The final step in building a successful and desirable Android smartphone seems to be going to court to defend it against Apple. Determined to keep their mind share with the American public (they've lost the market share long ago), Apple has renewed the fight against HTC and is once again asking for for enforcement (read -- let's hold them at the border where they can't be sold) over the "data tapping" hyperlink menu. HTC claims to have worked around the patent, but Apple wants an emergency proceeding to get the following devices banned from import into the US:

  • HTC One X
  • HTC One S
  • HTC One V
  • HTC Inspire 4G
  • HTC Vivid
  • HTC Status
  • HTC Sensation
  • HTC Sensation 4G
  • HTC Wildfire
  • HTC Wildfire S
  • HTC Hero
  • HTC Hero S
  • HTC EVO 4G
  • HTC EVO V 4G
  • HTC EVO Design 4G
  • HTC EVO 3D
  • HTC Amaze 4G
  • HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE
  • HTC myTouch 4G
  • HTC myTouch 4G Slide
  • HTC Rezound
  • HTC Rhyme
  • HTC ThunderBolt
  • HTC Flyer
  • HTC Jetstream
  • HTC EVO View 4G
  • Droid Incredible 2 by HTC

That's a hell of a list (but they forgot the original Dinc). It's worth noting that Apple says their patent covers any data that returns a menu of multiple actions -- like share, copy, or open in Web Browser. Like the one you'll probably see if you right click on any detected data in this post. I'm not even going to guess the outcome of this one.

But wait, there's more!

Apple has also tossed the Samsung Galaxy S III in with their complaint against the Galaxy Nexus, and are trying to have it stopped at the border as well. They claim the phones violate the same "data tap" patent, as well as slide to unlock, word completion, and methods of unified search. To keep things going in a timely fashion, Apple is limiting it's request for injunction to only the data tap patent and unified search patents, which they claim infringes on Siri. Apple realizes it's important to keep the Galaxy S III off the shelves come June 21. It worked once, might as well keep trying until a judge or other official tells them to stop.

This has moved beyond old rich guys fighting each other over what's in our wallets. Apple is determined to keep the American public from having what we want, and instead forcing their offerings on us all. Personal opinions aside, these sort of things are apt to be remembered, and Apple is heading down a very slippery slope. The biggest thing to remember is nothing is done until it's done, and any talk of bans and scare tactics from the usual suspects is still just that -- scare tactics. Remember that multi-billion dollar judgment many were sure Oracle was going to get ...

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Apple at it again, renews complaint against HTC and adds Galaxy S III to suit against Samsung


Here we go again...when will this stop? Apple seriously has been out of line with these lawsuits.

This is just going way out of makes no sense that Tim Cook wants to Sue for patent issues now! When these phones have been come out. Idk what he is so worried about if people still buy iPhones and iPads. So its not like he is losing money and as an android user I'm just getting fed up with all this little kid shyt from a so call "CEO" of apple

He's got every reason to be worried. During the second quarter reports for 2012 they hinted that expected iPhone sales will be lower. With HTC's One series and SGS3, they've got serious competition as these phone are eons ahead of the iPhone today. If they don't start selling the new iPhone before October, they may have to report two miserable quarters in a row, which will surely affect AAPL negatively...

Yeah, right! That is a joke. I am an Android user, but saying that Apple can't make a good phone is ridiculous.

They really can't! The iPhone is a one size fit all solution.. Apple is really afraid of Android after Ice Cream Sandwich launched.. Multi Tasking on iPhone is blaaaah. iPhone can't do many great things that Android can.

OK i hate the iphone but to say they cant make a good phone is a little far fetched. Its good but like you said its a one size fits all thing and well in that sense its a fail for me...

I agree Android is way better than iOS, but the iPhone itself is a marvellous piece of hardware. I would love to be able to get the next iPhone (with a bigger screen and proper aspect ratio) with Android on it... one can but dream...

