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Use your Nexus S with gloves

Hate the winter cold, and want to keep your fingers warm and toasty even while using your phone?  You're not alone, and if you picked up a Samsung Nexus S you don't even have to take the gloves off to operate it.  Evan and company over at Android Community stumbled across this one, and by gosh it works -- with gloves, socks, fuzzy blankets, and even a WVU football sweatshirt soaked with tears. 

The screen is capacitive for sure, and a stylus doesn't do a darn thing.  Best we can figure is that the touch response is so sensitive that even through a layer of cloth (leather gloves won't work) it picks up the signal from your finger and triggers the digitizer.  Now you can browse the Android Central forums while waiting for the bus, without ever exposing your hands to winter's chill.  Hit the break for a head to head demo. [via Android Community]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Isotoner makes a pair of gloves called smart touch that allow you to do this on any smartphone. I personally own a pair and it works flawlessly on my DX.
  • "and even a WVU football sweatshirt soaked with tears." HA! That made me laugh out loud! You must have REALLY been upset if your sweatshirt is STILL soaked with tears!
  • Nah, it's just the last time we bothered wearing a WVU football sweatshirt, it got soaked in tears.
  • I have a pair of ($6 @ walmart) stanley leather work gloves that I use when cutting wood. Without thinking I swiped to answer my Intercept, and it actually worked. When I was done, I tested a few more functions to make sure it wasn't just a lucky shot.
  • Go Mountaineers!!!
  • I hope those are your wives purple gloves Jerry
  • I have a pair of these Works great on my Droid X...They are thin but keep my hands really warm, I wouldn't expect any less from The North Face though.
  • I got a pair of very nice gloves from my local Northface store (available online also) for $40 and they are called E-tip Gloves. Both fingertips and thumbs work with touchscreen's and keep your hands warm at same time all while still having a nice styled gloves to go with the nice and expensive smartphone.
  • I have a pair of Pearl Izumi running/liner gloves and my Captivate responds pretty well when I have those on; about 95% success rate.
  • I second the isotoners, I love those gloves!
  • my galaxy s.. i can unlock it through the leather pouch provided
  • I can use my Fascinate, somewhat, with neoprene gloves.
  • This kind of works on my Fascinate as well. Perhaps not as well, but I get full control through my shirt or my screen wiping cloth and my scarf. My gloves are too thick to try.
  • My HTC Desire(CDMA version with the SLCD screen) works with leather gloves and fabric gloves both. You must press just a tiny bit with gloves on, where without you need no pressure at all. I suppose it's also just a very sensitive screen? Are all you Mountaineer fans familiar with this?
  • I've always been able to use my (rather thin) gloves on my OG Droid. Side note, has anyone else been around water and slipped their phone into a ziploc bag to keep sand/water out? I could still use the touch screen on both my Droid and my girlfriend's Incredible.
  • Sausage Stylus, anyone?
  • Jerry finally found a way to do a screen shot holding a phone without someone commenting on his mangled fingers...........Uh scratch that :p
  • Works on my Optimus S, at least with a short layer of cloth. Don't have any gloves that I can test it with.
  • People wear gloves? Oh, I am totally a Californian! :^}
  • I have a pair of gloves that are made for capacative touch screens. I think the brand is 180's. They sold them at Macy's last year for $40. I actually found a pair at Ross for $7. They have a little "nub" on each thumb and pointer finger that retains heat. They work.
  • congrats, it can do something my evo can, not saying it couldn't, but i found my evo could be used with the same style of gloves as pictured, while i was standing in line thanksgiving night at toysrus for 2 hours in freezing temps. I already knew i could use other cloths though aswell.
  • Yep, even tried tapping with my Nokia 6700 classic. It worked. Plastic TV remote though didn't :(
  • works on my droid x with thinner gloves but not thicker leather.
  • Interesting. With my fleece gloves - medium weight - the screen works, but the buttons don't at ALL. Boo.
  • Get a nice set of leather gloves and use a leather punch to poke a hole in pad of your index finger.
  • I have a decent pair of bike gloves that are great for winter(cycling, cyclocross, snow ball fights, and walking to work) that have worked great for both my g1 and vibrant. Nothing special
  • My Evo works with lightweight skiing/snowboarding gloves. No dice with my thick, insulated leather gloves though.
  • I can believe it. I think the screen on the Nexus S is TOO sensitive. Sometimes just putting a finger near it, with no actual contact, is enough for it to register a touch. I dislike this.