With social distancing now vitally important to the health and safety of our society at large, it's not the best time to go shopping as often as you normally would. If you're missing important supplies or household essentials, or even if you just really want to pick up the latest Blu-ray release, Walmart.com has all of that and more. Of course, you might have a bit of trouble finding toilet paper right now with everyone buying it up like crazy, but otherwise Walmart generally has a wide selection available for delivery as well as curbside pickup.

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During the COVID-19 outbreak, society as a whole will be running a little bit differently, but Walmart is there to help you get the supplies you need while we all try and stay home more over the next couple of months.

Is Walmart open today?

Unlike many other retail stores and businesses, Walmart is one of the few which remains open during the COVID-19 crisis for the time being. This means you can shop online or in-store, though there are important changes to store hours everywhere which you'll need to know. For the foreseeable future, Walmart is adjusting hours to open at 7 a.m. and close at 8:30 p.m each night. Stores that regularly open later than 7 AM will continue to open at their normal starting hours.

Walmart Tech deals: 4K TVs, fitness trackers, & more

Nothing like being stuck at home with no way to watch your favorite shows, keep yourself motivated, or do the things you want to do. Grab the latest tech for a super low price at Walmart right now and improve your quality of life while you're stuck in quarantine. Go for a run and track your heart rate, relax and binge some TV, or distract yourself with some video games. The choice is yours, but you'll save money no matter what.

Tcl Walmart

4K TV: TCL 65S421 65-inch Roku TV

Tech Savvy

TCL's Roku TVs offer the best bang for your buck no matter where you get them. Walmart offers $70 off this 65-inch set, and you'll be able to use Roku's great smart platform to find even more content.

$428 at Walmart
Fitbit Versa

Activity Tracker: Fitbit Versa smartwatch

The Versa is discounted by $90 right now. It works as both a smartwatch and a fitness tracker and even has a 24/7 heart-rate monitor. Track all your activities, including sleep, and the battery life can last up to a week depending on the features you use.

$154.69 at Walmart
Ps4 Slim

Gaming Console: PlayStation 4 1TB Slim

Pass the time at home with some video games. Walmart has the best prices on several gaming consoles, and the PlayStation 4 has one of the best selections of video games both physical and digital.

$264.93 at Walmart

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Walmart Household Essentials Deals: Paper goods, cleaning supplies, & more

Your local store is likely out of a few essentials, and of course the online stores have been hit by people searching and buying in a frenzy as well. Luckily, there's still a ton of items to choose from with stock being added on a consistent basis. If you don't see something you need right now, it's only a matter of time before more stock is added. Some of these items are available for Pickup Only, which is partly because everything is so limited but also helps keep the hoarders from just sitting at home clicking buttons, so be sure to keep that in mind while building your order.

Quilted Northern

Toilet Paper: Quilted Northern Ultra Plush 6 mega rolls

Here's your chance

You might not have been one of the toilet paper panic buyers, but the problem with those people existing at all is the fact that sometimes you just need some stinkin' toilet paper. Luckily for you, Walmart has plenty in stock but you'll need to pick it up in store to get it.

$6.48 at Walmart

Hand Sanitizer: Germ-X 12 Fl. Oz. Aloe hand sanitizer

Walmart is also struggling to keep hand sanitizer in stock given the guidance to regularly keep your hands clean during the current pandemic. However, you can find some in stock at your local store and available for in-store pickup online. This is one example that was in stock for me and may be for you as well.

$2.66 at Walmart

Facial Tissue: Kleenex facial tissue 4 cube boxes

You could always grab a few boxes of Kleenex while you're looking for essentials. Especially with the flu and the coronavirus out there, you can bet someone in your house will need to blow their nose once or twice. This is another essential that's in-store only, but a few options are up for delivery if you're lucky.

$5.97 at Walmart

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Walmart Toy Deals: LEGO, Nerf, Dolls, & more

If you're bored while being stuck at home over the next few weeks, just think of how the kids feel. Once they're done with their online learning for the day, it's play time and Walmart has a huge selection of toys and games to keep your little ones entertained. From LEGO building sets to puzzles and board games, dolls and action figures, and more, there's something for any kid's interests. Nerf blasters are a better option than ever for siblings to play with in the era of social distancing.

Lego Large

Lego: Lego Classic large creative brick box

Creative Distractions

Walmart is always one of the best places to shop for Lego. Not only does the store regularly have a huge collection, but many of the sets are on sale. Think of this one like a starter kit, and it's $16 off the regular price right now.