I disagree with you! Seem you`re an Apple guy, if really Apple making a good phones, which I assuming better than Android phones, they should hold a good share of the market! If so, why they`re suing everyone? isn`t The market big enough for everyone to make money? Just like the automaker out there, I never seen any one of the automaker suing each other like stupid Apple. Apple stolen the Slider to unlock the phone anyway. So here you have it, go ahead and defend them.. They`re a big looser.
I`ll carry a pager if I have to, instead carrying IPhone and when I`d do that, that`s the end of the world.
Their IPHONE good because it has no more what they want you to have, NO FLASH READER.

Ok simply because your sentance structure and grammar is horrible I'm going to dismiss your argument as valid. All opinions aside I think most people feel that Apple makes quality products,it's just not what I or most Android users want in a smart device. I also feel that Android is superior to IOS in many ways, but to say that the IPhone is a piece of crap is just ignorant.

Their hardware is good but everything else on the software side isn't as good as android (especially in potential). Besides I really don't like Apple's ethics as a company which is just as important as the product one produces.

Hmmm, the ITC and Customs were satisfied that these devices passed muster, and now Apple wants to take those guys on as well as HTC?

This is going to end up being a really bad decision for Apple, because no one will forgive them for this. I suspect all the rights holders will gang up on them now, and the iPhone 5 will never be allowed in this country.

I predict that Upon reexamination, this silly patent gets tossed. Clicking something and getting a list of options has been around since dirt.

Pick ANY one Android phone, and check market share difference with the 4S. Like I earlier said, I use Android, but real is real. Compare apples to apples(no pun intended).

Samsung is the #1 seller of phones. I would say the poster was correct, apple is way behind market share wise compared to android and Samsung is racking in the $$ with their galaxy line and apple sees that and wants to try and stop this. Liking one product or not, the writing is on the wall.

apple may have lost market share and samsung and nokia are top phone makers world wide, but apple still pulls about 75% of the total profit share. because sheep still pay premium prices for thier closed ecosystem which apple controls and makes all the money from. thats why theyre worth as much as Exxon. ridiculous but true

Maybe you should read the article again. Apple isn't going after ANY one phone. It is clear its intent is to go after Android OS. Yes, they do have market share envy.

That's exactly what this comes down to. iOS is not the leader in market share any more and they are now scared they will fall further behind. If this was about a particular phone it would be one thing but they are going after the major Android phone makers (HTC and Samsung) which makes it very clear it's about Android. I'd like to think that even the Apple Fan Boys can see this for what it is - just a bunch of whiners that are losing their lead and are now lashing out at anything they can to justify that loss.

Of course apple sees how well Samsung is doing and recently htc with the one series and needs to stop the bleeding while they wait months to release their next iphone. Apple is no longer innovating and now is all about stopping the competition since they ran out of ideas. I mean if rumors hold true of the specs for the next iphone it's really not that impressive as was the case with the 4s over the 4. I mean I think people are opening their eyes and the "having an iphone is cool" wore off of people as they see what they can do with android and the likes and can do better along with a ton of choices for devices to use. If this delays my Verizon preorder getting to me I'm going to be pissed.
Not to mention many of those phones on there are EOL( inc2, evo, evo 3d) And if they passed customs( especially the one series which just happened recently) how are they going to say they are infringing on patents? Clearly customs did not see it that way. I wish the judge would put apple in their place and shoot down these terrible bs claims.

They're going to systematically take us by one...until only the Apple fanboys and hipsters are left...SAVE US

OMG, Apple come to me too tell me that I infringe their patent/design, when I ate an apple & bite it from top right corner that it's the same like their logo.

Apple's argument and love of unnecessary patent lawsuits was once something we just pushed under the rug once it was settled, but now it is becoming too much and honestly there needs to be legal action taken against the company. It is ridiculous that they are still allowed to make these claims after rarely winning any of its cases. They can't get over the fact that everyone else is making better smart phones these days

At this point I think that HTC and Samsung have to come together and sue Apple for the constant frivilous lawsuits. Once Apple has to pay money out of their pockets for these constant false claims, you will see how quickly they stop.

