Broken Nexus 5

Upstart OnePlus is giving away 100 of its new "One" smartphones — which came out from under wraps this week — for those willing to smash a current high-end smartphone.

This is a bad idea. You should not do it. Please do not smash your phone — especially not yet.

So here's the deal. You'll initially be registering for a chance to smash your phone. If you've already smashed it, you're SOL. Sorry, Charlie. OnePlus will randomly pick 100 folks to smash phones on camera. In exchange they'll get a free 16GB One, plus three invites to purchase more.

There are a couple more catches:

First, you have to be in one of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong SAR China, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom or the United States. Don't live there? You're SOL.

Next, you'll have to have one of the applicable phones. They include the iPhone 5, 5c and 5s, BlackBerry Z10, or Z30; HTC One M8, One M7 and One Max, LG G Flex, G2, G Pro 2 or Nexus 5, Motorola Moto X, Nokia Lumia 1020, 1520, 920 or 925; a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or Note 3; or a Galaxy S3, S4 or S5; or a Sony Xperia Z, Z2, Z Ultra, Z1. Already smash a perfectly good something else? You're SOL.

That's not even what makes this a bad idea. Dumb promotional stunts are fine. That's what the Internet is for. But this is just wasteful, plain and simple, to say nothing of it being dangerous. And remember, "OnePlus is not liable for any damage or injury incurred to the smasher, surrounding persons or any equipment used during the shooting of each smash video."

Smashing a perfectly good anything is stupid and wasteful.

What you should do instead

Anything, really. Here are but a few suggestions:

Just, please. Don't smash it.

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cj100570 says:

The company hasn't even released a phone yet and they're annoying the fcuk outta me already with their business practices.

jaeskill says:

Why? Those that don't read the fine print and have smashed their phones already are idiots. If they were children I could understand, but most of the videos online depict adults... grown ass men driving cars and sh*t... destroying expensive phones, in order to win a new one, from a company THAT HASN'T RELEASED A PHONE YET.

Literacy is a fundamental cornerstone of a persons education, but its the most neglected... if they could read "smash your phone to win a One Plus One," then they should have continued reading. If they made a conscious decision to stop reading to smash their expensive phone... $500 lesson learned.

Prop_r says:

THANK YOU. Glad someone said this. I would shake your hand if I saw you in person. Haha.

DWR_31 says:

I think the guy that smashed the Galaxy S5 with the vengeful battery should get one right off the top...!

Posted via SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2 that still spins fast after using 60GB in a billing cycle. {No Overages}

ayg says:

I think he should get a hot plate of nothing unless he is lucky enough to be randomly selected as part of the 100.

This is a great lesson to people, don't be an idiot and blame it on a company.

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mrcrusha829 says:

I think all he should get is a bottle of Febreeze... that is the only issue he had. I mean... who doesn't have a Febreeze bottle handy!

gravage says:

The contest in general is stupid. Anyone who smashes an iPhone 5s, GS5, M8, or really any other phone on that list to get a $300 phone a little early probably shouldn't attempt to breath without medical assistance.

mwara244 says:

My GS3 = $80-100 everywhere online, except lower as a trade in to the carriers. I'd gladly do it just because of all the frustrations my GS3 has caused with lag and being Janky due to TW.

I wonder if they would allow me to use my GS3 as a Clay Pigeon if I get picked

Kiveau says:

That's so unfortunate. I have an S2 and it's still kicking really nicely. Even have it running on ART right now [which right now is even nicer to be honest]. Maybe you should refresh your phone by flashing something new? Just give it a try and see if you can give you device a little kick.

um my S1 is still going and my S3 is a piece of crap. I'm not sure that Samsung is trying anymore.

Kiveau says:

Well, I've actually read comments from the Cyanogen team that the S5 is the only worthwhile Galaxy SX since the S2, so maybe they stepped up with this one? I would tend to believe a developer's opinion over many others, really.

Wollombi says:

It's. It's the most neglected. =P

What if they gave you a dummy version of your phone?

