Should I Get the Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One?

There has been no shortage of discussion on this very subject.  If you’ve been to the forums in the past month (if you haven’t, shame on you) then you’ve surely come across at least one thread with the question “Should I get the Galaxy S4 or the HTC One?”  It’s a question that doesn’t have a right answer, or at least not one that anyone can provide for you.  Hearing other people’s opinions can definitely help, though, especially if those people already own the devices you’re trying to decide between.

Mello_Asian asks this very question of our forum members:

“Hey, everyone! My contract is close to its expiration, and I was wondering what phone I should get to replace my LG Optimus S. Both the HTC One and GS4 are great phones, and I'd be very complacent to get either one of them since they are a HUGH upgrade from the Optimus S.

However, as a high school student, I was wondering which of them would be much better/more helpful/more convenient for me in the next two years under a new contract. I'll be using my phone more for the camera, music player, more accessible games to pass time, and to help me with certain tasks with the browser or certain apps (searching up things, sparknotes, AP notes, etc.)”

Coming from an Optimus S one thing is certain, either device will definitely be a huge upgrade.  It seems that entertainment is a core use, as well as some specific features to help with school.  So what are other members saying?

Damian Blackford believes the camera and other features of the HTC One are better suited for social networks, but that the S4 has some really useful features for browsing the web.

“I'd say HTC was better for your social networking photos as that's what the camera is designed for... I've heard the Samsung has the better browser but not by a noticeable amount but I guess if your reading largely text based sites for education the eye scrolling/pausing would be great while taking notes or while watching videos and taking notes”

Smart Scroll seems like a great feature and can be really useful for scrolling through long web pages, like those you would find while doing research for a paper or something similar.

Bgapfire breaks it down pretty well.  After listing a very thorough list of pros/cons for both devices he drew this conclusion:

“In conclusion, you really can't go wrong with these devices. I hope everyone goes out and uses each phone to make a choice instead of listening to the One or S4 partisan arguments. Buy what fits you and be happy. The S4 is like those comfortable jeans you enjoy wearing. Although there are options just as good, it fits perfect when you put them on. What I've learned is if HTC softens the corners of the One, changes the button placement and provides a removable battery, I may just own one for longer than a week.”

Sounds like the S4 is for them currently, but what about Mello_Asian? The discussion continues, so be sure to hit up the thread and give them your thoughts.


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Community Spotlight: Should I Get the Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One?


I have played with both.

The HTC One seemed to have an issue with signal once you had a grip on the phone almost like the iPhone did I don't know if it is a common issue but it was definitely an issue with the one I was fooling with. Other than that it was speedy and had a nice display and the camera was really nice.

I did not experience the same signal issue with the S4 as I did with the one but was weary of all the Touchwiz overlay. After playing with it for a few days it seems to have grown on me. The pictures are amazing its speedy and it has some really cool features like the gestures. With that said id have to go for the S4 myself.

The htc One is better.
Aluminum and Zoe Camera, boom sound, Beats Audio are a must.
Also, flash a custom kernel and it will run at 1.9ghz each core ( not that is necessary).

I have bought the S4 within the last 3 weeks. I've been buying I-Phones since 2007, but they never seem to change their phones very much. It took a lot to switch, but the S4 is very fast, great colors, lots of features. No more contracts with T-Mobile, so I can upgrade anytime I want instead of the forced 2 year contracts.

Yeah but that was before anyone (mortal, at least) got to play with both phones! I think it deserves a do-over ;) With actual use rather than on-paper specs.

Here is my 2 cents. My buddy has the One I have the S4.

I've noticed lag on my phone with the touchwiz. but thats probably more due to the fact they rushed to get 4.2.2 on it more than anything. Everything else works beautifully.

Problems, I've noticed already with my buddies One, which I only see every so often.
Microphone issue. Sometimes the mic picks up lots of static. So say you are doing a google search... the mic will pick up static and not stop so your voice search doesn't do anything. Kind of annoying when you need an answer right NOW ;)

Camera,great in low light, but after that its basically a joke. Weird thing is, when you are going from a dark area to a lite up area the camera does some weird red color on all the black.. really funky.Thought I will admit the wide angle front facing camera is probably the coolest of the cameras on that phone.

but, that can all be fixed in updates, I would hope.