Up to this point,there has been no downside for Apple to pull these stunts. They just delay sales for competing products. Its a win for them even if they dont stop sales of the products. Once it actually cost Apple money every time they do this, they will stop immediately.

All HTC and Samusng need to do is to show that it has impacted sales of their products, and that the claims and lawsuits against their products have not been based on facts.


Yes. Time for all Android Manufactures to get together and block all iPhones from entering the country!

Is this company really that much threatened by some very good competition? The GSIII is slowly moving to iPhone status and they are doing everything to stop that.

Why just not create a successor to the iPhone 4S already and release it?

Really HATE Apple!!!

Apple is like the Howard Stern of the tech world. Once Howard saw that there were people that were funnier than him and he was losing listeners to these people, all he did was center his shows around complaints that everyone was ripping him off!

Ah, but he competed fair and square, correct? Claiming "copycats stole my stuff!" is still just being competitive. Bringing it to the courtroom and banning anything that might closely resemble competition is the dick move.

I sincerely hope you all remember this petty bullshit when Apple falls out of favor with the hipsters & start getting real pressure from govt for their business tactics. A la Microsoft's battle w/ Justice Dept & EU regulators in the 90's for reference. Perhaps then they can finally be starved out of existence.

I bet Bill Gates wishes he kept his $170 million now.

This is really pathetic of apple.
I am by no means a fan of Apple, Samsung, HTC or any other company for that matter, but this is getting absurd. I really don't think I will be giving apple any more of my money. Will they miss it? Def not. Will they care that they lost another customer? I can guarantee they do not. But I am tired of them feeling like that they are the gods of necessity and thus invention.

Don't get me wrong I'm on my Mac Mini with MS keyboard and my Asus monitor. I also have an iPHone 4 at the moment but I will make it a point to not buy their products again.

I get the feeling that their next phone will not be anything grand as it "has" been in the past. Their last phone was a joke, so they added over 200 features, really? Where? I know they added an 8 Megapixel camera and SIRI beyond that were are the other 198 items? The 4s was a minor update and I get the feeling their next phone won't be any better.

I am anxiously waiting for the S3 and get rid of this boring iPhone. Enough with jello icons!!!!

I fully disagree with you. There was way more than 2 new features. At least 4, like notifications and iMessage (100% more than your example).

But yeah, 4.

"If you can't build the best phone, just hire the best lawyers."
- Aristotle (or some other smart old dude...)

I have just two words to describe Apple. PATENT TROLL! Apple has some how been able to gain patents to things that shouldn't be patented and uses it to try to destroy its competition. In buisness terms It would be fair to say Apple is a bully and a terrorist because it spends its time attacking other companies instead of inovating.
The iPhone may have been one of the first sucessful touch screen smartphones but that doesn't mean Apple invented the concept. Apple has always been like this since the begining and the company has such a nasty reputation. For Tim Cook to say he hates lawsuits and turns around and does this just proves that he is a coward and instead of leading his company to inovate they would rather just litigate.
If Apple manages to ban or delay the Galaxy S III this will be the last straw for me,I will be writing a nasty hate letter to the company because my hatred towards Apple grows more and more with each news article about their legal woes.

I believe carriers are going to get tired of Apple as well cause if you can't sell phones and services then you ain't makin' money and it's costing them big money as well....etc

You got a good point. Considering how how much the carriers realize what these phones could offer them in sales they will soon realize that Apple is screwin with their income..

I just heard that Apple is suing Samsung and HTC over using the letter "S" in the names of models of their phones since they added the letter S to their iPhone 4, they claim they have the right to it.

In fact, I just heard that they are trying to sue my for using the letter "S" in this post.....

I swear if apple succeeds in getting my new shiny white GS3 from reaching my hands on 6/21, I am going to be one pissed of SOB!!!!

Apple's new motto.........If we can't beat em, sue em! Grow up Apple! You had a good run. Now that the competition has passed you by, you just want to pout and sue!

If you are truly a good company, take what the competition gives you and out do them. Instead, you are making yourselves look like 2nd grade babies throwing a hissy for attention!

