What color Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 should you buy?

There are lots of fantastic true wireless earbuds on the market today, but no company puts out as many high-quality buds as consistently as Samsung. The Galaxy Buds 2 are now available, and as the successor to one of our favorite pairs of buds from 2020 — the Galaxy Buds Plus — they look and sound amazing. The Galaxy Buds 2 come in five fun flavors, but what are the best Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 colors for you? Our favorite is the Lavender variety, but all the options featured are great. So let's take a closer look.

So, which pair of Galaxy Buds 2 is right for you?

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What's great about Samsung products these days is that they often come in a number of colorways. That includes its phones, but also its earbuds. Not only can you get a color that matches you but also your phone. The Galaxy Buds 2 comes in multiple colors, and there are more still being added.

It's tough to pick the best-looking pair of Galaxy Buds 2, but we will go with the Lavender hue if we're forced to. They're pretty, they color match nicely with some of the best-looking Samsung phones, and they're different enough without being garish. Of course, you could say the same for the Olive Buds 2, but it just comes down to personal preference. The Graphite and White options will probably have the widest appeal, and you certainly can't go wrong with either of those choices. Whichever pair you choose, know that you will get some of the best wireless earbuds on the market right now.

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