The biggest problem is signal... the s4 just gets better signal. We are sitting at the same spot in my house I have 4g he does not.
I'm in my basement have 4g, he does not.. if signal is important to you.. which probably is more than anything on the phone. my pick would be the s4.

Also to just note, he did question switching to the s4.. and counted the days he had the one.. only to find out he was a day too late.

Hope this helps some of you.. but as always to each his/her own.

happy phoning

I own the HTC One since April 19 beside my GS3 just for back up. I never have any problem with the HTC One since, when the GS4 came out, I Did play with it, to me seems just another GS3 with camera upgrade and of course the GS4 has Quad-core and 1.9 MHz.
In my opinion it's personal preference to choice which phone to buy.

I purchased Galaxy S4 and after a week's use decided to get the HTC one. I am glad I made the switch as HTC one offers MORE BATTERY than my S4. My S4 lasted me 20 hrs (not entire day with medicore usage) whereas the HTC one with similar usage stayed on for almost 28 hours.

Its surprising that S4 packs a bigger battery but the smaller one on HTC one lasted more :s

Secondly, I have not experienced any issues with WI-FI or Signals. I would imagine a faulty device at your end to get that replaced.

This time around, Samsung actually MESSED UP lol!

No...dout...u should go with s4...
Best graphics...on...d planet
Best.......features......unique product.....

It comes down to two things for me, battery & memory and since I can expand both on the S4 and I will probably have it for 2 years I will need to be able to upgrade both. fwiw.

App storage isn't my main concern, it's my google music library that I don't want to stream and use up my data allowance. I will have to see what verizon offers as far as 32gb version or not.

Considering that the 16GB S4 only has 8GB of user available storage, you will need expandable storage. That was the same issue people had with the S3, that the OS and skin took up to much of the available storage space. Plus Samsung has the S4 locked down so you cannot move applications to eternal storage. The S4 for is also laggy unless you disable smart features and motion gestures, or purchase the 8 core global edition instead, but no LTE). Also there have been reports of WiFi tethering not working properly, ringer issues, battery life problems, air gestures smart gestures buggy, screen purple hue issues, overheating to the point where it is to hot to hold to your ear to make calls.

Now in the interest of disclosure I do own an HTC One, and did consider the S4 along with the Experia Z. I ended up purchasing the One due to it's larger internal storage One has 32 GB vs 16GB for the S4 at the same price $199) I rarely used the memory card on my last phone, so not having external storage was a non-issue for me considering I also have a 50GB Box account, 25GB Dropbox and 25GB skydrive account if I should ever need more storage. Even after installing applications and adding my music and videos to the One I still have 24GB of available space. There have been reported issues with the One, the two most common being dead pixels and speaker issue. The only issue I have encountered in the two weeks I have owned it would be a user issue. Being it is aluminum do not leave it in the sun or it pretty hot itself (nothing that a blast of air from the a/c won't fix). Have not played with the camera much yet, other than low light pics which it does a fantastic job of. The signal on the phone is fantastic,a s being on Sprint I could not believe how much stringer my signal is now after switching the One (actually thought of switching to a different carrier as it was that bad, now just waiting on Sprint to deploy 4G to my area). As for battery life? I have received over 17 hours on average as I unplug my phone at 6:30 AM and do not charge it again until 11 or 11:30 PM every day, and I sue it heavily, as my Exchange account along with 3 personal email accounts are setup on the One.

I have always supported Samsung because they have always given their customers what they have asked for. Saying that I am waiting until Samsung or my Carrier starts selling the 32 or the 64gb models. 8.8gb of int storage just doesn't cut it for me. I have the SGS3 with 32gb of int storage with a 64gb class 10 sd card. I don't want to depend on the cloud for my important files. More important 8.8gb of int storage is pathetic for a top of the line Smartphone. IMO the minimum int storage should be 32 with sd card support, without sd card support 64gb should be the minimum. We pay allot of money for these great devices and I'm not complaining, Samsung and the US Carriers never give the US customers the opportunity to buy the larger size storage models that they advertise. The Korean market seems to get those models. The Note 2 only came in 16gb for the US market but the Korean market was able to buy any model they chose including the 64gb version. Most customers think that the sd card is the answer to this problem, it ISN'T, apps and very large games are not allowed to be moved to sd card. The latest Jelly Bean OS stopped that. The only way to move those files is to root your phone and hack it. I read it all the time on these forums, just buy a sd card and you are all set, WRONG, you will shortly run out of storage if you enjoy games or just download allot of apps. I'm going to wait and hope like hell that these larger storage models become available for the US Market. The sooner the better, I can not wait forever.
PS The new LG from AT&T is a great looking and specked out phone. The storage is just what I'm looking for, 32gb of int storage with sd card support. All the rest of the specs match the SGS4 almost exactly. The screen is a little bigger and it is only available on AT&T. It's a nice piece of Kit. Just ask Alex.