Android is better, Samsung and HTC are making better phones and Apple just can't stand the fact that not everyone wants to be an Isheep!

Apple....FCUK OFF!! You're like Saddam Hussain...a dictator....carry on like this and you'll be even more like him....DEAD!

Apple has gone way too far and needs to quit bullying the competition and come up with a BETTER product.

I am surprised that Samsung hasn't retaliated yet and stopped production of the parts they make for Apple...Seems like they should have taken that road a while ago haha

i used to say the same thing but then i realized thats how big business works. its the same reason google makes maps and g+ and many other ios apps. csuse it is profitable for those apps to be there, period. same with the screens and chips samsung makes apple. they make way to much money to throw away

What is the best expected outcome for Apple? Assume they won big and all these products are stopped at the border for a time. Do they really expect someone to buy a product from the very company that is limiting their choices? I would go back to blackberry first.

I'll even suffer through the Windows phone experience before supporting this bull. At least they know when to grab their money and run.

The way I am reading things is:

The first Apple iPhone came out in 2007, the first Android phone came out in 2008.

Apple is playing the intellectual property card for "anything" it produced or developed from that year and on... What needs to happen is to turn the tables on Apple.

All that would need to happen is for a pre-2007 device manufacturer to sue APPLE for some "Smart Phone" feature that was developed/patented/used Prior to 2007. Any device manufacturer could file the claim as "copyright" infringement.

The manufacturers that could do this are......

IBM, Nokia, Palm for 1970s patent infringement.

Palm (HP), BlackBerry (RIM), Windows for 1990 years patent infringement.

Ericsson for year 2000(Sony-Ericsson)patent infringement.

Is there a device manufacturer out there that can help us out? Anyone???

Where is our Dark Knight?

There is a saying in the world of soccer, "if you miss the ball don't miss the leg" and Apple is trying to bully or hurt competition in a very bad way. I am sure very soon the courts are going to catch on to this Apple scheme. They have already been denied the ban on the galaxy tab until the final ruling in another court. Recently I misplaced my ipad 2 but truthfully speaking I do not miss....I am very surprise at myself. I rather get an android tab and I am NEVER BUYING APPLE PRODUCTS PERIOD

Apple finally realized that everyone who bought an iPhone 4 contract ends on June 14th. And guess what I'm not waiting for the iPhone 5, I just upgraded to an family plan with AT&T and got the Htc one x for my wife and I'm pre ordering the gs3 for my self. Android is where it's at. FU APPLE

I'm a big Apple supporter but this is getting ridiculous. It's a frustrating tactic in that they don't go after Google cause they have the resources to go toe to toe with them. Pick on the OEM's and have the system dry up. Google needs to step up to the plate and smack down Apple. One of the reasons Palm the HP never got this treatment was for one thing PATENTS. Hopefully with the Moto buy Google can rattle Apple's cage a bit.

I know, Google will never do it.:( That's what it truly sad.

This is getting OLD APPLE. Seriously they don't have everyone's money because everyone doesn't like their product so they get patent and sue happy. This is why I cannot support them. Apple needs to kill that suing mess. It's pointless and very stupid.

this isn't Apple's fault. This is another example of why are patent system is broken. A patent should never have been granted for this function. I expect Apple to defend its patents, but I expect the patent office to not grant stupid patents.

We can fix the patent system tomorrow. Today, I'm placing 100% blame on Apple for being dicks. A dick has no excuse. The more we excuse their behavior and godawful business ethics or shift the blame, the more they look like the ones just "playin' the game, brah!". It's bull, they know it's bull, let's just point the finger where it belongs today: straight at Apple. Bring the pitchforks. After, we'll go raid the patent system.

Already got my OneX thank you very much crApple for not blockading Canada! Screw you Guys...I'm going home. if apple had their way, Breathing would be a patent infringement. These devices are Light Years (ok maybe 2 years) more advanced than Crappertino is spitting out. Get over the Android Envy already and show us the measly 4" IP 5...

