Getting invested in smart home technology doesn't require a huge down payment. You can get started with something as simple as this two-pack of TP-Link's Kasa HS105 Smart Plug Mini, and today Best Buy is offering the pair for just $26.99. That's a savings of $8 off its current cost at other retailers like Amazon and B&H.

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TP-Link HS105 Kasa Smart Plug Mini

At under $14 apiece, these TP-Link smart plugs are a wise investment — but the deal is for one day only. They'll bring your dumb appliances into your smart home setup without breaking the bank.

$26.99 $34.99 $8 off

TP-Link's HS105 Smart Plug Mini allows you to turn your electronics on or off from anywhere in the world using the free Kasa app for your iOS or Android device. You'll be able to see if you left something on while you're away from home, or schedule a device to turn on just before you arrive back from a trip. These mini plugs are great too because they're small enough where you can plug two into the same wall receptacle, unlike other bulkier smart plugs which obstruct the unused outlet.

These smart plugs can be voice-controlled when paired with a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home Mini. There's compatibility with Apple's HomeKit on the horizon as well. Over 1,300 customers left a review for them at Amazon resulting in a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

If you only plan to use the smart plug with appliances under 12A, you can pick up the similarly smart TP-Link HS103P2 Smart Plug Mini Lite for just $26.99, too.

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