How many mobile devices do you have sitting around the house? We've only got two people in our home, and I can list at least five without breaking a sweat. That can get messy with all the wall adapters, charging cables, phones, and tablets lying around. Give your desktop a cleaner look with this Bamboo wooden multi-device cord-organizing charging station on sale for $11.99 on Amazon thanks to the link that automatically takes 50% off the price and a 10% off coupon you can clip on the product page or in your shopping cart. The deal expires May 19.

Ditch the Chaos

Bamboo wooden multi-device charging station

You can stack two discounts with this deal, including the link that automatically takes 50% off and a coupon you can clip in your shopping cart.

$11.99 $30 $18 off

The Bamboo station does not come with any cords or a USB hub, but you can grab something like RAVPower's 6-port station and a few Lightning cables or USB-C cables to place inside and wrap throughout all the cable management holes of the device.

It's a stylish and easy way to organize up to five smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets and keep them charged while keeping all the wires out of sight. The magnetic base is easy to assemble so you can take it apart just as easily when you need to. It's made of 100% natural wood and resistant to molding.

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