I am keeping my N4 as a backup.

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TheEdge65 says:

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd yet people will still do this.

People already have, there are a few Youtube videos of people smashing their phone in hope of getting an OPO.

sublimaze says:

If you are willing to trash your phone in hopes of getting a new one for $1, then (1) you are hopelessly stupid and don't deserve another phone, or (2) you have plenty of money and you shouldn't win the contest anyway.

jbcreate says:

I'm not hopelessly stupid. I have a HTC one on sprint (which I now have my N5 on ATT), it has one crack across the screen, very minute, however no one else sees is as that, best offer I can get is $105 for it. So ya, i'll take smashing my phone for a new one. thats a $195 gain in my pocket and means I can use my N5 for design/testing rather than my htc one

Prop_r says:

I agree with that. If the smallest little blemish anywhere on the phone when trying to resell it is means for people offer you 200 or less for a phone that in good condtions will go for 450-500 on craigslist then why not? I have a note 3 that I replaced with the red nexus 5 (gift) and when I've tried to sell it the most I was offered was 175 because of a miniscule blemish on the bottom right corner. Better believe I would destroy it if it meant getting a free brand new phone worth 300+.

sublimaze says:

I was actually referring to the people that have ALREADY destroyed their phones hoping to win a new phone.

jbcreate says:

then perhaps you shouldve said so, your original comment is aimed at anyone who is "willing". The site states before entering that you get chosen first before smashing your phone as well as when you apply the message is stated again.

I've smashed my phone on accident to shit and nothing happened, the world didn't end, I have no issues doing it to my htc one. And to those who say I can donate it, that's true, and I have donated 6 phones to the military, but I also say to those people, It's none of your business what I do with my property.

sublimaze says:

I did say so. Re-read my comment. I clearly said "If you are willing to trash your phone IN HOPES OF getting a new one..."

I know reading is hard for some people. Reading comprehension can be even harder.

I sure would. My Note 2 is ready to be replaced. I would not expect to sell it for $300. So, if my phone is worth more smashed, why not? Then I can upgrade to the Note 4 and keep the OnePlus as a nice backup.

Walkop says:

You could easily sell it for $300-$350. People seriously underestimate the value of their devices; I sold a Gnex recently for $180! When the Nexus 4 was $199!

sublimaze says:

Wow. I almost feel sorry for that poor sap.

And what if the one plus has nothing but problems? This is a new compney we are talking about

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sentinelred says:

Kinda what I was thinking actually. They've got zero track record. Sure, the proposed phone looks OK, at least to me, but probably nobody outside of their company has actually held one.

Sent via my Verizon Moto X

Zach.Stokes says:

Android Authority has already done a review of the device with it in hand.

Megaroad says:

Although I see 11 different OnePlus One stories on their home page (kinda odd), I don't see a formal review - can you give us a link? I think people should wait for more sources. That website seems to have been given the phone before any of the bigger sites, and given their zillion different stories on this product, I wonder what their relationship is with this company.


And, what if it doesn't?

then it doesn't. Given the phone and the compney are brand new, I'm and I'M sure a ton of others are gonna hold off to see if it gains any traction.

besides with me, I don't buy any tech such as phones and tablets unless i can physically mess around with it before hand. I don't just base my thoughts on some dude on youtube or a tech matter how popular they are.

tdrus1 says:

Thanks for rationalizing this a bit, Phil.

dwd3885 says:

You forgot the best alternative. Sell on ebay, make $400, buy the One+. You come out ahead.

dullgeek says:

Exactly. Frankly, I can probably profit by selling my S4 on ebay and then buying a One+ for less. Even though I don't think I'm going to do that.

altared90319 says:

Except you can't buy one without an invite. And if you own a Nexus 5 which is only 350 new and won't sell for that on ebay. Plus you get the three invites to purchase more which could be sold to the highest bidder.

Walkop says:

I could easily sell one for $300. I got an offer for $300 for my 16GB White N5 with a shattered screen on Kijiji.

