10 hours ago

Shield Tablet gaming bundle packs in hardware, software for $399


In time for the holidays, NVIDIA is rolling a special Bundle in a Bundle promotion for its Shield Tablet. The $399 bundle combines the gaming hardware and titles you need to get started and enjoy the full capabilities of the NVIDIA Shield Tablet. The promotion goes into effect tomorrow, December 20, and will run through December 24.

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11 hours ago

Google Opinion Rewards is now easier on the eyes while you're answering surveys


Google Opinion Rewards, the app that lets your rack up Play Store credit by participating in surveys, has just jumped on the Material Design bandwagon. It's still a pretty simple app so there wasn't much to change, but things have flattened out, and the green color of the app's icon has carried over into the top bar when you're in the app.

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12 hours ago

T-Mobile will pay $90 million to settle 'cramming' charges


U.S. carrier T-Mobile has settled charges levied by the FTC and FCC that they charged customers for unwanted services, a settlement that comes to the tune of at least $90 million. The practice, known as "cramming", stemmed from third-party services from "premium SMS" providers for wallpapers, ringtones, horoscopes, celebrity gossip, and more.

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12 hours ago

Android startup Linshof shuts down before shipping anything


Linshof, a new Android startup that had made its existence known only a few weeks ago, is shutting down before ever getting a product out the door. The company says that their investors decided to close the project for unspecified reasons. Linshof had originally announced their intention to release a number of devices based on Android 5.0 Lollipop.

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13 hours ago

ASUS ZenWatch review


From the start, the Android Wear community quickly split into two factions. There are fans of the round watch, a form currently populated only by the Moto 360 and LG G Watch R. Then there's the square camp, which is everyone else. The original LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live, the Sony SmartWatch 3.

Round? Or square. Both have their merits. The Moto 360 has been nearly universally declared the most attractive of the bunch.

That is, until the ASUS ZenWatch appeared.

The ZenWatch sports a square face with rounded corners, and a body that should inspire the most stern smartwatch non-believer.

We now have more than one Android Wear smartwatch that you won't be ashamed to wear with a nice suit. And this is our ASUS ZenWatch review.

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13 hours ago

Minuum 3.0 arrives with major redesign and multilingual typing mode


Minuum has hit 3.0, with a number of enhancements and fixes, and a new Material Design look. Minuum has also added a number of new themes, and made enhancements to typing, including multilingual typing support.

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13 hours ago

Need a case, charger, batteries or screen protectors? Everything's 20% off right now!

Our last minute shopping sale is still going on here at Android Central, offering you 20% off everything in the store until midnight, December 21

We've got accessories for the most popular Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5 and many more.

Pick up a new car charger and vehicle mount for safe holiday traveling, wireless charging mats for an effortless way to stay powered up around the house or even a large capacity memory card to expand your library of movies and music. It's all here, and for a limited time it's 20% off with coupon code: LAST14

Depending on how fast you want your items, see our available shipping options for expedited delivery before the holiday. We also offer FREE standard shipping on all orders over $50.

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14 hours ago

Santa Phil Day 5: Win an Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick

It's the penultimate day of our weeklong giveaway, and today's prize is on one hand different and not huge, and on the other quite a collector's item. Up for grabs today is an Amazon Fire TV Stick — think Chromecast(ish), only with Amazon content included (plus other services, of course). And we'll toss in a rare Android Central mug along with it, just 'cause.

We'll make this one easy: Just leave a comment here on this post letting us know the best movie you've seen this year. We'll leave comments open through 5 p.m. PST Saturday, and pick a winner at random next week.

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15 hours ago

Perfect your mobile driving skills in Top Gear: Extreme Parking


Do you have difficulties parking your vehicle while out and about? If so, Top Gear: Extreme Parking is now available to help out by taking the task of parking and throwing in some ridiculous vehicles, precision skill development and some strange obstacle courses. Co-developed by the team behind popular parking simulator games, Play With Friends, this title is worth the download for those who enjoy wacky experiences.

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16 hours ago

Samsung Galaxy Note 4, two months on

Galaxy Note 4

Is Samsung's big phone a big hit? We reflect on two months with the Note 4.

When Samsung refreshes the Galaxy Note line, people take notice — and the leap this year was as big as any other. After an imperfect Galaxy S5 that didn't exactly blow us away, the Galaxy Note 4 really hit it out of the park. A ridiculously high-quality display is backed up by a new metal design, while the camera brings important improvements and the internals hit new highs.

We're now just two months removed from the launch of the Note 4, and while all of us here at Android Central have spent our fair share of quality time with the phone, two of us are still carrying it on a regular basis. Alex Dobie and myself have been using the Note 4 since launch, more or less, and want to reflect on our experiences — both highs and lows — with the phone. We have plenty to talk about, so join us after the break.

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17 hours ago

Sony releases new video teaser with lollipops and colors, lots of colors


Sony is back with a new video teaser, this time opting to include numerous references to the number five and lollipops. While this could suggest Sony is looking to announce Lollipop for its consumers, the company has previously spoken about Android updates, but we could also be looking at a quick peek into Sony at CES 2015.

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19 hours ago

Gresso launches new luxurious smartphones coated in gold and titanium


Gresso has launched a new luxurious line of smartphones, coated in gold and titanium. Usually when we look at these expensive smartphones, we're taken by just how unattractive the designs are. Luckily, that's not the case for the Gresso Regal with impressive specifications matching the premium design. But that's not to say we're preparing to fork out for one (or two).

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1 day ago

Firmware update brings better accuracy to Fitbit Surge


Fibit has announced a new firmware update for its latest Surge, which the company describes as a "superwatch." With the latest version 9.2 firmware, the Fitbit Surge gains better accuracy with step counts, battery level indicator, and also GPS tracking. Additionally, runs that are being tracked at midnight, for all the night owls who sport a Surge, will now be tracked correctly.

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1 day ago

Samsung will once again send ChatON into the sunset [Update: Except U.S.]


Samsung will once again kill off its ChatON messaging service. After it was previously reported and subsequently denied by Samsung that ChatON will bite the dust, the Android Galaxy-maker has made the termination official, announcing that the service will be closed to conversations and emojis effective February 1, 2015 at 9 AM.

Update: Samsung says the service will shut down everywhere but in the U.S.

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1 day ago

The clock's ticking: Vote now for the Android Central 2014 Reader's Choice Awards!

Android Central 2014 Awards

There are just two days left to vote for all your favorite things from 2014. The best Android phone. The best smartwatch. The best tablet. Your favorite Android Central Editor. (We're totally making that a category next year.) The best apps. All the Android things.

And the winners are still very much up for grabs, folks. If you don't vote, you don't get to complain later.

Vote now in the 2014 Android Central Reader's Choice Awards!

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