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With the mass flurry of Android devices that are (were?) on sale, surely some of you all out there picked one up. The joy of bringing home a new toy that you got for a sweet deal is awesome. Especially if it's something you been holding out for, for a while. Whatever your Android needs be at this time, we want you all to know we're here for ya.

Lots more can be found in the forums and around the site. Be sure to check out our "Tips and Tricks for Android" section and just in case you never got any accessories while you were out, hit up the Android Central Accessory Store. If you're not already a member of the Android Central forums, you can register your account today.

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micahsanders says:

Picked up an EPIC from sams club for $106 OTD

vaelek says:

Looking to grab a Herotab MID816 but can't seem to find any in stock anywhere :(

bnob99 says:

Ordered evo from sams club for 146 online.

RenoJoe says:

Got a myTouch 4g from wirefly for $48. Couldnt find anywhere cheaper.

rfmike says:

I picked up a gentouch 7" tab for 150.00 just to play with it.

jonapga says:

picket up two fascinates from BB mobile for $2.16! awesome deal

NxTech3 says:

Picked up a bunch... to sell them to customers!

dante501 says:

Ya the shack 0 dollar transform sale. Got it for my gf. I wouldn't get it for myself but for her its fine. My evo beats it hands down.

mjneid says:

Picked up two MyTouchHDs. Mine was rooted before I left t mobile. PermaRooted before 10 am.

lfmasieri says:

Picked up an Evo from Walmart on Thursday (online) for just 94 bucks :)

mldiroff says:

Picked up a Fascinate for my wife for $0 online at 6:30 a.m. on Thanksgiving from BB. She's gonna be a happy camper :-) No more playing with my DInc.

paul_704 says:

Picked up a Droid Incredible from Dell for my son....$49

jonapga says:

you could of bought the same from best buy online for free!

paul_704 says:

It is but they were charging me a 35.00 activation fee and taxes and shipping so it worked out to a little more.Dell was a flat $49 charge...they all get ya one way or the other...LOL

techh10 says:

i bought a sony internet tv bluray box for $300

Nope. Got my EVO for $99 from Amazon last month.

Tour 9630 says:

Picked up an evo from Sprint for 149.99 its awesome far. Loving my new phone.

crichton007 says:

I looked but there weren't any good ones on sale.

TopShooter says:

Yup, picked up a Samsung Vibrant, loaded it up with some cool apps on sale like Co-Pilot Navigation and the SWM app. Loving it !!

weehooherod says:

Tried to get a Sylvania 7" Android Tablet for $140. They were all sold out before I got on the ball though.

Martina2010 says:

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GioTech says:

Got an HTC MyTouch 4G from a T-Mobile corporate store for FREE after a $50 mail-in-rebate!

zakth says:

Picked up two Samsung Facinate from Sams Club for: FREE!

DanaP says:

Snagged my Transform from Best Buy for a buck! Then had them install an Invisisheild on it walked out paying $23.00.. wanted the Epic but not the $10 a month added to my bill for no 4G coverage

jstevens74 says:

got a G2 from cellhub for free with free activation and free 2 day shipping! I have been holding out for 2 months to pick this phone paid off to wait. (but all phones become free at some point right?

Sumpm says:

I guess I did, technically, although it wasn't planned. Last night I was looking to see what Sprint had available, and ended up ordering a pair of Optimus S phones for my wife and me.

kd0axs says:

Added a third line to my Sprint account and picked up a Transform for free at Radio Shack.

rhino3081 says:

Yes, 2 Fascinates free at :)

jmg_EVO21 says:

*double post*

jmg_EVO21 says:

I have mixed feelings.
Glad to leave att,
but at the cost of a PALM phone.

Imagine, 2 months using a Palm Treo Pro (yeah I did not want to leave Palm) - i got caught in the sweep and they got rid of my grandfathered features. That did it... joined the rest of my family on Spring (bro's plan).

GOT myself an EVO 4G (I wanted a keyboardless phone).
Man it screams...
And my plan? SO much better than what I paid for at att.

Unlocked GSMs are just not the norm here...

I've been a longtime lurker... taking advantage of the knowledge here... (though I secretly await a flagship WebOS phone...)

li2327 says:

Wanted to pick up a new phone but my brother told me to wait since I haveto pay full price he will get it for me.

impaler says:

Coming from a iPhone on AT&CRAP, Picked up a Droid X through Dell for $9.99, with no activation fee, no deposit. It's shipping now, and I can't wait to get it in my grubby fingers.

I picked up a galaxy tab at at&t. With article you guys had on hacking the tab to put back phone functions I am succsesfully enjoying my 7"phone with grandfathered unlimited data.whoever thought the states would not want or use the phone function was sadly mistaken and I think it would boost sales of the device. Guess the same idiots that think 5gb of data a month its a lot.

Boregardo says:

How were Epics at Sam's not sold out already. $99? I do lika that.

cea1203 says:

Picked up a Galaxy Tab , Returned it 4 hours later , total junk and a waste of money !! All hype at best

thecatwasnot says:

My Dad picked up 2 Incredibles from BestBuy, $2 for the pair. Originally wanted a Droid X but I am not regretting this at all, sweet little phone. Glad to be done with my old Storm.

westex#WP says:

Picked up a Samsung Captivate from Best Buy Mobile. Radio Shack was giving them away free, but the catch was you had to downgrade from the unlimited plan to the 2GB/mo plan.

I switched from Blackberry (Bold 9700), and am very impressed with Android so far. Can't wait for the 2.2 update!!

mikearoni says:

I picked up an EVO, finally got rid of my old Pre.

Picked up a droid x for a penny from amazon wireless..Hope its a good phone, im a fello blackberry user

iihyunwooii says:

got a white fascinate for free at best buy

MakeMachines says:

Picked up an Evo as an upgrade for $149 + charges at Sprint. Found out Radio Shack was selling them for $149 for an upgrade and Sprint price matched.

mty msi says:

On Black Friday I picked up a Captivate from my local Radio Shack for free, no activation fee and grandfathered unlimited data plan. My first Android smartphone and I absolutely love it even though I had to replace it today because the first one kept shutting itself off.

DaNeener says:

Picked up a new Captivate on Black Friday. I had planned on going to the Shack to get it for free with an account renewal, but stopped at AT&T for some account help and they agreed to match RS's deal and give me a Captivate for free with the account renewal. Picked up an extra charger and the Case Logic hard rubber case for it too. I sure do love this phone. My iPhone having wife is also loving my phone too. ;)