Wake up to savings with this Cyber Monday deal on the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential
Lenovo Smart Clock Essential (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

If you're searching for the best smart home deals this Cyber Monday, you're bound to find great deals on smart speakers like the Amazon Echo or Nest devices, but don't limit your options there. Lenovo makes some of the best Google Assistant-enabled smart speakers, and one of our favorites is half-off right now. You read that right — you can save $25 on the new Lenovo Smart Clock Essentials with this Cyber Monday deal!

Alarms. We all need them. We all hate them. But despite this antipathy towards our morning minions, some devices and form factors are better at waking us up than others. Sure, you can use your great Android phone or the best Android smartwatch to wake you up, but there's something nice about having a dedicated device to perform this task. It's even better when that device has additional capabilities, like helping us control our smart home or play our favorite music, thanks to the Google Assistant. The good news is that such a device does exist, with no unnecessary frills or extras to get in the way or cost more money. That device is the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential.

This little smart clock does the basics well, and that's really all you can ask for. It is easy to read from across the room, and it can handle multiple alarms and settings. It's not the best speaker per se, but that's not really why you'd buy it anyway. It's perfectly capable, though, of waking you up to your favorite tunes or listening to a news briefing while you get ready for work. You can also ask the Google Assistant to set reminders for you before you go to bed or keep you updated on your appointments throughout the day.

Perhaps the best feature of this smart clock, though, is its price. It normally retails for $50, but thanks to these Cyber Monday deals, you can pick one up for half that — or just $25. These make perfect gifts for yourself or your friends and family and could even be good stocking stuffers (that is, if you have large stockings.... we don't judge). Do yourself a favor and grab a couple of these while the deals last!

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