Apple needs to f@#k off, you mean to tell me in 2012 that as a consumer i have to subject to one company trying to force my decision over what to buy? not a f@#k of that...

Let it go Apple. They know.. Android already has them what? 2 to 1 ? And with the S3 releasing on 5 carriers within wks of each other ( Just wait for the Media Blitz on the S3 ) there will be so many S3's in so many hands @ $199.00 they are not going to have a lot of customers left to purchase their I5S except current I4S consumers.. The S3 will go down as the most sucessful phone in the History of Cellular Phones.. Period.. And that is going to eat at apple.. Believe that.

Essentially Apple will not be satisfied until you walk into a store and you only have a choice between the Jesus Phone N or a flip/feature phone. That's it!

Apple has fallen behind on the innovation front, while Samsung and HTC stepped up their game this year. The real reason Apple is suing, they are afraid to compete against compelling products.

"[a]ccording to press reports, Samsung has already sold over nine million preorders of the Galaxy S III; indeed, the Galaxy S III has been reported to be the most extensively preordered piece of consumer electronics in history."

This simply reinforces that the patent/copyright system in the United States is completely broken and in desperate need over overhaul.

This is REALLY starting to look like desperation, Apple. Really. You're going to start pissing off judges just like Righthaven did, and then you won't have any traction at all.

Oh, and I can't resist, go f**k yourself. Yeah I said it. You trolled me hard, but I don't care. Go f**k yourself.

Tim Cook had the opportunity to project himself as CEO of Apple as his own man, simply by putting aside all of the destructive, nonsense lawsuit shenanigans, initiated in a petty rage by his predecessor. Real shame he does not seem to have the strength to make the decision. Apple need to get to innovation and cut all this nonsense out, as any credibility they have left is wearing really thin.

Apple are now the heavyweight gorilla in the room, playing every anti competitive angle they can muster, to cling on to the piece of the pie where the vast majority of their margins come from. I gave up on their products a while ago now due to this kind of behaviour but I am now at a point where I could never, in good conscience, recommend them to anyone else either.

Like seriously, it looks like Apple is being run by retards that can't make good every day use mobile devices. So what they do is get their demented lawyers and sew the hell out of other companies. Apple is scared of Google and we all know it. The reason they don't go after Motorola is because Google is behind their back.

Tim Cook is going to kill Apple just like he did years back. Apple has to under stand that a rectangular black/white touch screen phone is a retarded lawsuit.
The only good things they make are their non iOS devices like the iPod nano, Mac, and other iPods.

Apple just can't compete with the new phones. That's all it is. Spend time building a phone that can actually make a call instead of suing hardware makers without this "limitation"; you might be able to gain a little market share.

So here is a thought. Apple is putting unnecessary cost into the system by all these stupid patent suits, as well as just annoying the heck out of people who want to buy an Android phone and wouldn't buy an iPhone anyway.

Look, phone calls cost the company money, and if they are on-shore calls, can run upwards of at least $3 a call (and I know a few organizations where a call costs close to $10 a call). Why don't we start a call campaign and hit Apple where it hurts? It won't do any harm, but if we start to flood them with phone calls showing our annoyance (or better yet, targeting them at specific dates and times), that could be enough to impact / annoy them. Yea, it won't make a difference, but it might make us feel slightly better at them hearing our voice. And we can at least waste some of that Apple money, which they like to spend on patent attorneys.


this is what we need.. A negative reaction stimulating hatered towards apple.. The more they do this the more hate will grow and no matter what will cause a decline in apple sales... DIE YOU FRUITY BASTARDS.

All what Apple need is PEOPLE to stand up together and stop buying Apple IPHONE Apple will back up. As long people standing in line to buy the new IPHONE they`ll keep suing everyone.

I don't remember any company asking to hold up shipments of a product because of a complaint. Apple has jumped the shark. They have over priced products that are cheap and junk, and they can't over charge if the demand for them goes down.

