In case you haven't heard, Prime Day will be here in a matter of days, and Amazon's pulling out all of the stops to get ready for the big event. There's a special Home Preview Event happening with 373 different deals to choose from. You'll get free shipping with your Prime membership, too.


Amazon Home Preview Event

Need towels? Drain stoppers? Hangers? Rugs? Containers for your leftovers? This is the sale for you.

Prices Vary

With so many price drops available, it's hard to choose just one thing to talk about. There are rugs, towels, closet accessories, bathroom decor, pieces of furniture, and hundreds of other options. One product that has proven to be popular is the TubShroom, which has excellent reviews and the lowest price tag in its history. This $17 drain catcher is super easy to install. It's designed to stop hair from clogging your drain. If you're like me, every time you shower, you're dealing with a hairbrush full of nonsense that ends up either on the wall or going down the drain. That can lead to super gross clogs, expensive plumbing bills, and a lot of hassle. The TubShroom catches every single hair and it's convertible with almost any bathroom drain. After it's full, simply wipe it clean and pop it back in the drain. This is a simple solution to a problem you might face frequently, and today's price makes now the perfect time to buy.

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