The best action games for Android without in-app purchases

Skip the IAPs with these outstanding Android action games

Are you tired of being nickeled-and-dimed by freemium Android games? Had enough of gems and timers and boosts? That's certainly the popular opinion we get when we talk about freemium, so we've rounded up our favorite action games in the Google Play Store that do away with all of that, and provides the absolute maximum of product up-front.

We're focusing on reflex-driven games here, but we've got a few others kicking around in our global roundup of the best non-freemium Android games. Go ahead, dive in, and let us know what you think of our top ten action Android games without IAPs in the comments.


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The best Android action games without in-app purchases


Even Dead Ahead by Chillingo International is great. It gets a little hard but isn't impossible. IAPs aren't compulsory.
My fav game lately. :)

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Awesome info. I literally only search for IAP free games. As soon as I see 'in app purchases' I'm happily on to the next search. (OK Dead Trigger 2 gets a pass, but that's it for me). It'd be cool if Google Play had a tab section for IAP and IAP free games.

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Its osmos hd and its the only mobile game i have purchased and played all the way through. Loved it

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It is a "console quality" game in ur pocket. If it were released in 2004 it would be a $49-59.99 Xbox title, maybe. Dunno, I quit PC and console gaming years ago for emulation of my old favs and app store games. Too bad dummies keep spending $100s if not $1,000s on IAPs, ruining the possibility of a one time outright purchase for a game nowadays. I would never spend more than $60 on a game unless it was an IMPORT...

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I remember paying $60 for Shadows of the empire on N64. i look back and think it was worth it lol, but now i'm wondering about $7 games haha

The on screen controls aren't the best but if you get yourself a bluetooth controller it's definitely worth the price. I play on a note 3 and a note 8.0 so I don't know how other devices would handle the graphics.

Modern combat 2 & 3 were good, so I'm guessing yes, especially with an updated engine and graphics. Going to wait till the Android Box is out with a game controller before I get it.

Osmos was one of my first android purchases, and it's still one of the best values. It's really polished, with a simple, responsive control scheme, excellent graphics and sound, and features an interesting variety of different twists on the game's mechanics. Level difficulty ranges from extremely simple to fiendishly hard. Can't recommend this highly enough...

I have played a lot with Osmos some months ago, i will try some of these, i just love the music of these apps, she remind me of my Amiga era.

I'll add in my vote for Osmos as well. I got it through a Humble Bundle a while back (along with Osmos HD for my tablet), but if I hadn't I'd gladly pay $3 for it now. It and Angry Birds were the first Android games I played that actually felt like they were designed from the ground-up for a touch screen (unlike so many games that tried to adapt a gamepad or joystick model to the screen).

Keep this up. Iap games recently has been unplayable unless you hand over fortunes

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Surprised no one has mentioned The Room or the Room 2. Wonderful games with great graphics. Only games I have actually finished.

Simon- After reading this yesterday I downloaded Dumb Ways to Die. It's a fun game, but I kind of hate you a little for mentioning it. If you unlock the original video and play the thing it's like riding 'It's a Small World' at Disney; that song keeps popping up on repeat in my brain!

Ingress has no in app purchases, but it does require you to GO places!
(It's also a great way to meet new people and see historic places around your community)

I don't mind IAP games as long as it's OK here you go, try my game, like it, then buy it, one time IAP and done. This way you get to know if you like the game or not by going thru a training session or level or three, by then one should know if it's what they want or not. If they do, they'll fork over the $7-10 for it and maybe any sequels to it.