Garmac says:

Just either get a used Lumia 925 for less than $200 or if you can't find a used one get a new one for $200... It's sad to break a perfectly working phone but then you get a new $300 phone and could turn around and easily sell it for twice the price... and I'm not talking about selling the evites...

altared90319 says:

You could wait for months to get an invite before being able to drop $300 on this phone, or you could smash your nexus 5 and get a OnePlus One for free now, including 3 invites to buy more. Which you could then turn around and sell for profit likely. This is a no brainer... Smash your damn phone. Duh.

But the risky thing is that nobody knows if this phone is actually going to live up to the hype! What if it it has crappy build quality or major software flaws. Especially when considering there still isn't a stable version of CM11 yet... I wouldn't want to break my N5 and then receive a phone that could be total crap!

I'm pretty sure the S in CM11S stands for stable

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Agreed. Smash it!

seanjenkins says:

Smash all the things, folks.

Posted via Android Central App

There's also the risk of rupturing the battery and having it react in a number of dangerous ways, including breathing in the gas it expels. Like in the video where the guy smashed an S5 with a hammer. Not worth risking your health.

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altared90319 says:

Do it outdoors in an open space... duh!

sublimaze says:

Or use Febreze.

neonworm says:

Lol. I loved that part of the video.

lornaevo says:

I won't mind smashing an S4.

oddom says:

I'm not smashing my real phone Lol I'm using an older flagship on the list that already kinda f'ed up so I don't mind. Besides I would never smash my moto x, I custom built it with my name and all

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DCSholtis says:

I can only see people smashing BlackBerry phones... Any others that just play stupid

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jbaker46 says:

I'd smash my Z10 since I replaced it with a N5 and still have my Q10 as a backup.

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froyoman says:

I'd smash my GS3. It goes for $165-230 on swappa for 16gb. No brainer to me, especially since I've replaced it with a Moto X.

knkcgrant says:

Not the stupidest thing that I have seen but its in the top five. I would never buy a phone from these guys.

I would be amused to hear the other 4 in your top 5 stupidest things.

eahinrichsen says:

Hey, thanks for assembling my phone in near-criminal conditions, Chinese 12-year-old! Yeah, I'm just going to smash it with a hammer for some dumb promotional stunt after using it for two months. Now get back to work so I don't have to wait too long on my OnePlus device, will ya?

John Freeman says:

Don't be a tool.

rlbrooks says:

Name calling. What an original way to disagree with someone......

Wollombi says:



Don't be an asshat.

Orion78 says:

One of the dumbest things I've ever seen. This company is already brainwashing these fanboys. And to think that I was considering buying this phone. So this is what they meant by flagship killer.

On the other hand, it might be a good use for a phone that failed a (literal) soak test or is otherwise DOA with no visible external damage. :D

tonybyatt says:

If you're chosen just buy a "Not-Working" GS3 on ebay (Some do still power on even with that label) for $50-$75 and have at it...

altared90319 says:

BAM! you sir actually have a brain, unlike many of these other haters.

Analyss14 says:

Unless One+ marketing team is stupider than some outlets are making them out to seem, then likely they will require you to show in the video that your device is still in working order before you destroy it. My cousin has worked at AT&T for many years and he has a ridiculous amount of dummy models that his store allows him to keep. If One+ team actually, stupidly, forget to require proof that your phone works then I'll just bum an S4 dummy from him and make away with a free phone.

xKrNMBoYx says:

But that proof is really easy to fake on video. I'm not going to state the ways because it's easy to figure out and I wouldn't want to share what I amy do if I'm chosen...

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Matt74uk says:

I have one question about the OnePlus: Will it blend ??

