Android King of tablets

Last week we asked which type of tablet was your favorite. Just about everyone has used one at this point, and most of us have at least one floating around our homes. There is definitely some variety in the type of tablets currently on the market with options like the Microsoft Surface, Apple iPad, and plenty of Android tablets to boot. It's quite apparent that Android tablets are currently the most popular though.

There were four options in last week's poll. Android tablets, iPad and iPad Mini, Surface tablets, or other Windows tablets. Out of these Android certainly has the largest variety of tablets available for you to play with, which is why it's unsurprising that they won out this week's poll with a whopping 64% of the overall vote.

Android wins the poll

So Android were the clear winner for the poll this week, and had 4,581 votes in their favor. Apple tablets came in second place with 20 percent of the vote, and 1,431 individual vote. In third place was the Surface tablet with 859 votes and 12 percent of the vote. In last place were other Windows tablets who managed to grab up just 214 votes at 3 percent of all votes. While it really wasn't surprising to see Android come in first place, the fact that they had more than twice the number of votes of any other category is a bit telling.

Do you prefer Android tablets to your other options? Pop into the comments and let us know!