Do the Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro support fast charging?

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Do the Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro support fast charging?

Best answer: Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro both support 10W fast wireless charging, thanks to the included USB-C Galaxy Watch Charger (Fast Charging). The Galaxy Watch 5 charges in about 75 minutes, while the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro takes about 90 minutes. This charging cable is also compatible with the Galaxy Watch 4, but it won't deliver the same speed.

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One of the major selling points of the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro is how these two watches last so much longer than the other Android watches on the market, including the Galaxy Watch 4. But a more underrated upgrade is how the 5th generation doubled their charging speed from 5W to 10W.

Both watches come with a USB-C wireless charging dock with Fast Charging in the box. Samsung promises that the Galaxy Watch 5 can charge enough for 8 hours of sleep tracking in 8 minutes, or from 0% to 45% in 30 minutes. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro takes longer because of its larger 590mAh capacity, but our reviewer found he could recharge the Pro from 0% to 30% in just 20 minutes.

Overall, the Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro took about 75 and 90 minutes to fully charge from dead to full capacity, respectively, using the included charging cable and a compatible USB-C charger with at least 10W of power. For comparison, the Galaxy Watch 4 takes two hours to charge with its 5W cable, despite having a smaller capacity.

Taking into account the Galaxy Watch 5's estimated 50-hour battery life and the Pro's 80-hour estimate, both watches can last you several days with light usage, and then won't need long on the Fast Charging dock to top off the battery and last through the end of the day.

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CategoryGalaxy Watch 4Galaxy Watch 5Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
Battery247mAh (40mm), 361mAh (44mm)284mAh (40mm), 410mAh (44mm)590mAh
ChargerGalaxy Watch Charging DockGalaxy Watch Charger (Fast Charging)Galaxy Watch Charger (Fast Charging)
Charger connectorUSB-AUSB-CUSB-C
Charging speed5W10W10W
Battery life estimate40 hours50 hours80 hours

Comparing the Galaxy Watch 5 vs. the Galaxy Watch 4, the latter uses a USB-A cable, while the newer generation has a USB-C cable. Unless you already have one, any of these USB-C chargers will give you more than enough wattage to charge your Galaxy Watch 5 at top speed.

Most of the best Android watches take about two hours to charge, while the Pixel Watch takes about 90 minutes. Only some niche watches like the fast-charging Fossil Gen 6 can match the Galaxy Watch 5's fast charging speeds, and that watch's actual battery capacity is much smaller by comparison. 

The Galaxy Watch Charger (Fast Charging) with the model number EP-OR900BBEGU is compatible with both the Galaxy Watch 4 and older models. Unfortunately, you'll only get normal 4.5W charging speeds for these watches, since they aren't rated for Fast Charging. But if you're a Galaxy Watch 5 owner and need a replacement or backup cable, it costs $40, just $10 more than the older Galaxy Watch Charging Dock.

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