job protecting my phone

I would def say the eclipse!! I love and miss the kick stand from my OG EVO. It also just looks sexy!! Please and thank you if I am chosen!! Love you long time!!

LL HUGH J says:

Atom please! I want to be able to wake my neighbors with the boosted sound lol

ROCKiiE says:

The atom is my choice, not only does it look amazing but that Sound Boost System sounds awesome and I know my phone will also have great protection.

jakeo423 says:

Im thinking the Eclipse because you cant go wrong with the kickstand. While Im on Netflix, I'll actually be able to hear what I'm watching with this thing.

jamie0 says:

The Eclipse. I love the stand. My work allows me to watch netflix while i work as long as it on my phone and not computer. would work perfect!

focr6 says:

I don't discriminate but the atom is hot! Eclipse would do too. My dad would love this, since I'm afraid he will break good his new black S4, he's a contractor.

Posted via Android Central App

MikeLip says:

I want the Eclipse. Because it is the only case that lives up to the awesomeness that is the S4!!!!!

garypip says:

Loving the Atom look. Love the Carbon Fiber and the fact that it has chassis.

camdawgs says:

The Eclipse - Aluminum + kickstand is a great combo!

fillossofer says:

Like the ATOM because it looks slimmer from the front.

bubbad3 says:

Like the Eclipse kick stand

jamie says:

Atom case because it looks a little bit slimmer and easier to pocket.

Retrogress says:

Eclipse - Kickstands are awesome and need to make a comeback.

mxmarcus says:

Atom case looks perfect to pocket. Kickstand is useless when you are on the go

sleepywan says:

I dig the green accents on the Atom, but the kickstand on the Eclipse makes me lean towards that. Great designs, though, and I've been looking at a lot of S4 cases lately.

hshendon says:

I really like the black / black Eclipse case. The kickstand is a nice feature and the look of it is really nice.

mesaman1553 says:

I like the Eclipse. I like the feature of routing the sound forward.

kenyee says:

The Eclipse for the kickstand and sound redirect.

Not sure how the Atom can redirect sound....I see the speaker opening on it but not on the Eclipse.

I have that phone and can always use some protection

shaytoon21 says:

the eclipse case would be perfect for my new s4. ive always wanted a case with a kickstand (especially with this sound boost that seems very intereting to test) and my delicate s4 needs protection from all the evil of this world.

radebaxter says:

The Eclipse. Like it for the Kickstand.
The Sound Boost System (SBS) is an excellent feature as well. Would love to try this one out.

squintyboy says:

eclipse looks awesome

Razcal13 says:

Would love to win the Eclipse with the Kickstand. I work in the industry and I'm sure that case would turn some heads. SBS sounds like a game changer

Zooks64 says:

The Eclipse is a gorgeous case. Incredibly well engineered. I would love to hear the difference with the sound boost technology.

I love the notched sides to help you get and keep your grip on the phone. I would definitely feel like my phone is safer in that case.

cobalt1911 says:

I would really like the Atom as it seems a bit sleeker...

Though the Atom is a bit sleeker, I'd prefer the Eclipse. I used to carry a Note so the size wouldn't bug me at all plus with the speaker redirect and aluminium bezel, it makes it that much more appealing.

salvy2350 says:

Would love to get the Eclipse because of the kickstand, and the sound boost sounds really cool.

Posted via Android Central App

CptNemo says:

That Atom is nice and sleek.. and kinda cool looking. I prefer that one.

Darnell0216 says:

Either one would be a great case for the S4. However I'm going to go for the Eclipse. Although the kickstand is a nice feature, I rarely watch lengthy media on my phone. It's the material that interest me more as a new dad with a child who's reached the "grabby" stage. The inclusion of the wrist strap also benefits me as I can make sure that a grabbed phone doesn't get too far from my reach. I'm sure the tossing stage is right around the corner.

naiou12day says:

With the carbon fibre, sbs, and kickstand, I'd love to have the Eclipse!

Definitely the Eclipse... For the kickstand and the Sound boost system... My friend has a GS3 and he been raving about this case for it.

nwwolf1 says:

This is a tough one. The Eclipse is beautiful and that kick stand is an awesome feature for my sexy 5 inch screen. But the Atom is so sleek and elegant. But I think I'm swaying towards the Eclipse because of the material, I think I'll feel more comfortable with it. So just let me know when you want to choose me as the winner Android Central, I'll give you my address. It'll be great, right?...Right?

seven30 says:

Really like the sound boost and you can't go wrong with a kickstand. I'd have to go with the Eclipse.

Drsous11 says:

Both cases are beautiful with the carbon fiber and I have to say its nice for the eclipse to have the aluminum on it.. but when it comes to looks you cant beat the sexy slim design with the atom, plus that carbon fiber back has me drooling over it. Slim and simple for me thats why I have to have the Atom!!