I'd say neither. Get the Note 2 instead! Better value IMO and has a ton of productivity options for students. :)

I feel that the Galaxy S4 is perfect for what he is looking for. With an expandable memory and a removable SD card, the Galaxy S4 should last him throughout his entire postpaid plan. The camera is obviously a better performer on the GS4 and a larger screen should be more comfortable for Web browsing. Gaming should be better too on the GS4 since most devs tend to optimize their games first on the Galaxy Phones because they are more popular.

The HTC One is great but it is not a phone meant to last for 2 years.

It's insane to say that the HTC One is not many to last. It is built stronger and tougher out of aluminum! This is one reason I got it after having an Evo 3D for two years. I can rely on it not to flex and break internally the way some phones do.

Expandable memory is a non issue fo rmost people because you can't put apps on that memory. I can understand if you are a person that must carry around 60 gigs of music but most of us don't.

The battery is great on this phone. The newer LiPo technology in the battery should easily last the lifetime of the phone. I'd rather carry an external battery pack if I'm out more than a day, it's better than rebooting the phone and can charge other stuff too.

The camera on the One is exactly what you want if you are taking pictures of people, pets, or anything that is not well lit. If you are into daytime landscapes, go S4.
Speaking of daytime, you might not be able to see the amoled screen on the S4.

I don't think that Devs will have any problem optimizing games for either phone. They have the same chipset and Sense has less overhead than touchwiz.

He will be fine with either phone. I don't get why Samsung has so many people marketing for them.

The biggest threat to the longevity of the HTC One is the lack of a user-replaceable battery. It's a built-in obsolescence. At some point that battery will start to degrade in performance or could just outright fail. Considering the repairability index of the One is very low (extremely difficult to take apart), your only viable option is to get a replacement.

I have an iPhone 4 (waiting for the HTC ONE to come to Fido in Canada) and I have yet to have an issue with my battery...

All this nonsense about removable batteries is just hype made to sell you more shit you don't need. A properly designed phone will not have any issues, hence the reason you still see people rocking iPhone 3GS'...

Maybe because the S4 is the best phone? I was truely considering the HTC 1 and the S4. The HTC seemed cluttered and harder to use. The metal case was nice, but thats the one thing I liked. The plastic on the S4 feels pretty good and seems more durable than people are giving it credit for.

S4 with its half-baked gimmicky software, lack of internal storage and overheating problems, I have to go with the hTC ONE. Better software and build quality. 32GB internal is enough for most users.

S4 Lack of internal storage??? S4 has 16 GB 32 GB and 64 GB models. It seems you are not informed enough to comment in this thread. You can redeem yourself by providing a cite of one mainstream Android web site that says the S4 has an overheating problem.

Get the HTC One. It's cooler looking and the software is smoother. Get the Galaxy S4 only if you think Toyota Camry's are much cooler than BMWs.

I've got a venerable old Optimus S too. Still love the thing, even though I've had the memory card filled for months...

HTC One for sure, though. Touchwiz has way too much bloat. (And this version of Sense doesn't! Crazy). Plus, I'd be worried about being able to root the S4.

You're worried about being able to root the S4? You DO know that most S4 models already have root, clockwork mod, and unofficial/official AOSP ROMs out for them.

My wife and I both had Optimus S's a couple of years ago. Great little phones. I had mine running CM9 up until I upgraded. Both of them are still going strong in the hands of our daughters.

i work in at&t store and i saw many returns of the s4 this week i can't count how many return's people all compelling of many problems from Samsung my manager was laughing his butt off. this is what the customers who returned the s4 comments were the Samsung s4 is the leggiest phone you can find in the market now, defective screen pink blur, over heating, the battery not that good and you can't see anything in the sun, the internal memory is small and and use sd cards make more leggy because sd cards are slow. when a company make alot of money they stop caring and this is Samsung.

