How many Jellybeans?!

Last week in our Nexus 7 A Week Giveaway, we asked you to take a guess at the number of jellybeans in the picture above. Out of 3000+ entries, there were 15 people who guessed the exact number of jellybeans! Since we aren't giving away 15 tablets this week (sorry!) we put everyone's name on a slip of paper and drew out one at random as our winner.

The winning guess of 143 jellybeans and the proud new owner of a Nexus 7 tablet is:


Congratulations! We'll be in touch sometime this week to get your shipping info, so watch your email. As for the rest of you, the Nexus 7 A Week giveaway is on hold until next week, as there is something big coming in the next day or so. You'll want to keep your eyes on the blogs and forums for sure!

See you all back here next Monday with a new chance to win!