ExtremeNerd says:

Yes, if you can manage to fit it in a blender

ryanmtech says:

this made my day

Viktorgasm says:

If I see one person smashing their HTC One M8, I'm gonna either laugh or cry. Because instead of receiving a 1-dollar OPO 16GB, they miss the opportunity to sell that M8 and buy a 64GB variant instead, with a extra change.

eszklar says:

I pretty much replied back to One Plus One via email this morning when I got their "Smash the Past" email about how stupid and wasteful smashing a perfectly good phone is. Can they just shut up now and sell the damn phone?

ryanmtech says:

their automated system that sends these emails read your reply im sure...

Here's a better idea. I shall keep my current Nexus 5, sell it when the new Nexus phones comes out. Right now I could sell it for about $330 or so, since it is nearly mint condition, and has a $20 case. In about half a year, I could probably expect around $290 including the case, as long as it is still in very good condition. Then, I spend $80 for a new Nexus, and a new case to compliment it (providing that Nexus pricing will remain the same as the current gen device)

I then have a phone that has guaranteed fast updates, the latest in mobile processing, and a guarantee that the company I'm getting it from actually makes good phones.

Got Nexus?

bhatech says:

The morons who smash their phones without reading the rules or trying to participate in the program deserve their phones to be smashed anyway.

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HZD says:

I like my Nexus 5 too much to smash it because they want 1 dollar of my hard earnt cash for their POS slab of a phone.

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jeddo45 says:


Brought to you by the Nexus M8

jmparmentier says:

I was and still am very exciting by this phone. However, if a seller (O+O) does not want to sell...I won't buy!
What about: "Get a free cat, kill your dog" as a marketing hype! :-(

erwaso says:

It REALLY doesn't make sense to smash a phone worth more on ebay than to trade for a $300 OnePlus

Yeah, maybe if it was for a more expensive phone like the M8 or S5...

Analyss14 says:

They really should have done a trade-in promotion. Ask people to make a video saying why they think O+O is better than their current phones then choose 100 people and allow them to trade in their phones. That's better marketing without being wasteful. Also you can release a breakdown of what kind of phones were traded-in.

Jacques says:

I'd love to try out this phone, but I sure as hell not going to smash my Nexus 5 for one. A better promo would've been to sell it for a deep discount if you have any of the current flagship phones they had listed for the "smash" promo. That would get people to take a chance on a One Plus One.

As an aside, the price point they're selling it at is very good. 64 GB for $349? Not too shabby!

josuearisty says:

This is the most stupid idea ever thinked!

kuri22 says:

If you're picked, just buy a non-functioning broken phone for cheap to smash. They didn't say the phone has to be in perfect working condition prior to smashing. After you smash it, recycle the parts at your local recycle depot?

I agree that the invite system, weird promos, and false hype (our 5.5" fits under the 5" Z1! Not!) are not doing the company/product any good. The only saving grace is the price.

Update: Wait, in the fineprint, they said "The applicant must show that their phone does turn on and use the phone that was chosen by the applicant in their initial application." In that case, buy one with a working lcd but broken digitizer. ;)

A brand new company and people are already supporting them?

Wake me up in a few years when and if they ever gain traction

Posted via Android Central App

sentinelred says:

I have no doubt that there are people who have already smashed their phones. We are all surrounded by idiots.

Sent via my Verizon Moto X

I hate my GS4 anyway, and I have a couple of interesting devices to do smashing with. :D

Megaroad says:

They lost me when they announced the invitation system. I'm an adult, not going to play their games.

Then the 'we fit a 5.5" phone into a 5" frame' lie further annoyed me.

Yes, it's a good price for a phablet with good specs, but they are douchebags.

Wollombi says:

Here we go again...

I would laugh if they turn around and cancel the phone

Lots of angry kids will be throwing a fit

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fuzzylumpkin says:

I can't believe they announced this the day after earth day. :/

it's stupid in general, but anyone who smashes an iPhone 5s, One M8, note 3, galaxy s5, lumia 1520 or xperia Z2 level phone is a special kind of idiot who doesn't deserve to own a smartphone.

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eahinrichsen says:

Hah! The "day after Earth Day" angle didn't even occur to me.