$43.99 at Walmart
Nerf Strike

Nerf: Nerf N-Strike Elite Trilogy DS-15 Toy Blaster

The blaster comes with 15 darts, and it's also on sale for $10 off. This is a Walmart exclusive and just one of dozens of Nerf guns available. You could even get it delivered for free with an order over $35.

$24.88 at Walmart
Catan Board Game

Board Games: Catan 5th edition strategy board game

Self-isolating with your family thanks to coronavirus? Grab a board game to pass the time! Go with a classic like Catan, which is just $44, or something more suitable for a younger audience like Sorry! or Life. Walmart has a huge selection and many of them are available for free 2-day delivery.

$44.10 at Walmart

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Walmart Home Improvement Deals: Tools, paint supplies, & more

Now's a better time than ever to get started or finish those home improvement projects you've been meaning to get to for the past who knows how long. Walmart sells tools and supplies to help with kitchen and bathroom renovation, home repair, organization, painting, and more, many of which can be found at a great low price.


Hand tools: Black+Decker 12-volt cordless drill 64-piece project kit

How long have you been putting off some of those home projects? Get it done now and order the tools you need from Walmart! This 64-piece kit comes with screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches, and a 12-volt cordless drill. All the essentials you need.

$57.06 at Walmart
Hart Gloves

Protective Gloves: HART Leather Palm Work Gloves

Mr. Fixit

These gloves are strong enough to help you work around the house, protect your hands, last a long time, and let you manipulate touchscreens without having to take them off. You will have to pick them up in store or order up to $35 for free delivery.

$14.88 at Walmart

Shelving and Storage: Hyper Tough

Time to get that garage organized. Grab some shelving and other storage units so you can clean up the mess. This one comes with wheels, four heavy duty shelves, and adjustable foot levers for uneven floors.

$84 at Walmart

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Walmart Food & Snacks deals: Beverages, meal solutions, & more

Let's be real. Some of the most important things you'll need while stuck inside are a few weeks of good meals and a healthy load of snacks. If you've already gone shopping to stock up and couldn't find your favorites, make sure to grab them now if they're available and keep an eye on Walmart's site if they're not there currently as more stock is being added on a consistent basis. Some items are pickup only.

Gatorade Variety

Drinks: Gatorade 18-count variety pack

Stock up on some Gatorade, especially if you've got kids running around. It's just an easy way to quench your thirst and you can buy in bulk for really cheap at Walmart.

$8.96 at Walmart
Frosted Faleks

Breakfast: Kellogg's Frosted Flakes 24-ounce box

Breakfast cereal is a really easy and inexpensive way to feed the family. Stock up on a few boxes with free delivery over $35 or go pick it up curbside. Walmart has plenty of cereal options to choose from.

$3.64 at Walmart

Soup: Campbell's Condensed Chicken Noodle Soup 4-pack

With quarantines underway for coronavirus, you need to stock up on staples that can last a while in your pantry. Soup is one of them. It can sit there until you want it, and it's tasty enough for the entire family, even kids.

Up to $8.94 at Walmart

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Does Walmart have special shopping hours for older citizens?

Beginning March 24 and running through April 28, Walmart will be hosting a special hour every Tuesday for customers aged 60 and older. This means they can go to the store one hour before it officially opens to pick up anything that's needed, and not only will the store ultimately be cleaner and less crowded during that time, but it will also be more well-stocked. Walmart employees continue to have full working hours so it won't be as hard finding needed supplies and household essentials during this hour after they've stocked the store overnight.

Should I shop online or in-store?

Walmart continues to be the retailer where you can buy just about anything, so it's very lucky for us that it remains open during the coronavirus outbreak. However, to stay safe, it's best to shop at home and there's no reason why you shouldn't with how wide Walmart's online selection is. Even if you're healthy enough to fend off the virus, there are thousands of older citizens and even younger ones who won't be able to, and anything we can do to stay home and stop the spread should be done until further notice. As much as you can cut back on unnecessary trips to stores and restaurants, the better we can contain the virus and keep it from overwhelming our healthcare systems.

Does Walmart offer free shipping?

While Walmart doesn't have some subscription service like Amazon Prime to give you free shipping on nearly anything you can buy there, you can earn free shipping on any order shipped and sold by Walmart.com when you add $35 or more of qualifying items to your cart. You could also shop online and choose free in-store pickup if your order is less than $35 and you don't want to pay for shipping. Walmart also offers free grocery curbside pickup, though some stores do have a minimum order requirement. Anything that helps minimize the time we spend in public spaces is important right now, so it's smart to choose one of these options rather than shopping in-store.

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