Apple makes quality build phones but not full functional phones like Android. They need to stop with these lawsuits. What are they trying to be the only smartphone maker? That is called a monopoly and THAT Is illegal. Karma is going to get them. Imagine if they got their phone banned? They would have nothing.

Isn't this Apple TV something that was taken from Google TV or the old TV's that you could use the internet with. Apple is apparently going to stop at nothing to delay technology that may compete with them.

I thought PC's had the right click and left clicks on their mice, now Apple does, isnt that an idea they stole.

They want to be like a PC but over priced, and they want to be like android but charge for their apps. Apple is going to lost fans. Karma..

Can someone smarter than me find a reason that I personally can sue @$$pple? Than we can all jump on board and they can see how annoying these BS lawsuits are.

I would have rooted for apple just for being an American company just a couple of years ago. But now that I have the Evo and had to wait for my phone from HTC, that shit hits home!

I never really paid attention to businesses suing each other over petty crap before, life's too short. But what this will really do is hurt the American carriers, retailers and re-sellers. The American economy can't take these bully tactics from one of it's own.

I'm really glad I live in the UK for some reason we have avoided all these delays due to apple's urge to sue everyone (will I be sued for writing apple in this post?).
I am definitely a fandroid but apple do make good hardware it's just a shame their legal budget now seems to be much bigger than the R&D one. They really do need to stop playing the patent (on ridduculus things) card every time someone releases a new phone. And the patent people need to check everything apple tells them, so apple invented slide to unlock did they? Obviously that windows mobile from about 2003 just doesn't count.
How long after their new map system (that they bought) do we think it will be before they try to get a patent on maps (even paper ones)?

Rant over :-)

Ah The Nazis are on it again. Not sure if the German SS was worse or Apple? And this is from a German writing this here.

You know, I like Apple products(MacBook, iPod, iPhone). I own a 120 gig iPod. My mom has an iPhone on my ATT account..I have an android phone...BUT..things like this makes me have second thoughts about buying future products from them..why support a company that results to petty business actions to stop competition? Just my thoughts. I know the average buyer probably doesn't even know about the infringement claims and lawsuits that's happening. Well if they read Android Central they would be more enlightened. I tell people about A/C all the time, when they ask how do I know about a particular phone or release date. Anyway I'm just venting. I read a lot of comments here and for the most part I agree. Apple just needs to go home sit down and try to build a better phone...I thought competition is suppose to be healthy for a company, just like sports...guess it doesn't apply to phones...hats off to HTC and Samsung..

The one size fits all thing is a huge downfall, like for me for instance, I have big hands, and smaller phone = smaller keys!!! Not to mention my qualms with it being an all glass phone, that is pretty foolish to me... Androids many devices allow you to choose personally which phone best suits your needs... Apple will one day be overtaken, and they will make a range of devices to suit the needs of the masses, not the sheep cult they make products for primarily...

So how did the HTC phones get through customs and the ITC review of them if they weren't compliant with the lawsuit? Apple sure seems desperate.

You got to be frickin kiddng me?!!!
Apple makes me sick to the core !!! It just straight beef they have for Android.Like Biggie said,beef is unhealthy and WE are tired of them shoving their BS of iMacs,MB/MBPros,IpHones esp,down our throats and in our faces.So instead of being innovative,they cry like children to the ITC and US Customs.BTW,I use Linux anyway,can't afford a iMac,so I got something better and more secure.As for Android,best smartphone around period and best tablets.Don't get me wrong the iPhone's intro in 2007 changed the smartphone game but Google/Android made it better and SJ an't stand it .R.I.P....

Apple groe the f&*k up and get a sac !!

I wonder if there is any idea how quickly this action could take place if Apple prevails. This news prompted me to order my new EVO from Sprint today rather than waiting till later this year as planned. According to this referenced article:

" This week's complaint is a follow-up to the December 2011 ruling on the first one. ... Apple is now asking the ITC for an emergency proceeding and enforcement action to prevent further infringement. "

To me, Apple being pissed off that Android phone look like iPhones is like Ford being pissed off that other cars all use steering wheels and accelerator pedals.