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Android Wear and Android Auto

Android Auto tip: Disconnect your watch (at least on long trips)

Here's an obscure tip that merges two niche Android products — but a tip that's important to those of us who dwell in these depths. If you have Android Auto in your car and wear an Android Wear watch on your wrist, you might find that the watch battery is being drained pretty significantly when...
TuneIn Radio on Android Auto

TuneIn Radio on Android Auto brings the world's sounds to your car

TuneIn Radio is a longtime player in the Internet radio game. And while it might seem a little odd to be talking Internet radio in the car when we have access to millions of songs in various traditional music apps (not to mention satellite radio coming standard on just about anything new, and...
Android auto USB cable

Ask AC: Do I need a special cable for Android Auto?

As we trudge through the early days of Android Auto, one question tends to pop up more than others in our Android Auto forums. And that is this: Do you need a special cable to use Android Auto? The answer, simply put, is "no." Any normal data cable should work just fine with Android Auto....
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Parrot RNB6

Parrot ditches plans for consumer-centric Android Auto head unit, now targeting car manufacturers

At CES 2015, Parrot unveiled the RNB6, an in-dash car infotainment system with support for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. During the launch, Parrot said that the RNB6 will be available to customers as an aftermarket upgrade, but it now looks like that option is no longer available as the... for Android Auto brings its disappointing app to Android Auto

We're not quite sure how Android Auto launched without an app for audiobooks, but such is the case. That's changed now that has added support. But the experience ... is not great. Audiobooks are hugely popular. Always have been, way back to the days when we kept a half-...
Volkswagen announces Android Auto support for its 2016 lineup

Volkswagen's first car with Android Auto starts landing in showrooms

Volkswagen has announced that the first car sporting Android Auto has started landing in showrooms. The Golf R is the first model to pick up Volkswagen's latest infotainment system — which includes Android Auto on board — but the company says the rest of its 2016 lineup will carry support for...
Beyondpod on Android Auto

BeyondPod brings its simple podcast playback to Android Auto

BeyondPod is one of the original podcatchers for Android, and it currently lives in the 1 million to 5 million downloads category on Google Play. It's a regular on our list of the best podcast apps for Android. And with the addition of support for Android Auto, it's now available in your car...
Android Auto

Honda's first car with Android Auto will be the 2016 Honda Accord [Update]

At an event in Silicon Valley today, Honda revealed that the 2016 Honda Accord will be the first of its models to sport Android Auto, bringing the connected platform to both sedan and coupe models of the car. From Bloomberg: Honda Motor Co. unveiled a refreshed Accord at the opening of its...
Slacker Radio on Android Auto

Slacker Radio brings the hits, hosts to Android Auto

One of the original streaming music apps on Android is, of course, Slacker Radio. (We first started writing about it in November 2009.) And now on Android Auto, it's as much a part of this platform's future as it is its past. Slacker — available in Google Play — dubs itself as "human-powered...
Where to buy Kenwood Android Auto head units

Where to buy Kenwood Android Auto head units

Kenwood has a couple of Android Auto-compatible head units available for purchase. The DDX9902S and DDX9702S are compatible with Android Auto as well as Apple CarPlay. In addition to Android Auto, both come with HD Radio, CD/DVD, and are compatible with Miracast, Mirrorlink, Sirius/XM Radio...
Pioneer Android Auto

Where to buy Pioneer Android Auto head units

Android Auto is slowly making its way into new cars. But for many of us aftermarket units are going to be the way to go. Pioneer was first out of the gate with a trio of head units. Suggested retail prices range from around $700 to $1,400 from the low to high end, but we've already seen some...
Joyride on Android Auto

Joyride is an aptly named podcatcher for Android Auto

The more apps we use with Android Auto, the more we appreciate simplicity. There's a pretty fine line between doing just enough, and going overboard. And Joyride (download here) — which is an excellent podcatcher unto itself — is pretty excellent as an Android Auto application. Let's take a...
This is the first thing I'd fix about Android Auto

This is the first thing I'd fix about Android Auto

At this point, a few months into things, I'm pretty big fan of Android Auto, warts and all. It's early for AA as a platform, but it's also what I think is going to be one of the most important improvements in the mobile space, if only because it'll help get phones out of drivers' hands. The...