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So, your shiny new Nexus 7 is either in hand or on the way, and your Samsung Galaxy Nexus -- in most cases -- just got an OTA to Android 4.1.1. But, when you're asked; "so just what is all the fuss about with Jelly Bean?" What would you say? Project Butter? Google Now? Some sort of changelog would be good right? 

In celebration of the first shipments of the Nexus 7 going out, Google has given us just that, as posted to Google+ by none other, than Hugo Barra himself:

To celebrate the fact that we've just started shipping +Nexus 7 today, we're publishing the official Jelly Bean changelog with all of the new features in Android 4.1

It's a plentiful list of goodies too. Picking a few out at random we see, support for USB audio docks shipping later this year, you can calibrate face unlock to work with accessories such as glasses and hats, news and weather has been improved for freshness and power consumption, and specific improvements to Currents and GMail for the 7-inch tablet. 

The full changelog is posted over on the official Android site, so hit the source link below and go read up on all the Jelly Bean you can handle. 

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jjrudey says:

Got the shipped email for my Nexus 7. Hopefully it shows up Monday.

Same here

robbiekhan says:

The Mofi pouch is excellent quality for this tablet, mine arrived today, was £10 from eBay. Ordered yesterday, came today.

Anyone getting an N7 should take a look!

Hand_O_Death says:

That is a nice case. I am waiting for a nice magnetic one that flips to a stand.

kinster02 says:

About darn time, actually they did say mid July but seems like forever.

NYC Dude says:

I'm trying to figure out how to set a song from play music as my ringtone. Also according to the change log there is also a built in sound editor to cut the the part you want. If anyone knows how to use these new features please let me know.

janesa13 says:

anyone here already got the JB update for the yakju gnex?
I meant from OTA, not from rooting and manual flashing.

ffastffrank says:

Received my order has shipped notice yesterday for three 7's that were ordered on the 10th. Due to credit card issues that make no sense, original order on 2nd was canceled and I was told order date would be slipped to the 10th. This is great news.

clownkiller says:

Ordered mine the 27th, still no notification. Seriously starting to get pissed off. Google really screwed over people that ordered directly from them. Seeing people get theirs from Gamestop before us google ordering folks is a huge slap in the face. And now fastfrank says he ordered his on the 10th, as in 5 days ago and his are being shipped before mine ordered weeks ago? WTF!!!!!!!

AlyarbankHQZ says:

I agree. I ordered mine on the 7th and haven't heard anything... And I could have just waited and got it first by just walking in off the street. Wow...

Note to Self: Never buy hardware from Google play Store directly again.