Earlier this week we asked you, the readers of Android Central and the folks who make all this possible, what you thought of the Nexus 9. Specifically, if what we've seen leaked so far had any of us interested when it comes time to produce the credit card.

Like all rumors, and especially Nexus rumors, none of what we think we know may be what we really know after the people who know tell us what they know. You know? We're thinking 8.9-inches, made by HTC, with a 64-bit NVIDIA TK1 under the hood. Of course, Android L (I put Lollipop in the office pool months ago) will certainly make its debut and we'll have all new Nexus software to dig into, play with, and break so bad we need to flash the factory image. Fun times.

Poll results

Back to that poll, it looks like of all the people who cared enough one way or the other to vote, over three-quarters (76.29-percent to be exact) are interested. I'm one of them. Not feeling the rumoured 4:3 aspect ratio at all, but really digging the idea of playing with Android L on the new TK1.

How did you vote, and why? Comments — fill 'em up!