The Eclipse looks awesome!

SoyleMycelf says:

Atom for me. Minimal look.

aptbosox says:

I'll take the eclipse! Looks less bulky

mhynek says:

As an underpaid healthcare worker, these cases are a little out of my budget. However, if I received one, I'd love to have the Eclipse. The chrome, carbon fiber, and shape look amazing! The kickstand is a nice bonus too, but the speaker enhancement is a great feature I'd love to have. I often have to take call at the hospital and sometimes don't hear the phone if it's on the couch next to me. The rerouting of the sound would solve this problem! If chosen for this case, I'd gladly write an extensive review of my first hand experience for you. Thank you for you consideration.

zog1977 says:

the eclipse case looks awesome! plus it looks like a good quality, sturdy kickstand!

bassbar says:

the eclipse for me. looks gnarly. do people still say that?

oneiroz says:

i prefer the ATOM because it's lightweight

webbie2 says:

I want the ATOM case! this case is amazing!!!! lets do this!

Nevets68 says:

The Eclipse. To quote Patrick Stewart from the tv show - Extras..."Good Lord."

thacounty says:

I love the Green Atom, but a kickstand and the sound boost system make the Eclipse the one to have.

zimme71 says:

Love the Eclipse! I'm going through a divorce, and don't have a TV, so I use my GS4 nightly to watch movies and such. To be able to have a kickstand, in addition to the SBS (Sound Boost System)'d be a godsend!

schmogo says:

The kickstand makes me want the Eclipse, but the sound channeling makes both very interesting. The number of times I've had to hold the phone with my hand cupped around the speaker so my kids could watch a video... pain in the neck!

debsawyer says:

Eclipse case looks nice. I would love to have that one.

rpmm70 says:

Both cases look great, but I want the Atom case. The Eclipse has the kickstand, but it looks just a little too bulky for me.

glock813 says:

I like the looks of the ATOM better. It appears that is is less bulky!

glock813 says:

I like the looks of the ATOM better. It appears that is is less bulky!

Atom is nice because it looks a little more sleek. They both look very nice though.

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djmiked says:

I want the eclipse. I love having a kickstand on the phone when watching movies. Looks like a well made case and I hope I win! Good luck to everyone.

vassanh says:

I would take them both!!! But if I had to choose one I would choose eclipse. Because a) it will make my s4 look super cool! b) it has got a ton load of features which will definitely be very useful!

PunkGTRS says:

I definitely prefer the Atom case! It is sleek and elegant, just like the S4 is. The problem with cases nowadays is they take away the beauty of the phones themselves. Its nice to see such a beautiful, yet rugged, case come out for the GS4.


major payne says:

•The ATOM for Galaxy S4 fo me I like the idea of a sound boost/redirecting case

jmlongatl says:

eclipse is pretty slick. gotta love the front facing speaker redirect. nice job element. im gonna have to pick up one of these. start saving those pennies!

gizak says:

Wow, these cases are absolutely stunning! I'm leaning towards the Eclipse due to the industrial shape styling, the kickstand, and that really innovative SBS speaker system! I really want to hear it to see how well it sounds.

kjj-bolt says:

Eclipse for me - like the kick stand & redirected sound!!!!!!

lmandl says:

The Eclipse for the kick stand. So I can watch my Netflix! LOVE this phone!

I Prefer the Eclipse, for few reasons
1: the kick stand feature
2: the rounded design
3: even with both having the SBS incorporated looks like the eclipse offer better sound performance
4:Looks more stylish.

I have been looking to get a new case for my S4. A free one would be great.

Jacques says:

I'm digging the Eclipse for that kickstand, sound, and those aluminum and carbon fiber bits. :-)

icyrock1 says:

The Eclipse looks sexy.

batrad says:

Hoping to win the Eclipse case as it has a nice stand. helpful when you are streaming content or just want to put the phone down at the perfect angle

I like the Eclipse better due to its kickstand

The eclipse fixes the ones major flaw the Samsung galaxy had and that it's three rear fading speakers.The Eclipse remedies that problem with its ingenious phone case. As the pig from shriek said,"who pick me".

The Atom case for sure, still keeps the slim look while protecting it.

jillstacey says:

I'd go for the Atom. It looks so sleek and rugged. I like knowing there's a buffer between the screen and the floor if an impact occurs.

Did I mention it looks unbelievably sexy?

Posted via Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4.

demon09 says:

This is perfect, I just got a new S4 last week and still need a case!

I would prefer the Eclipse since I watch a lot of YouTube videos or conduct Hangouts and it would be nice to have the stand to set up on my desk.

The audio redirect is awesome too. Right now I use my hand cupped behind the speaker while I hold the phone--a less than effective system for sure.

MidMoMonkey says:

Atom. Rugged is good.

