These discounted Bluetooth headphones are designed to protect your kids' hearing

With the SoundPEATS Kids Bluetooth Headphones, your child can listen wirelessly to their music while you ensure their ears are protected against harmful volume levels, and right now you can grab a pair for only $17.49 at Amazon when you enter promo code MRP287DL during checkout. That'll save you $7.50 off their current price.

These headphones feature integrated volume-limiting circuitry which doesn't allow the sound pressure to rise above 85db. Bluetooth 5.0 allows them to connect wirelessly to devices up to 33 feet away, while the internal battery keeps them powered on for up to 20 hours at a time. They also can be used in wired mode for any non-Bluetooth devices, or if the battery dies. They're designed to be lightweight and have an adjustable headband, along with the ability to fold up compactly when you're not using them. SoundPEATS includes a one-year warranty with your purchase.

Alex Smith
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