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Best Android apps and games of the week


I had a Gameloft game that would always freeze sometime during play making you reset your phone, losing and starting over. wrote to gameloft 5 times and they never responded.

I wish the Google Authenticator app worked like Microsoft's.

I had a authenticator for my Pebble and pulled it out every time I needed a code, but if I could have a little approve message pop up on my Android Wear device every time I need it it'd save a boatload of time.

Turtles is pay to play plus in app purchases. A huge NO from me. Pick one or the other but don't double dip.

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Yea I wasn't really happy about that but bought it anyway. Super fun! I am really enjoying it right now.

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Good round up Simon. My only issue with this format vs. the previous is that we got to see apps and games that were being used by different editors. It kind of help individualize each of the editors styles and preferences. Almost a kind of behind the scenes look at each of their personalities.
Reviews are one thing, but what you are actually using speaks more of the individual and to the usefulness/entertainment value of those Apps of the Week.

Opinions of this user may be biased due to being one of those Nexus people.

Are the themed roundups going to be weekly as well? I'm OK with this format, but I'm more interested in apps that have been used and loved by AC editors.

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No comment on Amazon wallet?

OK I will do it. You all talk about Samsung and the ecosytem that they create, but nary a peep for Amazon? They have replaced Google on every front, I expected more of a backlash.

LMAO! Funniest thing i've heard all day. What has Amazon actually replaced Google with? Amazon isn't doing anything better than google except what they tried from the start and that's selling things. Google has nothing to worry to me when Amazon actually comes out with their own OS...

Didnt realize microsoft account finally had something for me to allow on my phone. My account for work is microsoft and its been so frustrating to have to go back to my computer to do so many things. The only thing i like about having to use my computer is that it frees up my phone to keep playing games on haha. Lately I have been addicted to Snake Attack! ( ) and Crazy Taxi ( )