Never get frustrated by weak signals again with the $440 eero Pro WiFi system

This Eero Pro WiFi system comes with three eeros and is down to $439.99 on Amazon. This is eero's newest package, having only been released in June and has never dropped below $500 on Amazon in that time. A couple other retailers have matched, or come close to matching, this price including B&H and Newegg.

The Eero is a mesh networking system, which seem to be all the rage these days. It's a great system if you live in a large house, especially when your router is inevitably in the worst possible place and you can't get coverage everywhere. Just think about all the times you've tried to use your Wi-Fi in the garage or the kitchen or the bathroom and shook your phone in frustration. You might need one of these.

This package comes with three of the 2nd generation eeros. Each one connects to an Ethernet port, so you need to have Ethernet wiring throughout your home, or maybe your small business, to use this properly. If you can use these, the benefits are worth it. The 2nd gen eeros have tri-band Wi-Fi, which adds a third 5GHz radio to your system. That makes your Wi-Fi network stronger and faster, and with three devices running throughout your home you'll probably never moan about your crappy Wi-Fi ever again.

If you don't have three Ethernet outlets to plug into, you can get this Eero package that comes with one Ethernet-powered Eero and two Eero Beacons for $356. Beacons only need a regular plug outlet, not an Ethernet port, to be powered. They aren't as strong, of course, but they may be more convenient.

Never set up a mesh networking system like this? Android Central breaks down how easy the Eero is to use and what you'll need to do it.

Once you've got your Wi-Fi setup to your satisfaction, it's time to add a few voice-controlled Echos for just $75 to the network. Use that stronger Wi-Fi to turn your home into a Smart home.

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