Streaming Music

Streaming may be increasing in popularity, but which Android apps should you use?

We know there are plenty of streaming apps out there for Android. Each one comes with pros and cons (as everything else in life does). And the streaming app that best suits your needs might vary from one moment to the next. Say you want to listen to local stations for local news and weather information one moment. You may just want to have some music playing in your office that will be uninterrupted by commercials the next moment. Different apps will better fulfill those different needs.

Join us for an overview of some of the best streaming apps out there.

Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio is one service you don't normally hear too much about. It offers plenty of options, though, and it's what powers Samsung's Milk music service.

There is the free service, which plays ads (including some video ads). It offers a limited number of song skips. You can listen to stations suited to certain events or activities.

The $3.99-a-month subscription gets rid of those ads and song skip limitations. It also allows you to download full stations onto your device for offline playback.

And $9.99 monthly gives you an experience similar to that of Spotify in the sense that you can play songs and albums on demand, all without commercials. It also enables you to create playlists and download those playlists on your device for offline playback.

ABC News, ESPN and NPR stations are available on Slacker.

Download Slacker Radio (Free app)