"Samsung s4 is the leggiest phone you can find in the market now..."

Really? It's leggy? I'll have to get it as I'm a leg man.

go to the store and try the s4 and try it that's what the customers that bought it and returned them said this was all there comments.

i got the s4 ,its superfast ,HTC one sucks ,awful design and awful build quality ,the s4 is superior built and has a bigger better battery and its faster and AMOLED is better so is 13mp

Doesn't the S4 have screen spitting between 2 apps? That would be one of the main features to be used by a student.

A ton of apps, most of the ones anyone cares about, already support multi-screen capability. It's a bad ass feature, especially on a Note 2 with the extra real estate.

I picked the HTC One up this weekend mainly do to the fact that it was a free upgrade.

$100 HTC Rebate, and $100 instant credit when I ported our home phone over to the Sprint Phone Connect 2 device. I only had to pay the $36 service fee. It was too good of deal to pass up.

My wife has the S3 and I really don't like TouchWiz...much happier with my HTC One. (Even if it is on Sprint's 'Life in the Slow Lane' network...)

Get the HTC One! Great software, beautiful hardware, outstanding camera in any light, not just low light. The video highlights in the gallery are simply incredible and make the gallery brilliantly organized.

there are plenty of apps to store apps on why the dont even need root for most apps. I know you cant move them all.

Nah, with ICS and JB you can't store apps on the SD card.  App data, yes, but not the entire app.

Even when you go and click "move to SD card" it uses the internal storage, not external.

Not true with ICS at least. My SGS2 under ICS supported moving some apps to the SD card. It would leave some of the app on the main storage, depending on the app, but a bulk of the application would actually move to the SD card, not internal storage.

It's a pretty easy decision for me. I am really tired of Sprint and want a carrier that already has 4G LTE up and running. My contract is up next month so I am going to Verizon. Since Verizon does not have the HTC One, I don't want something as big as the Note and the S4 is the best Verizon has so far; the decision becomes really easy. Even if they had the HTC One, I would probably still go to the S4 because I have owned ever HTC EVO model at one point or another. Getting the S4 is going to be a nice change of pace. Looking forward to it!!

I am switching to Verizon for the same reasons but I have read that HTC may be releasing a version of the one on Verizon in the not so distant future. That being said I have had 2 HTC phone on sprint and I'm ready to try the S4. This will such an upgrade from my evo3d that it may be hard to notice shortcomings.

You are correct. I am assuming they will release the One. But the change to the S4 will be refreshing. Most of it's shortcomings can't be that bad. Every phone has them. It's funny you bring up the EVO3d. That was such a bad phone!! I ended up paying full price for my EVO 4G LTE just so I could get rid of the 3d. The funny part was Sprint gave me $100 for it! Not sure it was worth the gas I spent driving to the Sprint store. As long as the S4 is not as bad, and I am sure it won't be, I will be happy. (The fact you kept the 3d for so long is impressive! Must be painful.) On a side note, it's a shame that I can't take the 4G LTE over to Verizon. Such a good phone.

I've tried all the cell phone companys and I hate the contracts and crazy bills. I use T-Mobile and the service is great and unlimited everything for 70 bucks. You have the freedom to trade phones at any time too.

The signal - The grip thing has not really been an issue. I hasn't happened to me. The people who have noticed this are holding their phone SO tight as if to look for it and it's only a bar. No one grips their phone that tight.

Camera - I took some pics and posted them in my tumblr/robfactory. I used scenery, close ups, mid range, day time and night time shots. They all performed great except landcape/long distance shots. The camera is meant more for mid range to close range shots. The colors were good and crisp.

Video - The video was amazing and has stability sensors, which is better than the S4. The camera also comes with slow motion recording, which is pretty good, but not 1080p, more like 420p.

Microphone - I haven't noticed any issues with mine.

Battery - I have gotten 19 hours with good use. I also have it rooted running viper rom.

Screen - Better than the S4.

I do have to give it to the S4. They do have cool software tricks. Like answering the phone by waving your hand in front of it. The hover thing with your finger. I wish HTC would have done something like that. However, HTC just made Sense simple and kept off all of the gimmicks.
They have you a phone that is a multimedia experience. Boom Sound, Beats, Zoes, and a camera that actually takes pictures in low light settings.

