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Do the Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro support fast charging?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (black) next to the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Golf Edition (white)
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Do the Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro support fast charging?

Best answer: Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro both support 10W fast wireless charging, thanks to the USB-C Galaxy Watch Charger (Fast Charging).

Charging up your Galaxy wearable

Samsung's follow-up to the Galaxy Watch 4 series improves over the last generation in many key aspects. Battery life and charging are two critical categories that have been bumped up in the Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro, promising a combination of long-lasting battery and faster charging.

While we can't confirm the promised 80-hour uptime just yet, the charging speed is definitely an area where we can shed some light. Samsung has upgraded the Watch 5 series with 10W fast wireless charging, via USB-C. There's a brand new charger included in the box to get you quicker charging speeds.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Charger (Fast Charging) and Galaxy Watch Charging Dock

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In comparison to the older Watch 4 models, the previous Samsung Galaxy Watch charger came with a USB-A cable on one end, which is no longer the case. The older Galaxy Watch charger delivers a slow 5W wireless charging speed to the Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic.

CategoryGalaxy Watch 4Galaxy Watch 5Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
Battery361mAh (40mm), 247mAh (44mm)284mAh (40mm), 410mAh (44mm)590mAh
ChargerGalaxy Watch Charging DockGalaxy Watch Charger (Fast Charging)Galaxy Watch Charger (Fast Charging)
Charger connectorUSB-AUSB-CUSB-C
Charging speed5W10W10W
Uptime (rated)40 hours46 hours80 hours

The new and improved Galaxy Watch Charger (Fast Charging) bears the model number EP-OR900BBEGUJ, and sports a Type-C connector. You'll need to use a compatible USB-C wall charger to extract the maximum 10W wireless charging speed on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 or Watch 5 Pro.

On its own, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Charger (Fast Charging) costs $40, whereas the older Galaxy Watch Charging Dock is officially priced at $30. For another tenner, the USB-C Samsung Galaxy Watch charger boosts your wearable's wireless charging speed by 5W.

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