Amazon Kindle for Android

Android's Amazon Kindle app got a nice little update today, bringing a couple of welcome improvements to tablets. Here's the full changelog:

  • Tablet users: customize your reading experience with new margin and line spacing controls.
  • Tablet users: see two pages side-by-side in landscape mode.
  • Fixed a bug that required some users to re-register when returning to the app.
  • Several bug fixes.

It's been a little while since I've used the Amazon App on a tablet that's not the Kindle Fire. We really didn't have proper side-by-side pages, eh? Well, it's fixed now. get your download on.

Download: Amazon Kindle for Android


Reader comments

Amazon Kindle app updated for better tablet support


When do we get fancy page turning?

I know it sounds silly, but it really goes a long way to looking like a polished app...

It's about time. The margin/line spacing thing is the reason I never bother with the Kindle App on my tablet.

Phil: (re: side by side) yeah, and it was really annoying not having it on a big 16x9 formatted display. Glad to see they finally got around to adding this.