How to preorder the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic: the best early deals

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Samsung Unpacked kicked off this morning and finally revealed the long-awaited Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic. If you're looking to preorder these wearables before their August 11th release date, you've come to the right place. We're here to share all of the best money-saving opportunities we've seen so far, plus we'll take a few moments to answer some of your most burning questions.

At first glance, these new Android smartwatches don't look dramatically different from their predecessors, but under the hood you'll find a bounty of cutting edge specs, such as an upgraded chipset, a boost in battery life, and the latest Wear OS technology. With the Galaxy Watch 6 series, Samsung has proven once again that refinement can be much more impressive than dramatic transformation when you're releasing new devices. 

Keep reading to see how you can preorder the Galaxy Watch 6 or Watch 6 Classic right now and save a bit of cash in the process. So far, only a few retailers have released deals, but we'll keep adding more preorder opportunities as they're announced. 

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Preorder deals

Get a free band, plus up to $250 off with trade-in at Samsung

Get a free band, plus up to $250 off with trade-in at Samsung

Naturally, Samsung is among the first to launch preorder deals for these new Galaxies, and they don't disappoint. Preorder the Galaxy Watch 6 or Galaxy Watch 6 Classic ahead of its August 11th release date and you'll get a free watch band, plus up to $250 of trade-in credit if you send in an old or broken device. Considering that the Watch 6 starts at $299.99 for the 40mm version, that's a great deal. 

Get a free Galaxy Watch 6 with eligible smartphone purchases

Get a free Galaxy Watch 6 with eligible smartphone purchases

One of the more unique preorder opportunities we've seen, Verizon has announced that they'll give you up to $350 off the Galaxy Watch 6 or Watch 6 Classic when you buy an eligible smartphone on a qualifying Unlimited plan. 

Since the Galaxy Watch 6 starts at $349.99 at Verizon, you're effectively getting the watch for free. You'll need to meet a lot of requirements though, so read the fine print carefully. 

Buy two Galaxy Watches and get up to $350 off

Buy two Galaxy Watches and get up to $350 off

AT&T is joining the preorder party with an interesting deal that'll get you $350 off when you buy two Samsung Galaxy Watches. They're not calling it a BOGO deal, but if you get the Galaxy Watch 6, it's basically a BOGO deal. The only catch is that you'll need to add a line on a qualifying data plan. 

What you need to know

How much does the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 cost?

The smaller 40mm version of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 starts at $299.99, while the 44mm version starts at $329.99. If you want the slightly more rugged Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, you can expect to pay at least $399.99 for the 43mm version and $429.99 for the 47mm watch. These prices are pretty close to what we initially predicted, and with one of the deals above, it shouldn't be too hard to send them crashing down to budget watch territory.  

How are the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic different?

Like past series of the Galaxy Watch, the Classic version offers a slightly more hybrid smartwatch appearance, with a bulkier frame and rotating bezel. The AMOLED display on the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic will also be larger than the regular Galaxy Watch 6.

Aside from those physical attributes, however, the two watches are largely identical under the hood. You get the same Exynos processor and sophisticated health tracking features with both, and you don't need to worry about taking a hit in battery life if you choose to buy the standard Galaxy Watch 6. It really comes down to personal preference. If you like a larger, more rugged-looking watch, then go for the Classic. If sleek devices are your thing, then the Galaxy Watch 6 is the wearable for you.

What else was announced during Samsung Unpacked? 

Just as we expected, the stars of Samsung Unpacked this morning were the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5. These two foldable phones are entering a field that's much more crowded than it was a year ago. The Z Fold 5, for instance, needs to compete with the excellent Google Pixel Fold, while the Z Flip 5 is going to head to head with the Motorola Razr Plus. And that's not even to mention the imminent arrival of the OnePlus Fold later this year. Are the Samsung foldables up to the task? Only time will tell, but looking at the devices so far, I wouldn't bet against them.  

Alongside the Flip and Fold, Samsung Unpacked also unveiled the Galaxy Tab S9 series of tablets. Although some of them are quite expensive, these devices are sure to rank among the best Android tablets of the year, at least in regards to design and performance. 

Although these devices won't start shipping until August 11th, we've been lucky enough to get our hands on each of these products. To learn more about our first impressions, check out the guides below.

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