Our favorite Android smartwatch is cheaper than it's EVER BEEN at Amazon right now

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic close-up of the apps

This Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 deal is a perfect option for those who want the 44mm band configuration, featuring upgraded display brightness and a few moderate performance boosts from past versions. Beyond being the cheapest this Galaxy Watch 6 band size has ever been, this smartwatch comes with up to 40 hours of battery life per charge, or 30 with the Always-On display option, and it charges to around 75% battery in just 45 minutes.

And at 24% off of the regular MSRP for this premium smartwatch, representing almost $80 off, it wouldn't be a surprise if this limited-time offer didn't last very long.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 44mm$329.99$251.58 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 44mm - $329.99 $251.58 at Amazon

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is a strong successor to the Watch 4 and Watch 5 generations, boasting an impressively bright display and a slightly better Exynos chip. At almost $80 less than it's normally sold for, this 44mm band version is a solid midrange pick if you're looking for simple GPS features, heart rate monitoring, or sleep coaching — not to mention ultra-fast charging.

On the downside of this particular model, some smartwatches out there have better battery life, and there have been a few reports of inaccuracies with GPS tracking. 

Price comparison: Walmart - $379.99 | Best Buy - $279.99

Recommended if: you want a watch with personalized HR Zones, heart monitoring or sleep coaching features; you liked older generation Galaxy Watch models; you're looking for something with ultra-fast charging speeds.

Skip this deal if: you need the best battery life possible in a smartwatch; you need super-accurate GPS tracking; you want the rotating bezel or stainless steel band included on the Watch 6 Classic.

The Galaxy Watch 6 builds well on some of the strengths of past generations, including its ability to charge to about 75% battery in 45 minutes, and its sleek, responsive capacitive bezel. It comes with a slightly better Exynos chip and extra RAM compared to previous models, and the 44mm aluminum band offers a fairly comfortable, mid-sized thickness for this smartwatch.

It's also worth noting, however, that the 6 doesn't really bear battery life improvements over the Galaxy Watch 5 or Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, so if that's a main priority, it might be worth waiting for the next generation or deal to come along.

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