These discounted USB-C cables won't get in the way, and now they're just $2 apiece

Having a charging cable in the way while you're trying to use your device isn't the biggest issue in the world, but it's one you can solve for just a few dollars. This three-pack of Huaham Angled USB-C Cables drops to just $6.28 at Amazon when you enter promo code C9R2WHJM during checkout. That'll save you nearly 50% off its regular cost of $12. The code also works with the other two styles available as well.

Here's your chance to snag three USB-C cables of various lengths that are suitable for both charging and data transfers and feature right-angled connectors. You'll just need to use the coupon below to snag this low price.

Huaham's three-pack comes with three USB-C cables of various sizes, giving you a few options on where they'd be used best. You'll receive a 1-foot, 3-foot, and 6-foot cable which each feature a durable 90-degree USB-C connector which won't get in the way while you charge and use the device at the same time. They're suitable for data transfer too with speeds up to 480Mbs. Huaham includes a one-year warranty with today's purchase as well.

Next, you might want to toss a portable battery charger in your cart so you can use these cables wherever you go.

Alex Smith
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