Coming from the GS2 and GS3, you would expect me to say to pick the GS4. However, I picked up the HTC One. Did alot of research on it and the GS4 just seemed to be filled with camera gimmiks. This is what I love about the HTC One. It looks amazing, better than any phone on the market right now. It sounds amazing, i dare you to find speakers that are this good on any other phone. Its has a great display and is very speedy. Now for the things i didnt like. Google wallet wasn't compatible, no NFC Transfer and I absolutly hated Blinkfeed. However, thanks to rooting (which is very easy on the HTC One)and the Android developer community, all of these negatives have been resolved. Now I have the perfect phone. I was even able to convert a Die-hard iPhone user(Gen 1 - 4)to convert. I think i should get a prize for that.

I was in the same boat, I owned the GS2 as well as the GS3, mainly because they were the best smartphones money could buy at the time. Now we have a beast of a device in the ONE which is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment. It is hands down the best phone I have ever owned. Now keep in mind that the GS4 is a fantastic phone with a stunning display. The HTC ONE is such a high quality device overall that it has people putting down the GS4 for no reason. Samsung has done a fantastic job creating an incremental upgrade to their GS3, it only has a few nuances but are not deal breakers for many of its loyal users and new comers.

I am not a huge fan of the fact that the GS4 uses 1 GB more of the internal storage on the Os and "features" compared to the GS3 leaving you with only 8 gb of storage for your apps. That is very disappointing, because the app store has an abundance of amazing high quality games I would like to have on my device. I feel restricted and forced to pick and choose a select few apps. The expandable storage of up to 64 gb is a nice touch, but if I can not install apps on it what's the point? Luckily The GS4 will release a 32gb version on at&t to calm the storm of all the complaints from customers.

I have not had a single problem as of yet with my ONE. It is blazing fast Zoe is amazing and the photos are stunning. The GS4 has a great camera as well but I would look at comparisons online and you can see which is best. You are faced with a tough choice because both smartphones are amazing, but I could not be happier with THE ONE.

Look at what's important to you and priorize those needs, want's or likes.

For me, the top three issues are:

1) Being able to read the screen outdoors
2) Using my phone to stream music
3) Camera

Other Considerations:

A) Typical tasks: As far as e-mail, calendars, texting, social meda, etc... I assume any phone I get will perform those tasks admirably, so I can't rate a phone based on the "standard" expectations.

B) Storage Capacity: I don't carry thousands of songs or pictures around with me, so an external SD card doesn't concern me. If 32 or 64GB isn't enough, I can access what few files I need from Evernote, Dropbox, etc...

C) Battery: 2600mAh vs a 2300mAh doesn't concern me. I'm close enough to a variety of power sources during the day and generally keep my phone charged up.

So after determinig what I really use the phone for, and what's most important, the first thing I consider is how well does it perform outside, and how well will it sound? With that in mind I'm leaning towards the HTC One, but since I'm in no hurry to get a new phone, I'm also interested in seeing what the Nexus 5(?) will look like later this year. Rumor has it that the camera hardware will be some pretty amazing stuff.


Still amazed people are attracted to others based on looks. SMH.

Seriously though, the industrial design of the One is just part of the overall package. If the performance and features of the phone didn't back up those looks, then we wouldn't be talking about the One as a competitor to the S4.

Agreed. I don't see much difference between the two with the innards. I don't consider the gesture features essential to the conversation. For the same price (slightly less consider 16GB for SGIV vs One's 32GB internal memory), I would take the One. It feels more like the $600 phone that it is inside and out.

S4 over HTC ONE. But ideally get an unlocked GSM phone like Nexus 4 and go to,, or and save a bundle of money on monthly rates.

Ask yourself how often a company in pretty bad financial shape will be spending money on OS updates. The ask the HTC One X people how happy they are with their updates.

^This. In a year I'm confident that the GS4 and even the GS3 will still receive updates.

If you're going to go for a sealed android phone, just go for a Nexus and avoid HTC. Preferably whatever Google is putting out next if you can wait. If the next Nexus really does come with a high quality camera as rumored then the One will automatically be out of the smartphone race and quickly forgotten.

The S4 however, due to it's flexibility will still be in the race. You can add memory, it will play more video formats, multi-window, replaceable battery. If you want that "premium" feeling, there will eventually be aluminum and even leather battery covers and cases. Will it update as fast as a nexus? Not even close but it will be updated and it does have enough useful features on it's own that stock android does not have.