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I'm digging the Eclipse because of the kickstand and the SBS tech. I also like that it's a little more rounded than the Atom.

killerxmic says:

I would love to win the element Atom. The case looks slimmer and it looks very sturdy! Would love to see how the SBS is!

ronzkie21 says:

My wife would like the Atom.

thebraddavis says:

I've literally been looking for a new case for my Galazy S4 for the last hour, and just ran across this article and the Eclipse case looks like the real deal. Whenever I try and watch a video or music on my phone, I use my hand to cup the back of it so the sound will be louder. Sometimes I even put the phone in a glass cup to boost the sound....but the Eclipse case takes all the work out of it. The sound boosting feature is by far the best part about the case, and throw in an incorporated kickstand so I won't have to carry around my own stand....that's just priceless. The fact that the case seems pretty rugged will be perfect for my job. $80 is a little steep on my small hourly wage, so a free case would be awesome!

naengland says:

Eclipse and the kickstand.


both cases look great. I think I would prefer Eclipse because it feels more durable and offers better protection especially the metal front bezel protection. I do prefer the overall design of the atom over the element.

J_rock151#CB says:

I'd love the Eclipse to go on my S4.

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Madbilly says:

The Eclipse is almost as AWESOME as Android Central is... Almost


David Nurbin says:

I like them both! but the Atom looks slimmer

beathookup says:

Without a doubt I'd choose an Eclipse so when I do get my GS4 I can wrap it before I tap it

unevenodds says:

The eclipse..
i want to.feel it

Tim Norris says:

The Eclipse is awesome, it comes with a kickstand!

lfalvarado says:

Love the Eclipse! SBS feature and the kickstand!!! I NEED IT!!

jbernste03 says:

I would love the Atom so that I can feel like a Ninja!!!

timlair says:

For sure would want the Element. I find myself wanting to set the phone down and bask in its goodness without having to hold it in my hands quite often. And sound being brought to the front? That's innovation.

censation says:

I like the Sound Boost System feature on both cases - very innovative. But I prefer the sleekness of the Eclipse case over the ATOM case. The addition of the kickstand is a plus.

Both of these cases look awesome!

kirbwrx says:

The Atom looks great. Looks like it provides great protection and doesn't add too much additional material so the phone stays nice and slim.

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CHUUZE says:

I'd love to win the Atom case as it looks slimmer, more durable, and more aggressive than the rounded Eclipse. I honestly don't care for the kickstand function of the Eclipse either being as it is towards the top of the case rather than the bottom(so I could stand the phone in portrait). The Atom has more carbon fiber on the back which is dead sexy!!! And I would rather have no aluminum on the front bezel as if dropped and scratched the material could become sharp and uncomfortable on my face. I LOVE the all black variants of both cases and both cases have that sound booster which if it works would be simply AMAZING!!!

Fable says:

If only this thing had a wireless charging option! It took me a while to think about what it was missing because the eclipse is dead sexy. It would be cool if a replacement back piece could be made that was this durable and offered a wireless charging option.

srazzak says:

I'd like to win either of them :-)

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Eclipse for sure. Looks like it feels great in the hand. And the speaker thing sounds cool too!

kilen71 says:

Eclipse please. Thank you very much!!

daslik says:

The Eclipse looks awesome. Like the kickstand and sound boost. Also, seems pretty slick

J_Maldonado says:

I would love the ATOM S4! I've been keeping an eye out for when Element case would release a case for the GS4 and these are crafted perfectly. The added bonus of SBS being incorporated really grabs my interest

I would prefer the Atom, that case is badass.

mugurelu says:

Wow! The Eclipse is sick!

Would love to get my slightly bruised S4 into that!

What I really like about this cases is the included lanyard!

Great addition to what seems the best cases!

An all-around incredible case.


SeaMonster says:

I like the Atom with the carbon fiber detail.

scothran says:

Both cases are pretty sweet.

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Zorander42 says:

I would say I like the eclipse the best. Mostly because it looks more durable but also because of the rounded design. I also like the kickstand although I'm not sure how much I would use it.

mballs4life says:

I'd get the ECLIPSE in all black just for the kickstand!

muaddip says:

I like the look of both of them, but I prefer the Eclipse because it is more functional with the kickstand and audio enhancement features.

I realy like the Atom. It looks sexy and sleek. It also has a very unique and modern apeal.

Pr3mier says:

Eclipse please!

Wow. The atom case really stands out. I have never seen a case that looks that unique, rugged, and sort of retro at the same time. Also, the case isn't a brick!
The sound boost system is an amazing feature. Every phone should have front facing speakers, or in this case(pun intended);this case.

gwbriles21 says:

I'd take the atom because the heavy duty nature yet itsnnit bulky at all. Plus I just got my s4 and really need a good case.

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Gelst says:

The Eclipse is absolutely sexy and I know it would really accentuate my Galaxy S4. Hope I win that really is one of the nicest cases I have seen for the S4.