They really didn't put a lot of thought into this, did they?

Chanlion says:

Well, the N4 isn't on that list. I really don't want to smash my primary.

Azturbomini says:

I'll just wait it out and pay cash for one after the stupid publicity stunt is over. Really sad people only think of themselves and could donate their phone to a good cause like mentioned, cell phones for soldiers.

wbbtech says:

Sorry girls, I can't say no to a good reason for smashing the living hell out of an iPhone.

thebizz says:

While I agree with Phil that their are much better things to do with an old phone than smash it. I see a lot of unfounded hate for this company due to what they wanted to think outside of the box to promote their company and phone. Because people were clueless enough to really believe that this phone would be the size of a z1 especially after the find 7 was announced and oppo will be building the one. Yes this company has made some missteps but they are young and doing a great job to challenge the status quo. I see this as a good thing. I for one will be buying this phone not only due to the specs or price. But because it comes preloaded with cm which I find to me better than any manufacturers version of android. Rooting my phone will not void it's warranty. And I think it's time for a change

eahinrichsen says:

I (and I think a lot of us here) like a whole lot about this phone, and the company. I am curious about the phone, and if the reviews are good, I'll probably get one. Hell, I don't even mind the invite-only sales rollout at all.

But this specific publicity stunt is just in really poor taste. It's wasteful, it's cynical, and I don't blame anyone if it leaves a bad taste in their mouth.

You like a company that you never heard of?

Posted via Android Central App


Is there a problem with him liking the company?

Let me guess: you don't like the company, so you're going to take issue with everyone else that does. Hilarious.

Wollombi says:

He's channeling Megaroad...

Megaroad says:

And what would you be channeling?

eahinrichsen says:

Of course there is. This is the internet, where if someone likes something that you don't like, you post shitty, passive-aggressive comments.

tdizzel says:

Hulk is gonna be pissed if he can't get in on this promotion

Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra

jdbii says:

Thanks Phil for shedding light on the obvious.

paul-c says:

There goes my idea to smash a HP Veer.

moolash says:

The idea is not that bad - could also mean a middle finger to big names with overpriced phones, however I would not smash any of these phones.
And the OnePlusOne is unfortunately a 5.5" kayak-paddle, sorry...

To those who think they can sell their invites... They have already stated that you will not be able to do this. Somehow they have a system set up to prevent this from happening. This will prevent all the idiots from getting over on people who just want a phone just like they did originally. This comment is not towards anybody in particular.

rovex says:

Smashing an N5 to get any other phone seems like a sweet deal.

ilovemagic says:

There's no way I would smash my Droid Maxx. I love this phone way too much!

Posted via Android Central App

No Nexus 4? :-/

schv09 says:

Great article! It is really stupid and selfish to ask someone to smash their phone. In developing countries like mine, there a lot of people who would love to have a great phone but don't have the money to do so. You could sell for a lower price or give away your phone and help these unfortunate people to have the chance to have some fun with something that is still perfectly good. You just don't go around and smash stuff when someone else could be needing it and using it. Selfish and dumb!

movielover76 says:

Oh well, I joined the contest thinking I'd smash the dinky AT&T HTC first that I use as a work phone if I won the contest.
It's worth very little as it sells for like $80 - $100 on ebay these days so it would have been no big loss.
I have a phone that's supported, a Nexus 5 but I'm not smashing a $400 smartphone for a $299 smartphone.
The other phones in this list are even worse, all being worth much more than $299 even used.

I certainly won't be smashing any of the supported phones for a oneplus one.

svenEDGE says:

I do like Android Central for the thorough coverage of devices. The reviews are great and most of the news stories are written well. However, Phil, your posts can be very condescending. I don't see the need to tell people what they should or shouldn't do with their phones. I bought my phone, I'll do with it what I want. I'm not going to smash it but I'm not going to tell someone else not to. I wish you would do what you do best, report the news and reviews Android/Google related stuff. Telling people what they should or shouldn't do with their personal property is uncalled for. And then making people who do want to smash their phones feel stupid.... What's the point? Just my thoughts on the matter.

