Nook Tablet rooted

The Nook Tablet has root access. Repeat: The Nook Tablet has root access. Shouldn't be a huge surprise, given that its older brother, the Nook Color, quickly became one of the most hacked devices of the past year, but the updated version (see our hands-on) has far beefier hardware inside, and so we're all that more eager to crack it wide open.

You've got a couple of options for the procedure -- some handy executable files, or a mere eight lines in the command propt if you prefer to do things yourself. Find it all at the source link below.

Source: XDA Developers; more: Nook Tablet forums


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Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet rooted


So try to explain to me why actually any vendor bothers putting ANY type of protection if devices are rooted in few days after release??

Only a very small minority of people who will get the Nook Tablet even know what rooting is & not all of them will root it.

If everyone had root access out of the box, there would be WAY too many warranty claims & exchanges because people who didn't know what they were doing would be bricking their Nook by uninstalling important system files.

Just my $.02

The original Nook Color is a beast once its rooted running the full CM Android (not the teletubbies version of Android it shipped with). I'm sure the Nook Tablet will be even more awesome once it's got proper bootloader/recovery and a ported ROM. ;)

Root was sort of expected, so it comes as no surprise ;)

It's ugly, not just ugly, but fugly. For 2 cents more, they could have picked a different color besides... beige...

And what's the deal with the display getting "half chopped"?

Yeah. Don't think you will see any custom roms till you get a workaround for the locked bootloader.

No. Once you rooted, Nook Color was wide open. I have one and it is a great device for customizing with your favorite ROM. I'm running CM 7.1 on mine right now.

From what I've seen so far, I'm not seeing enough improvement in the Nook Tablet to convince me to trade up. With CM7 and overclocked kernel, the speed difference is minimized. Only thing I see the Tablet has is improved screen.

Kindle Fire would give me wider access to Amazon ecosystem, but that's not enough for me to part with $199.

So I guess I'll save my $$ and wait to see what 2012 brings us.

So you got a Kindle Fire to play with -- when are you getting a Nook Tablet to play with? Seems only fair.

And with a microSD slot and a lot better specs all around for only $50 more than the Amazon Firelet, that's the real review I'm waiting for. And not some "get to play with" at the vendor's event.

I have both Nook Color & Tablet. Being inexpert, I use SD to root, and on the Color I had run all the diferent flavors of Android. They are all great, specially 2.3.5 & 2.3.7. The exception is Ice Cream Sandwich wich does not work even midway. Now, before I root the Tablet, would like to know if there is Cyanogen 7 or 9 properly released for such unit.Thanks for any help.

rooted my nook tablet with SD card. Not too difficult if you follow steps from xda. However, if you don't know how or just want to purchase a pre-rooted card, go to They also offer quick support so it was helpful for my parents.