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This discounted 3-in-1 cable is an absolute must-have for all Android and iPhone fans

Switching between different types of cables all the time can be a bit frustrating and cumbersome, which is why you need something like Anker's PowerLine II 3-in-1 cable (opens in new tab). It's built to connect to Lightning, USB-C, and micro USB devices without needing an extra dongle. Though it normally sells for around $17, today you can grab one at Amazon for just $11.24 when you checkout using coupon code KANJ8436. That's valid on both the black and white color variants.

The cable itself is Micro-USB and just happens to have two additional adapters connected right to it. There is one for Lightning ports to charge your iPhone and iPad, along with a USB-C connection to charge your newer Android devices and accessories. It offers a max speed of 2.4A on both the Lightning and Micro-USB chargers, and 3A on the USB-C end. The Lightning connector is MFi-certified, meaning that Apple has approved it for use in safely charging and syncing your iPhone or iPad. The cable is durable, too, allowing for over 12,000 bends without breaking.

Existing users give the cable 4.2 out of 5 stars (opens in new tab). Anker is so confident that you'll love this cable and won't have issues with it that the company is backing it with a hassle-free lifetime warranty. These are handy to have around since not everyone uses the same devices these days. We're not sure how long this coupon will be available for, so be sure to grab a few of these to have in your car, home, travel bag, and more while you can.

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  • Why would they opt for MICRO-USB over USB-C for the main connector type? That just doesn't make any sense.
  • Personally,I have a lot of older portable battery packs, headphones, etc that still use a micro USB connection. Maybe that's their rationale?
  • Using Type-C directly would expose it to Type-C compliance testing, perhaps it'd fail. (see
  • Lowest price has been 10.50 before so price has been lower
  • I swear sometimes this site comes across an Android-specific BGR.