Posted via Android Central App

Cubfan says:

Telling Phil what he should and shouldn't write is uncalled for. Please stick to what you do best, once you figure out what that is.

svenEDGE says:

Never said what he should or shouldn't do. Just gave my opinion of the story and told him what I prefer to read. I like positive and negative criticism, figured the AC dudes did too. Not like I've got something against Phil. We share a love of metal for god sake \m/. Maybe I'm being sensitive. I can accept that.

Posted via Android Central App

Cubfan says:

LOL! Sven just won the Internet.

jeddo45 says:

They were suggestions bro. He gave suggestions on what you SHOULD do with a phone instead of smashing it. He is giving very good tips on how not to be an idiot. I don't see what's your beef...

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

svenEDGE says:

I don't have a "beef". I don't like being given tips on how to not be an idiot. It's implying that I don't know how to not be an idiot on my own. I guess I forget that there is a large group of people out there that need to read this kind of thing.

Posted via Android Central App

its called an opinion article for a reason...

Wollombi says:

Here's an idea: If you don't like the article, don't read it. See? Easy. Seriously, he didn't post something saying, "You must not smash your phone", he said "please don't do it". That's a request, and is perfectly acceptable. He then offered alternatives should you decide to say, "Ok, I won't smash my phone". Your response of, "I'll do whatever I want, thank you very much" is rather childish. Nobody is claiming ownership of your property.

Cubfan says:

I'm buying one of their stupid phones and then will smash it. So there.

egernant says:

That fractured Nexus 5 image makes my heart hurt.

tonybyatt says:

I entered with a GS3 selected...

If I happen to win I'll get one on ebay with bad ESN, missing battery cover, etc for under $50 then have at it...

All it has to do is power on...

It's really not that bad a contest...

Prop_r says:

If the smallest little blemish anywhere on the phone when trying to resell it is means for people offer you 200 or less for a phone that in good condtions will go for 450-500 on craigslist then why not? I have a note 3 that I replaced with the red nexus 5 (gift) and when I've tried to sell it the most I was offered was 175 because of a miniscule blemish on the bottom right corner. Better believe I would destroy it if it meant getting a free brand new phone worth 300+.

yankeesusa says:

I understand if you have an s4 or 5 or any of the new flagship phones. But if you have a beat up phone like a nexus 5 just bought on the street for $190 because it has a cracked camera lens and several nicks on it then it doesn't hurt to smash it if you get picked and only if you get picked.

Posted via Nexus 5 Android Central App

froyoman says:

I'm fine with the contest. I salute them, actually, for being so bold. People around the world break phones every day. 100 more is a small drop in that bucket.

Megaroad says:

It might be bold if they were shipping their phone to a hundred people who have a phone less than a year old, and letting those people decide which phone to smash - their old one or the OnePlus.

miwaca says:

My question is what happens when 100+ people end up smashing their phones?

robocopvn says:

Bad marketing campaign.

1st. There are many many poor people out there.
2nd. Most of the required smartphone are as or more expensive than OnePlus One
3rd. Only 100 people to be chosen all around the world ?? for smashing their phone (look at 2nd reason) to promote the Oneplus One and don't get paid, don't get insurance etc...


I signed up just for the Lolz, I wouldn't smash my Htc One (m7) since it has been a solid phone that surpassed even my wild expectations.

arjunamin says:

I realize that they are promoting this device as the "flagship killer". However, to destroy high end smartphones that cost almost double this device is beyond me.
I was considering buying a liquid damaged/bad esn phone and smashing that, but at this point i'm just too annoyed at this company's promotional efforts. Marketing fail!

I'm signed up and will smash my G2 if picked and IDGAF. It's a Sprint G2 being used on T-Mobile. Got it off of Craigslist clean and clear ESN, but it's still tied to the owner's account, which means it's useless to try and resale for Sprint use, and since it doesn't get LTE on T-Mobile, most people don't want to buy them for GSM use. It has screen scratches and mint condition ones are going for $200 on my local Craigslist and $250-$350 on Swappa. I'd be lucky to get $175 for it locally. I'll gladly smash this thing if I get picked.

