Nexus Q

With the Nexus Q no longer in stock on the Google Play Store, it looks like Google thought now would be a good time to go ahead and update several of the apps the Nexus Q supports in preparation for those who will be getting their units. Previously, the apps were locked down to devices running Jelly Bean for support on the Nexus Q but not any longer. YouTube was updated, along with Play Movies & TV and now, the Nexus Q app can be installed on phones and tablets running earlier system versions of Android to support the Nexus Q.

  • YouTube - Nexus Q support, Turn your phone into a remote, to play YouTube videos on other devices, bug fixes
  • Nexus Q App - Version of the Nexus Q app includes improvements to the social mix (guest mode) feature and unlocks support for phones and tablets running earlier system versions of Android.
  • Play Movies & TV - Faster downloads, Fixes a playback failure on some LG (and possibly other) devices, Other bug fixes

The updates are all available right now in the Google Play Store, for those of you looking to get the Nexus Q app on your device you can hit the link below as well to get it downloaded. That is, assuming you are in the U.S. since you know, it's not available elsewhere.

Download: Nexus Q App