As a student, the Note 2 might be something to look into. The S-pen works fairly well and it's a superb phone with excellent battery life.

Basically, IMO S4=Nexus>One.

A nexus will hardly put HTC One out of business. Some tech enthusiasts might side with the Nexus but the general public doesn't even know what a Nexus is. Until a Nexus device is promoted on, Sprint stores and in the mainstream media it will be a non factor.
The general public doesn't shop on for mobile phones because they don't even know you can buy phones from there.
Now YOU may forget about the HTC One once your Nexus comes out, but the public, not so much.

HTC has not lost money in a quarter yet. Sprint loses at least a billion a year. How come nobody is talking about Sprint going out of business?
Further, my Evo 3d got an update in March. That phone was EOL'd a year ago. Yeah, HTC does updates, lots of them.

Due to you mainly using it for entertainment, the S4 is definitely the device you're looking for. While the UI may lag, the SD card slot is probably something that will pull you over. The S4 allows you to fit a 64 GB micro sd allowing you to put as much media as required. The One is limited to 32 GB.

RoboWarrior, I agree with you completely (except for the UI lag part). But I'd like to add a little clarification. When you say the One is limited to 32GB you are referring to the on board memory since the HTC One has no SD card slot. The One actually comes in a 64 GB on board memory version as well. But the Galaxy S4 comes in a 16 GB, 32GB, and 64GB on board memory version AND an SD card slot for up to a 64GB SD card for all versions.

I will still choose the S4 because of the removable battery. I like bringing a spare out with me so I don't always have to discipline my usage

Removable battery, android 4.2.2 vs the htc one? Lol

Not much of a contest, especially when u consider that your going to put your phone in a case, so build quality gets thrown out the window

I am the type who appreciates beauty, design and build quality with my gear and willing to pay for them. This is what separates the merely utilitarian offerings from the hi-end. Sure, I will be getting the HTC One, and if I feel like it, let it hang el naturale or put on a case for protection. With or without the case, it is still much better built, designed and beautiful than the most well-known competition that is the S4. For those complaining, its build quality and special appeal do not diminish its intrinsic value one iota if I so happen to slap a case to protect it. Ironically, this build quality comes at about the same cost or slightly lower than the S4. Easy choice for me--One looks like the $600 phone that it is, the other looks like a freebie and feels it too.

well with the lovely concept that T-mobile has blessed its subscribers with, i will more than likely get both (at sme point). I think both are worth owning and being that i can't decide, i'll just buy them both and decide from there.

Been using my HTC One here in Singapore retiring my original htc desire . 4G coverage is still spotty so it keeps changing back and forth and that's really the only issue. I managed to move all my music to the internal storage and it still has more then enough memory for apps. Space for app storage is the main thing for me, 32gigs internal is more than enough and you can't move apps to sd card unless you're rooted. Performance wise, its all good, I've been working to try to get it to lag on 3d games but so far so good. Boomsound, sense 5, Zoe highlights and the clarity during voice calls is the biggest differentiator to me from the s4. Recommend everyone get it

Hey first time post here, first off let me say that I've been with apple forever! My house runs on apple routers,imacs, ipads everything, but.... I was not impressed with the iPhone 5 that my wife got. So I went with the HTC one. Great phone! If you like social networking it's the phone for u. U can literally slide your finger on facebook app and it scrolls down forever, as apposed to most phones that just stop and load right away. Also I like that it's crisp, not that ugly purple hue that Samsung's have, blahhhhh! And the beats audio, come on mannn u can't beat that, as well as the camera. If your social like me taking pics with your phone during the day and at night with your peeps, it's a no brainer, those stupid gesture things are just gimmicks! It's like Ford making sensors for parking your car all by itself, no one actually uses that shit! That's my rant fir the day! Peace!

It appears there are a lot of HTC company shleps on this sight. I was trying to decide between the S4 and the HTC 1. The HTC was a boring phone and lacking camera. The plastic case on the S4 really seems quite durable and light weight. The exchangeable battery is valuable if you use map features, a lot of daily Internet use that drains battery life. So far in 3 weeks of having the S4 my battery hasn't run out with heavy use. Maybe I wouldn't even need a second battery its so good. I was impressed with vibrant colors of the screen and extreme quickness of operation and ease of use. Maybe everyone tried a different HTC 1 than I did, because I wasn't impressed with it.