MarkSeven says:

If you smashed your phone already you're an idiot anyway and don't deserve a new phone.

MarkSeven says:

I wouldn't smash my 32GB Nexus 5 for a 16GB OnePlus One anyway..

s1lenz says:

This is consumerism at its worst. For the love of God pelase donate your super old phones to an organization that uses them. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence uses them to give out to women that are victims of domestic violence so they can call 911 if anything happens.

pedopoker says:

Spell Hong Kong correctly. NOT HONG KON.

xKrNMBoYx says:

People can do what they want with their property, even if it's a stupid thing. The double standard of people is the real annoying thing. Everyone who went ahead and smashed their phone already is too innocent or dumb. Anyone who will be smashing a iPhone 5+, S4+, One M7+ or any other recent phone is dumb.

They're not forcing anyone to do anything. No one is obligated to allow every country to be eligible. Reading the fine print should be a no brainer, especially when you lose something of yours.

If I got chosen I would gladly smash my S3 (which is a listed device) for this One Plus One. One thing holding me back would be that I paid the full $500+ for the S3 through T-Mobile. A bit to a severe waste of money to smash a phone, but people have different priorities.

Posted via Android Central App

I agree with you. I have a Verizon S3 with a broken USB port that I only paid $200 for. It doesn't get used for anything. Seems worth it to break that for a One. My daily driver is an M8 now anyway.

Posted via Android Central App

knahrvorn says:

Another suggestion: Install BOINC on it and let it do some good for science. In fact, install BOINC on your current device and help science when you're plugged in to a charger.

Posted via Android Central App

coolbreeze78 says:

This reminds me of the terrible "cash for clunkers" program where Obama encouraged people to purposely ruin working cars. It would have made much more sense to donate them to those who need them.

Hope this backfires.

Not to mention they totally screwed over the Used market on cars and car parts with that.

Posted via Android Central App

I have an old S3 that has a broken

Posted via Android Central App

anonymously says:

I envision them getting sued for this one day.

Posted via Android Central App

anonymously says:

I'm really surprised that "Sell it on eBay" wasn't on that list. Those phones are still work a lot of money on eBay. Most of them are worth over $300.

Posted via Android Central App

ltjordan24 says:

Good thing you published this list of accepted devices. I was so ready to throw this Droid X against a wall. Disaster averted.

rookiegenius says:

this company is becoming the most hated one... they have that aggressive attitude of a new player. Their phone seems too good to be true. What's the catch? maybe its reliability. it might break after 1 or 2 years lol. No review can justify its reliability. We'll see.

Also guys, those phones getting smashed may be blacklisted lol. So it's a wise idea to get it traded !

anthony2558 says:

I have a great I idea to smash my moto x. But then I thought about it. I paid full retail (650$) for my unlocked Moto X. Why would I smash it if I can just by there phone for 299$. Now if it was a gold plated then hell yeah!

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As much as i love Android and really root for all of the companies that make Android phones... The One Plus One's hype is just a little ridiculous. Tbh, my Nexus 5 still looks better. Plus I can just get Cyanogen Mod if I wanted to... But I won't. I still run stock Android on it.

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Da Fuq says:

Hulk SMASH!!!

Exynoshd says:

If I get the ability to do it I will just file an insurance claim and say I dropped my phone...

jrb363 says:

Phil, this has got to be the DUMBEST article you've ever written! I feel ashamed that you felt the need to even waste time explaining this to the members here. If folks in these parts are so stupid that they would destroy their phones, without question, without confirmation or any sort of guarantee then they probably have no business using a "smart" phone anyway.

Syukri Lajin says:

maybe this article is just a trick, less people smashing their phone = higher chances of him winning the random draw. :p

/agree w/ jrb363 . I feel like i should have known better than to get baited into reading an article like this.

troshs says:

Theres always someone waiting to jump at doing something stupid on the Internet...its like taking off when the announcer says "One for the money..." I guess that kind of applies to this, doesn't it?

I'm trying to get picked so I can immediately sell the OnePlus phone as well as two of the invites and use the last invite for myself so I can buy the 64GB version which is the one I actually want.

But if making a profit out smashing my phone makes me an idiot then I'd rather not be a genius.

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so if i smashed my $700 phone i'll get a $300 phone for free
sounds like a good deal to IDIOTS!
i can just sell my phone for $300 and both of us will be happy

choclab1 says:

I think the whole worry about other peoples property is dumb. If some one wants to smash their phone, why do you care? Maybe you (nobody in general) spend to much money on coffee, cable, cars,or anything thing else you buy. If everybody was so worried about donating and helping out everybody else, We probably wouldn't have all these new expensive smart phones with data plans to smash anyways.... Don't be so concerned with what others do with their money...rant over

coolbreeze78 says:

Well, of course people can do what they want with their devices. The question is: would anyone purposefully smash their perfectly functioning phone for a purpose other than a chance at winning a $1 lottery? The lottery, by the way, that's perpetuated and instigated by a company selling a highly hyped phone?

If your answer is even remotely a "I guess so" then this fully illustrates the idiocy if this idea by Oppo (yes, it's Oppo, not some internet hero startup).

This is a horrible idea. Again, sell your phone, have dinner with the post 1+1 profit or just donate it to an abused women's center. All will help human kind and you will have your silly telephone while your old non-smashed phone will he highly appreciated by someone who needs it.

The argument isn't about what people do with their stuff. It's about the perpetuation of the idea for what they do with their stuff. If you disagree, please smash your phone right now and toss it in the garbage. Brilliant idea that you or nobody would ever do unprovoked.

"The argument isn't about what people do with their stuff. It's about the perpetuation of the idea for what they do with their stuff."
I am perpetuating the idea that you shouldnt care about the perpetuation of the idea for what people do with their stuff.

ray britton3 says:

I'm going to defend oneplus. They're only targeting one hundred phones. that's a one and two zeros, come on. There are plenty of people with bricked or barely functional high end phones that would be glad to jump at the opportunity. They didn't ask everyone to smash their phones. Some dumbasses have done that but that's not oneplus' fault. And what if someone wants to smash their new phone... I see nothing wrong with that. it's just a publicity stunt. If anything you naysayers are doing the best thing for 1+ and that's giving them free publicity. Bad publicity is still good publicity cuz it gets the brand out there. Just sayin.

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Megaroad says:

Per evleaks, is owned by Oppo. So this "company" may itself just be a marketing gimmick.

Megaroad says:

After some expert Googling, it does appear that we have yet another lie by these people:

Let's see, so we've got:

1) We are a plucky startup driven by our ideals to turn the cell phone industry upside down (actually a subsidiary of Oppo pretending to be a plucky startup driven by ideals)
2) Our distribution system will be better than preorders! (actually viral marketing invitation system)
3) Better than everything industrial design! (actually rebranded Oppo design)
4) Our phone will be the size of an Xperia Z1 (actually taller than a Note 3)

They are douchebags.

LightaDroid says:

I don't think smashing a phone is going to help anyone in anyway.

Should have it were if you donate your iphone then they will send you one.

Game. Set. Match

Posted via Android Central App

I fail to see how this is a bad idea....

Great ideas I wouldn't have known. I was never going to smash my phone. It was good then. It still is now. It ages yes, but it's not a cow. Some rational in an insane world. You could as well melt the bits of gold. Nice suggestions I must say. Care to share a new unique way.

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yuppicide says:

I'd like to see the terms of this.. can I smash it and send a video in? If so, I'll make it look like I smashed it.. or find a broken one on ebay for a few bucks to smash.

wunaru says:

$369.99 in stock